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Hiya, I'm MsCakes and thanks for checking me out on AmateurPorn! I’m a former camgirl who has now been making sexy content for almost 10 years! Follow me on Twitter @MsCakesCams to stay up to date with all my new content :)

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Friends to Armpit Lovers video from
Friends to Armpit Lovers Custom vid with the name “Ian” used once at the beginning. We’ve been good friends for quite awhile, but I have a little confession to make. I was too nervous to tell you in person, so I decided to make this video for you instead! First of all, I’m really glad we’ve been able to spend a lot more time together recently… but in that time, I’ve started to develop feelings for you. My instincts are telling me that you feel the same way, and I really hope you do! But there’s another thing - I’ve noticed whenever I lift my arms to stretch or tie my hair up, you always look over at my armpits. Well I’ve never told anyone else this before… but I’ve always had a bit of an armpit fetish myself. So if you wanted to admire my armpits that much, you should’ve just asked me! I’ll gladly take off my t-shirt to show them off for you right now. There… you love these pretty armpits, don’t you? Sometimes I find myself imagining you sniffing and licking them, and it gets me so turned on. I’ve never sniffed and licked my own armpits before, but I really wanna try it for you right now. They’re a little sweaty since it’s so hot in my room, so they definitely smell quite a bit. The scent is pretty arousing though, I have to admit… I can see why you like them so much! Now let me stick my tongue out and run it along the edge of my armpit. Mmm my warm wet tongue feels so good on my armpits, and I love the taste of my salty sweat on them. Don’t you wish you could smell and taste my beautiful armpits too? Well I’m looking forward the next time we hang out, when we can try doing some of this in person. I’m so glad I found such a great friend to share my armpit fetish with!
Double Orgasms in the Dressing Room video from
Double Orgasms in the Dressing Room Custom vid, no names used. Hey babe, I’m just shopping for clothes right now and thought I’d show you a couple of things I’m trying on in the dressing room! First, let me strip off my casual outfit and show off my naked body for you. Then I’ll try on the first item - a pair of tight dark grey mom jeans. Ooh, they fit perfectly on me, and they’re sooo comfy too! The soft fabric feels amazing against my bare pussy, and I can’t help touching myself in them. Being naughty out in public is getting me so turned on, I just need to masturbate and cum for you right here in this dressing room! I grab my favourite vibrator out of my purse and start using it to pleasure myself through the jeans. I hump and grind against it in a few different positions, doing my best to stifle my moans of pleasure. Then I unbutton the jeans and slide the vibrator inside, and feeling it directly on my clit makes me cum so fast and hard. It’s a good thing I was already planning on buying these jeans, cuz I just made a big creamy mess all over them! I’m still feeling super horny, so I try on a cute flowy dress with some high heels and start rubbing my dripping wet pussy. I pull out a realistic dildo and suck on it to get it nice and wet before sliding it deep inside my needy pussy. I stick the dildo on a stool and let you watch me ride it in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position, loving how slutty it feels to do this with so many strangers around. I sit back down on the stool with my legs spread wide and continue fucking myself hard until I cum for you a second time. Mmm how I wish you were here to lick all the juices off my pussy… but at least it’ll be wet and ready for you when I get home! ;)
My Personal Bondage Fantasy video from
My Personal Bondage Fantasy Custom vid with the name “Len” used throughout. This is my most intimate and personal video yet! I’ve made so many videos centered around other people’s fantasies, but today I want to share my own deepest fantasy with you instead. Although I’ve played dominant roles plenty of times in my content, I’ve always been a submissive slut at heart. I fantasize about being restrained in various ways and surrendering all control to you, my Master. My fantasy begins with me restrained spread-eagle on the bed, with my Hitachi vibrator strapped to my thigh on a low setting - just enough to drive me crazy, but not enough to make me cum. You leave me there, blindfolded and gagged, for an hour or so while you go about your business. Upon your return, you enjoy just watching me squirm and moan on the bed for a bit. Then you remove my blindfold so you can look into my eyes, seeing how desperate I am to cum. You proceed to tease me even further by kissing and licking all over my body from head to toe. Then you remove my ball gag so you can hear my screams and moans as you gradually turn my vibrator up. I beg and plead for your permission to cum, and when you finally grant it, my orgasm sends intense waves of pleasure through my whole body. After awhile, the sensation feels almost too intense, but you won’t