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Hiya, I'm MsCakes and thanks for checking me out on AmateurPorn! I’m a former camgirl who has now been making sexy content for almost 10 years! Follow me on Twitter @MsCakesCams to stay up to date with all my new content :)

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Cuckolded for Christmas video from
Cuckolded for Christmas Custom vid, sequel to “Wife Dresses Up for Another Man”. Hey sweetie, exciting news - my rich friend Joe invited me to go to Paris with him in just a few days! Of course I said yes right away, cuz I knew you’d be okay with it. I mean, when else am I ever gonna get an opportunity to visit the city of love? Oh yeah, I guess it’s a little bit sad that we won’t be able to spend Christmas together… but it’s not like we usually do anything special for the holidays anyway since we’re always broke. Don’t worry, I’ll send you plenty of photos so you can live vicariously through me again! Anyways, I’ve already started packing but could totally use your help picking out what sexy lingerie and dresses I should bring on this trip. It’s a good thing Joe’s bought me so many fancy outfits, because we’ll be staying at one of the most expensive hotels in the city and I definitely need to dress the part! Of course we’ll be sharing a room with only one bed… but what’s the big deal? I’ve already stayed over at his place plenty of times in the past, so this should be no different. You do trust me, right? Oh come on, I can’t believe you’re still going on about those condoms in my purse last time. I told you, I forgot they were in there! Besides, a guy like Joe would never even wear condoms. Oh that reminds me, I need you to pick up a prescription for me at the pharmacy before I leave. Don’t worry, it’s just some regular female stuff the doctor prescribed… but I do really need it for this trip, so don’t forget! Well, I know you have to work tonight as usual, so Joe’s gonna be taking me out to dinner again. We’re gonna plan out all the details of our trip, like which restaurants and attractions he’ll be taking me to. I know you can’t wait to hear all about it when I get home tomorrow!
Fuckin' Around the Christmas Tree video from
Fuckin' Around the Christmas Tree Merry Christmas my love! Your present is right here under the tree, waiting to be unwrapped. Isn’t it just what you asked Santa for this year? Go ahead and admire it from all angles as I slowly unwrap it for you. I see you also have a special gift for me, right there in your pants. Why don’t you take it out so I can have a better look? Ooh, you got me such a big gift as always… and it’s exactly what I wished for too! Let me get down on my knees so I can have a taste. Mmm, I just love looking up into your eyes as I lick and suck every inch of your candy cane. It gets me so turned on, I can’t help rubbing and fingering my wet pussy at the same time. When neither of us can take it anymore, I lay down on the floor so you can fuck me right beneath the Christmas tree. We start off in missionary position, and your cock feels so amazing filling up my tight pussy. I know how much you love the way I put my legs up on your shoulders so you can get even deeper. Then it’s my turn to sit on Santa’s lap, so I get on top and start riding you hard. I start off on my knees, and then switch to a squatting position to take you as deep as possible. Then since I know you can’t get enough of my booty, I turn around to give you a perfect view of it as I continue riding your cock. I only have one final Christmas wish, and that’s a nice big creampie inside my pussy. You’re definitely ready to give it to me, so I keep riding you hard and fast until you cum deep inside me. Mmm just look at that hot creamy load leaking out of my pussy… the best Christmas present ever! :)
Stepmommy's Little Panty Sniffer video from
Stepmommy's Little Panty Sniffer Hey honey, we need to have a little talk. Would you care to explain why I found this huge stash of my dirty panties while I was cleaning your room today? You know, I’ve been wondering where all my panties have been disappearing off to… but little did I know my own stepson was the culprit! Just wait til your dad finds out what a sick pervert his son is! What that? “Oh please mom, don’t tell him”? Well then… guess I’ll just have to teach you a lesson myself. For starters, why don’t you take some of these dirty panties right here and show me exactly what you’ve been doing with them? Go on, I need to see with my own eyes just how perverted my stepson is. I bet you’ve been sniffing and tasting them while fantasizing about me, haven’t you? That’s it, take your hard cock out and show me how much you love stroking it to my dirty panties. You know, I always suspected you had the hots for me ever since I married your dad… but I certainly never expected you to be so desperate that you’d resort to digging through my dirty laundry! I bet it drives you crazy, knowing that you’ll never be able to fuck me because I’m married to your dad… so I guess jerking off to my panties was the next best thing. But now I have an even better idea – I’ll take off my robe and lay back with my legs spread wide so you can bury your face in the very panties I’m wearing right now. Mmm, I’ve been wearing this purple satin and lace thong all day, and it’s sooo wet with my pussy juices. This is just what you’ve been fantasizing about, isn’t it? Get down on your knees where you belong, so you can smell and lick your stepmommy’s thong like the good little panty sniffer you are. Of course you can’t forget about the back either, so I’ll turn around and spread my ass so you can sniff that thin strip of fabric barely covering my asshole. You know this is the closest you’ll ever get to my sweet pussy and asshole, so you better savour every inch of these panties! Keep stroking your cock hard and fast like a good boy, til you cum with your face pressed up against your stepmom’s panty-covered crotch. Now I better not catch you stealing my panties ever again… or else I’ll have to teach you another lesson!
