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Sneezey Blooper Loop video from BlackxRose92
Sneezey Blooper Loop by BlackxRose92 As I was filming an exclusive custom video, I was hit with a sneezing fit! Mid sentence for this very important client's order, the sneezes got me hard. It's very rare to catch any of my natural sneezes on camera, despite my allergies and daily sneezing fits, but the camera was already rolling and I was filming something else! So I did what I thought would be funny and fun to watch, and I looped my sneezes on an incredibly silly blooper reel. There were only three natural sneezes in the quick fit, so I played around with them. What better than to give you every possible viewing chance for my sneezes? Slow motion and high speed replays turn these quick sneezes into a sexy, but humorous, candid blooper. It's a sneeze remix! You'll get to enjoy my candid sneezes as they naturally occurred before sitting back for the pleasure that is my sneezes on a repeating loop. No pesky pauses, stopping to rewind, or dealing with the static in between the action, this is ALL SNEEZES. Nothing else, just my natural sneezes looped in multiple different ways to give you the full sneeze experience. You'll get to hear my tiny ahchoo sneeze, my medium AHCHOO sneeze, and my usual screaming AHHHHHCHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! sneeze that echoes because it's so loud. I've even been told that my big usual, natural sneezes that occur at least once every day can even be heard outside my home, lol. What can I say? I have powerful sneezes! Sit back, relax, and let yourself enjoy this playful sneezey blooper loop as much as I enjoyed making it. These sneezes were natural, not induced, as indicated by my pause at the very beginning where I'm just standing quietly for about 5 seconds.

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