stop just yet… not until I’ve cum at least another 2-3 times for you. After making me cum too many times to count, you finally free me from the bed restraints, pull me down to my knees, and cuff my wrists behind my back. You command me to suck your cock, and of course I’m eager to please you. I lovingly worship every inch of your cock with my mouth and tongue, looking up into your eyes like the obedient slut I am. After awhile, you throw me back on the bed and cuff my ankles to my wrists in a hogtie position. You fuck my face hard, fast, and rough, making my eyes water as I gag all over it. After you’re done using my mouth, you flip me over on my back and bind my wrists to my ankles with my legs spread wide apart, and thrust your cock deep inside my dripping wet pussy. It feels so good to finally feel your cock filling me up as you fuck me hard and deep. But of course you’re not done teasing me just yet, so you instruct me to bend over, face down ass up, so you can attach my ankles and wrists to a spreader bar. My pussy and asshole are completely exposed in this position, and you just start going to town on them with your mouth and tongue. You kiss, lick, and tongue fuck my holes til I’m a writhing moaning mess on the bed. Then in that same position, you slide your cock back inside my pussy and start fucking me hard from behind. I love the way you grab my hips and spank my ass as you continue pounding my pussy hard and fast until you cum deep inside me. I hope you enjoy watching my personal fantasy as much as I did sharing it with you!
Bodysuit to the Side video from
Bodysuit to the Side Custom vid (no names used). Your girlfriend just woke up in the middle of the night feeling super horny, so she wakes you up by sucking your cock and invites you to have a late night quickie with her. Of course you're happy to help, especially now that she's already gotten your dick rock hard! She's too impatient to take her bodysuit off, so she just pulls it to the side so you can slide your cock inside her dripping wet pussy. She pants and moans softly as you fuck her in missionary position, trying to keep the noise down to avoid waking up the neighbours. As you look down at her pretty face, no words are needed as the look in her eyes tells you exactly how good you're making her feel. As you both get close to cumming, she puts her legs up on your shoulders to pull you in deeper. You tell her you want to cum inside her pussy, and that's exactly what she wants too. You thrust deep inside her pussy as you cum hard, and you can feel her pussy tightening around you at the same time. You pull out and admire the huge creampie you left inside her pussy, spilling out to soak the crotch of her bodysuit. Now that you've satisfied her craving for cock, it's time to go back to dreaming sweet and naughty dreams about you! *NOTE: This vid is mainly shot from the chest up (POV virtual sex) but occasionally pans down to show my pussy, and of course the creampie at the end. There is minimal dirty talk, as I mainly convey my pleasure through soft moans, whispers, and heavy breathing.
Asian Massage Parlour Slut Worships BBC video from
Asian Massage Parlour Slut Worships BBC Custom vid (no names used). It’s been a slow day at the massage parlour, so I’ve already sent all the other girls home and I’m about to close up for the night. You show up at the last minute, and I try to turn you away unless you pay double the usual rate before tip. You agree, which catches me off-guard, so I tell you to remove your clothes before leaving the room with a huff. When I return, you’re naked with your pelvis under a towel as instructed. Still in a sour mood about having to stay late, I impatiently ask you what you want: hands, mouth, or sex. You say you want it all, so I demand that you tip first, and you better tip big! I turn to see the big wad of cash you’ve already left on the table. Counting it, I’m impressed by the generous amount but maintain a stiff composure as I leave again to change into something a little more comfortable. I come back a few minutes later, dressed in a skimpy lace bodysuit that leaves very little to the imagination. I slowly remove the towel, and my eyes widen in disbelief as I gaze upon your big black cock. My once-arrogant demeanour starts to melt away as I become aroused by your cock’s size, colour, and beauty. I start stroking it slowly and sensually, admiring the contrast between our skin tones. I bring my face close and gently nuzzle my cheek and nose along its length, inhaling your strong masculine scent. I plant kisses along the girth and run my tongue all over your thick shaft, constantly making eye contact as I praise your beautiful BBC. Then I wrap my lips around the head and take as much of you in my mouth as I can muster, sucking and slurping on it enthusiastically. Since my hands and mouth could barely fit around your huge cock, I’m a little afraid of what it might do to my tight little pussy, but you’ve got me addicted to your big black cock and there’s no way I’m stopping now. I strip off my lingerie seductively and pour a generous amount of lube on your dick as I warn you to go easy on me. I climb on top and very slowly lower my pussy down on