Boss Catches You Jerking Off at Work video from
Boss Catches You Jerking Off at Work Custom vid – the name “Javier” is said once at the beginning. I am your boss, and one day I walk in on you with your pants down, jerking off in your office. I’m even more shocked and appalled when I look over and see that you were jerking off to candid photos you took of me on your phone! Ugh, you really deserve to be fired for this, but I think I’ll have some fun teaching you a lesson first. Why don’t you get down on your knees where you belong and start sniffing my panties like the dirty pervert you are? While you do that, I want you to stroke your dick exactly how you were doing it before I walked in. Come on, don’t be shy… you had the audacity to be jacking off half naked in your office with the door unlocked, so surely you can do it now at your boss’ command! That’s right, you better keep stroking while I bend over and spread my ass for you to sniff and lick, cuz your job is on the line. You certainly seem to be a lot better at this than what I actually hired you for… so maybe I should just rehire you as my ass slave instead. But first, let me slide these panties off and see how good you are at eating pussy, since that’ll definitely be part of the job description as well. I’ll unbutton my blouse and get my tits out while you eat my pussy like a good boy. Then for the real test, you’re gonna fuck me and try to make me cum… but if you can’t, I’m firing you for good! I’ll start by bending over this desk so you can fuck me doggy style, since that’s one of my favourite positions. Mmm, I must admit your dick does feel pretty good inside me… I can’t help enjoying you pounding my pussy from behind. But of course I have to test your performance in different positions, so I get on top of your desk with my legs spread wide for you to fuck me in missionary position. Your cock feels just as amazing in this position, and my pussy starts creaming all over it. Since you’re doing such a good job, I decide to make things a little easier for you by pulling out a vibrator, since I rarely cum without using one anyway. With you fucking me harder and faster and the vibrator on my clit, it doesn’t take long for me to cum uncontrollably all over your dick. Well, I guess that means your job is safe… but I’m not done with you just yet! You know how much I love being in control, so now I want you to have a seat and let me ride your cock just the way I like it. Besides, I think you definitely deserve to cum now as a reward for all your hard work… and I want it deep inside my pussy! I get on top and ride you nice and deep, first from the front and then from behind. I keep riding you hard and fast until we cum at the same time. Hmm on second thought, I think I might have to fire you after all… so I can rehire you as my full-time personal assistant! ;)
Girlfriend Cures Your Morning Wood video from
Girlfriend Cures Your Morning Wood Good morning babe! Did you have a nice rest? So did I, but of course it’s always even better waking up next to you! *kiss* Oh my… were you dreaming about me? Must’ve been a really naughty dream, cuz that’s quite the tent you’re pitching right now! Well, you know I’m always happy to take care of your morning wood, and be your breakfast in bed! I’ll start off by stroking it slowly while I unbutton my pyjama top to give you access to my tits. Go ahead and kiss them and suck on my nipples to get them nice and hard. I love how hard your cock feels in my hand, but now I wanna taste it too. Mmm, you know licking and sucking your cock is my favourite way to start the day! It’s getting my pussy dripping wet, so I take my pj pants off to start fingering myself while I continue worshiping your dick with my mouth and tongue. Then when neither of us can take it anymore, I lay on my back and tell you to slide your cock inside my wet pussy. You fuck me in missionary position, starting off slow but quickly picking up speed as I put my legs up on your shoulders to let you get deeper. Then I get on top and start riding you in reverse cowgirl, since I know how much you love seeing my ass in this position. I use my favourite vibrator to pleasure my clit while I ride you harder and faster. After awhile, I turn around so you can see my pretty face and tits again while I continue riding you. I just love talking dirty and making out with you as we both get closer to cumming. I keep riding you hard and deep until you cum deep inside my pussy while I cum all over your cock. I get down and lick you clean, savouring the taste of my cum and yours covering your cock. Aaah, what a perfect way to start the day with you, my love!
