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Making a Deal with My Husbands Debt Collector PT2 Watch me get Fucked Darling

My husband likes to **** and this time he has gone too far! After meeting his bookies and offering myself to him, I then decide to play the game a bit more and turn him into a black cuckold!

That's right, I will make him watch as his bookie gropes my big tits and fingers my pussy. And just when he thinks he can take no more, I will let the bookie fuck me on my back and doggy style, showing a great pov cuckold view as I lean over my husband whilst getting fucked by this black man! I constantly humiliate my husband as I compare this big black man to my pitiful husbands dick!

Finally, I make my husband watch as I cum on the big black cock and then I demand that his bookie cums all over my shiny pantyhose! That's right honey, this is the only way you'll get some from now on, as I arrange another rendevouz with my black cuckold, the only condition being my husband must be there to watch it all!

Watch part one when the initial deal with his bookie is made and sealed with a kiss on his black cock!

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