your cock, wincing as I struggle to take it inside me. My eyes roll back and I moan loudly as I become accustomed to the size and enjoy being penetrated deeper than ever before. Then I use a suction vibrator on my clit while riding you, and all the intense sensations make me cum uncontrollably in record time. After I catch my breath, I lay back on the bed and instruct you to mount me (POV angle from chest up). I look up at you lovingly and tell you to fuck my tight Asian pussy with your big black cock and use me like the slut I am. I know you’re getting close now, so I wrap my legs around you to pull you even deeper, and beg you to fill me with your hot cum. I can feel your huge load shooting deep inside me, and it makes me cum long and hard at the same time. As I go down to lick you clean, I tell you you’re welcome to come back and see me anytime, and I’ll even give you a special BBC discount!
Missing Towel Leads to Naughty Fun video from
Missing Towel Leads to Naughty Fun Custom vid (no names used). I’m running late for class this morning and rush to the co-ed showers, arriving at the same time as you, my classmate. Unfortunately, there’s only one shower stall available so I ask to go first, but you disagree since you’re running late as well. Since time is running out, I suggest that we just shower together, as long as we stand apart and keep it as clean as possible. This ends up being easier said than done, since there’s not a lot of space and we can’t help bumping into one another. It’s a little awkward at first, especially when I notice that you have a hard-on and warn you to be careful with it. As time goes on though, we become more comfortable and relaxed with each other, and I even ask you to wash my back for me. Once we’re done, I open the curtain to discover that my towel has gone missing! I desperately look around for something to cover myself up with, but am unsuccessful. You come up with the idea of wrapping your extra-large towel around both of us and I accept, seeing no other options. However, there are a ton of other students in the hallway, and I’m feeling self-conscious as I notice them looking at us. Thinking quickly, I tell you to act like my boyfriend and kiss me to make our towel-sharing look more natural. We start with some basic kisses, and then step it up to French kissing. Finally after a few minutes, the hallway empties out and we’re able to make our way back to my dorm. As you turn to leave, I stop you and point out that class is half over by now anyway, so you might as well stay and have some fun. You perk up as you assume I’m talking about video games, and that wasn’t exactly the kind of “fun” I had in mind… but I did just get a new Street Fighter game the other day that I’ve been wanting to try out. To make things more interesting though, I declare that the winner of each round gets to request something from the loser. You kick my butt in the first round, so you request to tickle me, which I detest. Then you beat me again in the second round, and ask to play with my boobs, which I’m a lot happier with. I finally beat you in the third round, and get you to eat my pussy. After the fourth and final round, I ask you for sex in missionary position, so you fuck me nice and hard until I cum all over your cock. Then of course I want to return the favour, so I get on top and start riding you in cowgirl position. I lean forward to kiss you passionately as I ride you harder and faster until you cum deep inside me. Now we’re all hot and sweaty, so I grab your towel and invite you to join me for another shower!
Stroke Your Virgin Cock for Me video from
Stroke Your Virgin Cock for Me Custom vid - the name “Doug” is said once at the beginning. We’ve been good friends for many years, and I just found out that you’re a 35-year-old virgin. I’m feeling a bit sorry for you, so I offer to help you feel better. No, of course I’m not gonna have sex with you… but I will give you the best orgasm of your life, without even touching you! First, I want you to undress for me and show me your virgin dick. Ooh, you actually have a pretty nice cock… and it’s already slightly hard for me! Now I want you to spit in your hand to get it nice and wet, and start stroking your cock up and down. You’ve told me about your issues with premature ejaculation in the past, so I want you to just relax and follow my instructions. To encourage you, I slowly strip off all my clothes and tease you with my sexy body. Being a virgin, you must masturbate a whole lot… but I bet you’ve never experienced jerking off to a beautiful naked woman right in front of you before. I know how much you love my tight ass, so I spend plenty of time teasing you with it as I instruct you to gradually stroke harder and faster for me. I also show off my perfect tits and spread my beautiful pussy, telling you to imagine how good it would feel to fuck it. I edge your virgin cock a few times until you’re practically begging me to cum. To finish you off, I turn around to show off my ass again as I give you a countdown to cum for me. I don’t want you making a mess all over the floor though, so make sure to catch it all with your other hand. Mmm, that felt so good didn’t it? Now, I think it’s only fair that you do a little something for me in return. I want you to take the cum that’s in your hand, and eat it. That’s right, you heard me! You see, I have a kink for watching men eat their own cum, and I think you owe me for giving you the best orgasm ever. So go on, lick it all up just for me… and be sure to swallow every last drop!