Hot for Teacher | JOI & Blowjob video from
Hot for Teacher | JOI & Blowjob Custom vid with the name “Tyler” used throughout. At the end of my Sex Ed class I ask you, one of my favourite students, to stay behind a little longer so I can speak with you privately. I assure you that you’re not in trouble, but I’m just concerned since you seem a little distracted in my class lately. You blush and try to come up with an excuse, but I look down and notice your erection and quickly realize that you must have a crush on me! With a smile, I say I know exactly what you need to clear your mind and focus better in class. I tell you you to take your hard cock out and start stroking it for me while I tease you in my sexy outfit. I can tell you’re feeling nervous at first, but I tell you to just relax and follow my instructions. I teach you to start off nice and slow as you watch me strip off my blouse and skirt, revealing the sexy black lingerie, garters and stockings I’m wearing underneath. I can tell you’re feeling really good, so I tell you to go a little bit faster while I tease off my lingerie as well and show off my tight ass, perky tits, and wet pussy. Then, since I’ve always prided myself on being a very hands-on teacher, I tell you to come closer so I can put my hands and mouth right on your dick! You can hardly believe your luck, looking down and seeing your hot teacher crush down on her knees, stroking and sucking your cock. I look into your eyes and talk dirty to you the whole time, telling you how much I love being your slutty teacher and how badly I want your cum. When you’re getting close, I ask where you want to cum and you say on my tits, so I continue jerking you off with both hands until you blow your load all over my tits! Ahhh, that feels better now, doesn’t it? So remember, whenever you’re feeling that horniness build up again, just let me know… and your favourite teacher will be happy to help! ;)
Wife Satisfies Your Craving for Cock video from
Wife Satisfies Your Craving for Cock Hey sweetie, I need to talk to you about something. The other day while you were at work, I borrowed your laptop… and can you guess what I found? Yup, your huge collection of gay porn! I was so shocked to find hundreds of pictures and videos of cocks, since we’ve never talked about them before. But don’t worry, I’m not mad at you about this. I know these gay fantasies are actually quite common, and as your loving wife, I want to help you explore them! That’s why I have a special surprise for you under this robe… this big strap-on dildo! It even squirts, so I can give you a nice big cumshot! Hehe, do you like it? I also got all dressed up for you in this tight black lace and leather corset, to help me channel my domme side. Ooh, I can tell you love it by how hard your cock is getting already! So go ahead and get down on your knees sweetie, so you can suck my big cock. This is your first time giving someone a blowjob, right? Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle and take things slow. Just start by running your tongue all over my dick, before taking the tip of it in your mouth. While you do that, I want you to take your own hard cock out and start stroking it for me, while you finger your tight asshole with the other hand. Mmm you’re doing such a good job already… you’re such a natural at this, babe! Now I have another surprise for you - this jewelled heart butt plug! I want you to take it and slowly slide it all the way inside your asshole, to get it stretched out and ready for my cock. Mmm it feels so good having your ass filled for the first time, doesn’t it? Now you can go back to worshiping my dick with your mouth and tongue. I want you to look up at me while you take it as deep as you can. Don’t forget to go down and lick my balls too, like a good boy. Alright, are you ready for me to take your anal virginity now? I’m definitely ready too, and super excited! So just lay down on the bed so I can slide the butt plug out, and replace it with my cock. Ooh, your asshole is so fucking tight babe… I can barely fit the tip of my dick inside! I’ll just keep working it in and out slowly and gently til you get warmed up. And of course, I’ll keep stroking your dick for you in the meantime. I can tell that you’re really starting to enjoy it now… being pegged by your wife is a dream come true for you, isn’t it? When you’re ready, I’ll gradually go a little bit faster and deeper, until my cock is buried all the way inside your ass. I’ll keep stroking your dick while I fuck your ass until you cum harder than ever before. Then, of course it’s my turn to cum… so I want you to get back on your knees and open your mouth wide so I can give you a nice big facial! Mmm, you look so good with my cum all over your face. I’m so glad I could help you satisfy your cravings for cock and cum… and don’t worry, this time definitely won’t be the last!
