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Make Me A Bimbo video from Fiona Dagger
Make Me A Bimbo by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the names Mr Astor and Ray are used throughout) Fiona arrives home from the office to discover a package has been delivered to her house with a note saying that it's from Mr Astor, the wedding planner for her best friend's wedding, and contains her dress and shoes for the wedding day. Fiona opens the package to find a very short and revealing red dress and a pair of sexy, ultra high heels. She's confused and unimpressed - this definitely isn't her sort of outfit! She's a serious career woman, she rarely wears dresses at all, and certainly not bright red mini dresses. Fiona decides she might as well try the outfit on, this is for her best friend's wedding after all - she doesn't want to cause a fuss, and maybe it will look better once it's on. So she strips out of her work clothes and puts the dress and shoes on, looking at herself in the mirror and frowning as she doesn't like what she sees. Then just as she's lamenting having to turn up dressed like a slut to her friend's wedding, she feels sharp pin pricks in her neck and her feet. Suddenly a warm glow rushes over her and her expression changes to one of surprise and delight! She begins to look differently at herself in the mirror, running her hands over her body and murmurming the name of the wedding planner. Fiona then feels the urge to change her hair and makeup to better match her outfit; she removes her glasses and puts her hair up into an ultra high pony tail, then takes her time applying bold, sexy makeup to her face, and putting in huge gold hoop earrings. Satisfied, and growing more aroused by the second, she quickly peels off her panties, leaving the dress and heels, and begins to masturbate desperately, glowing with happiness. She uses her hands at first then grabs different toys from around the room, cumming again and again as she ditzily fucks herself and moans the wedding planner's name. Eventually she's sated enough to stop masturbating for a while, and she looks again in the bottom of the package to discover another note from the wedding planner.. She reads it and an expression of excitement crosses her face - it says that this is just the first of many outfits Mr Astor has picked out for her, and she should expect the next one to arrive soon!

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