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The Package

Lacey takes a video call from a man she went on one terrible date with who won’t stop calling her. He delivered a package to her house, even though he didn’t have her address. She tells him to leave her alone. He asks her if she listened to the CD the package contained and she admits she did but it was blank! The caller then says the words “Activate Program Alpha” and Lacey finds herself staring blankly at the screen. He tells her there is another package waiting for her, and she’s to go and put on the outfit and headphones then return. She returns wearing red lingerie, and boots, with her hair up and headphones on. She’s completely docile and obedient now. Her new Master begins fully reprogramming her mind, and several times the effect wears off. She’s confused and trying to resist but each time the spirals on the screen return, the strange sounds in her ears continue and she sinks back under his control. Slowly she becomes nothing but an empty-headed bimbo slut, eager to be his slave wife. The program rewires her sexuality and her personality. But he wants more from her. He wants his new toy to help him recruit MORE slave girls to serve him, even something so taboo - some of the women closest to Lacey. And he wants to breed them all! She tries to resist, but can’t. As he works the kinks out of his programming device, Lacey obediently eats the candy he provides that helps to relax her mind. She fucks herself with a dildo, becoming so horny and mindless. She knows the changes will become permanent once she cums, and part of her wants to resist but she’s not strong enough. 

**Note** This video is technically a prequel to “Step-Mommy Reprogrammed Me For Daddy” but each video can be enjoyed stand-alone or together!


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