Trick or Feet video from
Trick or Feet I invited you over to my place for a Halloween party, and you’re the first one to arrive. I show off my sexy pirate costume and offer you some candy before we take a seat in my living room. I hope you don’t mind if I stretch out my legs with my feet propped up on the coffee table… I’ve just had such a long day preparing for this party! As we make small talk, I notice you glancing down at my feet and I decide to take off my fishnet stockings to give you a better look at my shiny red toenail polish. Then I see that you’re actually getting a hard on, so I realize that you must have a foot fetish! Since the other guests won’t be here for another 30 minutes, why don’t I give you an extra special treat? You know how the old saying goes, “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat”? Well, go ahead… get down on your knees and smell my pretty feet. They’re a little dirty and sweaty from being trapped in those fishnets, but you don’t mind, right? Feel free to lick and suck on them a little bit too. Your warm wet tongue feels so good running up and down my tired soles, and I can tell you’re loving the taste of them too. I want you to take your hard cock out and start jerking off while you continue worshiping my feet. You love watching me wiggle my toes too, don’t you? I’ll spread them apart nice and wide so you can slide your tongue in between each one. It looks like you’re enjoying that so much, you’re making me want to try it too! So here, I’ll take one foot to taste while you continue licking the other. Wow, my feet do taste even better than candy… no wonder you love them so much! That’s it, keep stroking your dick harder and faster while you watch me suck on my toes and lick my soles. Then when you’re ready, I’ll hold out both feet and give you a countdown for you to cum all over them. Mmm, they taste even better now all covered in your cum! What a yummy treat that was for both of us :)
A Very Hot Housewarming Party video from
A Very Hot Housewarming Party Custom vid - the name “Javier” is used just once at the beginning. I’m relaxing at home one afternoon when I receive a phone call from you, an old friend that I haven’t seen in awhile. You tell me that you just bought a new house and invite me to your housewarming party, which I happily accept. After we hang up, I look up the address and am pleasantly surprised to see that it’s a huge mansion. I’ve always had a bit of a crush on you, and decide that I definitely need to get a sexy new outfit to impress you at the party. The next night, I show up at your house wearing a sparkly gold skin-tight dress that shows off all my curves and makes your jaw drop. You join me on the dance floor and I immediately start making moves on you, teasing and showing off my body in my short dress. Then I say that I have a secret to tell you and ask if we can go somewhere more private. We go up to your room where I confess that I’ve always had feelings for you, and to my relief, you tell me that you feel the exact same way. I give you a little striptease out of my dress to reveal an even sexier strappy lingerie set that leaves you speechless. I can see that I’m making your dick hard, so I tell you to take it out so I can taste it. I lick and suck your cock eagerly, stripping off my lingerie partway through. My pussy is dripping wet and can’t wait any longer, so I get on top and slowly slide your dick inside me. I look deep into your eyes as I ride you passionately, and it feels even better than we’ve both dreamed of. After awhile, I turn around so you can admire my ass in reverse cowgirl, and pull out a bullet vibrator from my purse. I use the vibrator on my clit while I continue riding you until I cum hard all over your cock. Then you say you wanna fuck me doggy style, so I get face down ass up on the bed and you pound me hard from behind until I cum again. After that, I turn over on my back and put my legs up on your shoulders as you fuck me deep in missionary position and make me cum a third time. I can tell you’re really close so I ask where you want to cum, and you say on my tits. I quickly get down on my knees and suck your cock some more until you cum all over my tits!
