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Housewife Self Spanks And Masturbates in Kitchen

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photo of Mrs. Betty DarlingMrs. Betty Darling

14:09 | Added 10 days ago

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Betty is in the kitchen, working on dinner when she gets curious about the wooden spoon. Watch me spank myself for just over 5 minutes with the wooden spoon, some with my fullback sheer black panties on, and then I pull them down so you can watch my ass turn pink. The spankings start to sting a little, but I keep taking them! Then, since I took the spankings so well, I put my ass on the cool countertop and masturbate with my vibrator and my apron. Watch me get so wet and then cum as I play with myself on the kitchen counter. / Mrs. Betty Darling is a naughty housewife masturbating in the kitchen with her apron on.


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