Panty Sniffer Becomes Pussy and Ass Eater video from
Panty Sniffer Becomes Pussy and Ass Eater Custom vid (no names used). I just walked in on you sniffing my dirty panties, and am completely disgusted. At first I tell you to get the fuck out, but then I change my mind and decide to teach you a lesson instead. I humiliate you for being such a pervert, and tell you to show me exactly what you were doing with my dirty panties before I walked in. From now on, I’m gonna train you to be my panty worshiping slave… and you better not disobey me, or else I’m gonna tell all your friends and family what a sick pervert you are! First I hold up a pair of extra creamy pink satin panties and make you sniff and lick all my juices off them. I see that you have a huge boner, so I tell you to take it out and start stroking it while you worship my dirty panties. Once you’re done with that pair, I grab an equally dirty green thong for you to lick clean. Then I take off my top and shorts so you can worship the thong I’ve been wearing all day. I sit right on your face and instruct you to sniff, kiss, and lick my pussy and asshole through my panties. Then I take it off so you can suck all my juices out of it too. Although I enjoy teasing you with my dirty panties, I’ll also be training you to be my pussy and ass eating slave. I lay back on the bed and tell you exactly how to worship my perfect pussy with your nose, mouth, and tongue. Then I tell you to bury your nose in my pussy and slide your tongue inside my asshole. I turn around so you can continue eating my pussy and ass while I start pleasuring myself with a vibrator. I tell you to bury your nose in my asshole while you tongue fuck my pussy. I know it’s driving you crazy inhaling my ass scent while tasting my sweet pussy. I cum hard all over your tongue, and make sure you swallow every last drop. Since there’s still more that your tongue can’t reach, I grab my green thong and stuff it inside my pussy to soak up all my precious nectar. I decide to cum a second time all over the stuffed panties, so I tell you to go back to eating my ass while I use my vibrator some more. I know you love feeling my asshole clenching and pulsating as I get closer to cumming again. I instruct you to keep stroking your cock harder and faster, but remind you not to cum until I give permission to do so. I cum even harder the second time with your tongue buried deep inside my ass, creaming all over my panties. I pull the cum soaked thong out of my pussy and tell you to cum for me while you lick up all my cream. Welcome to the rest of your life as my pussy and ass eating slave!
Analholics Anonymous video from
Analholics Anonymous Custom vid with simulated anal - no actual penetration is shown. Hey hun, I know you had plans to hang out with my boyfriend today, but he had to cancel. He claims that he had some “work thing” to attend, but I know he’s off cheating on me again. He actually told me to text you earlier, but I thought the two of us could spend some time together instead. You see, I was having a little chat with your girlfriend the other day, and she told me how you’ve been asking her to do anal, but she’s totally not into it. Well, I know exactly how that feels, because it’s the other way around in my relationship. I really want and crave anal sex, but my boyfriend refuses to do it with me. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make our anal fantasies come true! Just look at my perfect asshole, fresh out of the shower… it’s begging to be eaten and fucked. I know you can’t resist, so get down on your knees so you can bury your face in between my ass cheeks. Mmm yes, your warm wet tongue feels so good sliding in and out of my tight asshole. I know you love the way I spread and wink it for you too. Now my asshole is all warmed up and ready for your cock, so go ahead and push it inside. Let’s start off nice and slow, and gradually go harder and deeper. Your dick feels so amazing thrusting in and out of my virgin asshole, it’s even better than we both imagined. When you’re ready to cum, I want you to pull out and shoot it all over my perfect ass. Mmm I love feeling your hot cum covering my ass and asshole. Our partners have no idea what they’re missing, but oh well, their loss is our gain!

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About Me

Joined Dec.09, 2018

Hiya, I'm MsCakes and thanks for checking me out on AmateurPorn! I’m a former camgirl who has now been making sexy content for almost 10 years! Follow me on Twitter @MsCakesCams to stay up to date with all my new content :)

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Age 32
Height 5'2"
Weight 110 lbs
Bra Size 32A
Body Type Athletic
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black

My Stats

Videos 204
Views 21,753
Loves 3
Faved 152

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