Stepbrother Catches Me Masturbating video from
Stepbrother Catches Me Masturbating I have the house all to myself one afternoon, so I decide to take the opportunity to masturbate. I grab my favourite vibrator, look up some hot BDSM porn on my phone, and start going to town on myself. I finger my dripping wet pussy while grinding against my vibrator, and it doesn’t take long for me to have a mind blowing orgasm. Satisfied, I take my earbuds out and roll over, when I suddenly hear the floor creak behind me. I whirl around, and am completely shocked to see my stepbrother standing there watching me through the curtains! I had been so carried away in my intense pleasure, I hadn't even heard him come home! I notice his phone in his hand, and realize that he must have been recording me masturbating. I demand to see his phone so I can delete the video, but he refuses to hand it over unless I suck his dick first. I’m completely grossed out, but realize that I don’t have much of a choice so I might as well get it over with. I get on my knees and start sucking his hard cock, and he grabs the back of my head to make me go deeper and faster. I was hoping he’d be satisfied with just a BJ, but then he tells me to get on my back so he can fuck my pussy! I initially refuse, but he threatens to show the video of me masturbating to all his friends, so I begrudgingly comply. He slides his cock inside my tight wet pussy, making me moan involuntarily. I can’t believe I’m actually letting my stepbrother fuck me right now… it feels so wrong, but I can’t help loving the feeling of his dick inside me. Before long, I’m creaming all over his cock and begging him to fuck me harder and deeper. After awhile, I tell him to lay down so I can get on top and ride him. I start off in reverse cowgirl position so he can enjoy the view of my tight ass and pussy gripping his cock while I ride. I talk dirty to him the whole time, telling him how good his cock feels filling me up and how much I love being his naughty stepsister. When we’re both getting close, I turn around to face him so we can look into each other’s eyes while we cum together. I continue riding him until he cums deep inside my pussy and I cum all over his dick. Wow, I still can’t believe I just fucked my own stepbrother, but it felt amazing so I have no regrets. And about that video, I guess I’ll let him keep it… as long as he promises to fuck me all the time from now on!
Devil's Soul Stealing JOI video from
Devil's Soul Stealing JOI Custom vid (no names used). You arrive at the gates of hell and are greeted by me, the devil’s mistress. Ha, you didn’t really think you’d be going to heaven, did you? I know all of the sins you committed throughout your pathetic life, and now I’m gonna make you pay for all eternity! I am your God, and I’m gonna train you to be my pet devil dog, here to clean feet and assholes. For your initiation, you can start by worshiping my dirty feet with your mouth and tongue. I want you to kiss and lick every inch of my beautiful soles, and suck on all my toes. I can see that your dick is rock hard already… you’re even more perverted than I thought! Well, go ahead and start stroking that pathetic cock while you continue slobbering all over my feet. I know it really gets you going when I spread and wiggle my toes, doesn’t it? You’re gonna worship every inch of my feet while you stroke your cock harder and faster til you cum for me. Then, you can move on to my hot, dirty asshole. I’ll stand up and spread my ass so you can start kissing and licking the edges around my thong. You can smell its pungent scent already and you’re dying for more, so I pull the thong aside so you can bury your nose deep inside my smelly asshole. Just remember, you’re not allowed anywhere near my pussy, cuz that’s for the good boys up in heaven. Down here in hell, all you’re ever allowed to smell and taste is my filthy feet and asshole! I know your dick is still extra sensitive from the first orgasm, but I don’t care - I want you to keep stroking it non-stop while you worship my asshole. You’re in for an eternity of pain down here in hell, so you might as well get used to it now. Now stick your tongue out as far as it’ll go and slide it deep inside my dirty hole. I’ll spread my ass open wide so you can tongue fuck it like the obedient devil dog you are, all the while stroking your aching cock until you cum for me a second time. That’s a good boy… Since you’ve pleased me thus far, I think you deserve a little treat. Now you get to just watch me rub oil all over my beautiful feet and ass, while you continue rubbing your dick raw of course. I know there’s no way you can resist the sight of my soles and holes all covered in oil, glistening in the light. It hurts so good to jerk off and cum for me again and again, doesn’t it? Well, this time I don’t just want your cum… I want your soul. And I know you want to give it to me too - you’re ready to spend eternity in hell as my devil dog. So just keep stroking your cock hard and fast for my oiled up ass and feet until you cum for me one last time, and seal your fate!
Slutty Secretary Blackmail Fantasy video from
Slutty Secretary Blackmail Fantasy Custom vid (no names used). You’re my boss who calls me, your secretary, into your office to deliver some paperwork. However, when I arrive, I’m shocked to see your laptop open with a bunch of my porn vids on the screen! I’m completely mortified and beg you not to tell anyone else about them, and you say you won’t as long as I do everything you say. You make me take off my blouse and skirt, which I do slowly and reluctantly. Then you have me show off my black lace lingerie and flash my tits while you snap some photos with your phone for even more blackmail material. When you tell me to get down on my knees and suck your cock, I know I have no choice but to obey. I start sucking your dick to the best of my ability, wanting to just get it over with as quickly as possible. You start playing one of my blowjob videos on your laptop while I suck, which humiliates me even more. After you’re done fucking my face, you order me to strip off my bra and panties, leaving me naked aside from my garters, stockings and heels. You have me get on your desk and spread my hairy pussy and asshole open, which you make sure to document with your phone camera. Then you tell me to start fingering my pussy to get it wet and ready for your cock. I blush when the sound of my wetness quickly fills the room, giving away my arousal as I finger my tight pussy for you. I just can’t hold back my inner sluttiness, and before long I’m begging you to fill my pussy with your hard cock. You bend me over your desk and start fucking me from behind, enjoying the view of me spreading my ass open while you pound my pussy hard. Then I get back on your desk with my legs spread wide so you can fuck me in missionary position, and it doesn’t take long for me to start creaming all over your dick. I start to talk dirty to you a bit more as I let go of my inhibitions, telling you how good your cock feels filling me up and how much I love being your slutty secretary. I wanna show you what a good cowgirl I can be too, so you sit back in your chair so I can mount you. I ride your cock hard and deep, first in reverse cowgirl so you can enjoy the view of my ass some more. Then I turn around so I can look into your eyes as I continue riding you harder and faster until you cum deep inside me. I wish you could just keep fucking me for the rest of the day, but we both need to get back to work, so I quickly get dressed and tell you to come over right after work. Later that night, you show up at my place and we get right down to business. We quickly strip our clothes back off, and I suck your cock a little to get it nice and hard again. To switch things up, I lay on my side so you can fuck me in a spooning position. Now that we’re in my bedroom, I feel even more comfortable to let loose and fully enjoy being your personal fuck doll. I get back into cowgirl position because it’s my favourite, and this time I use a vibrator on my clit while I ride you. When we’re both getting close to orgasm, we get back in missionary position and I put my legs on your shoulders so you can get even deeper inside me. You keep fucking me hard and fast until we both cum at the same time. I’m so glad you discovered my dirty little secret after all, because now that you know what a naughty slut I am, you can feel free to call me into your office anytime!

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