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Mommy Catches Son with a Sex Doll Custom

A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you!! What mommy doesn't know is that her son gets really horny when he sees mommy dressed in her sexy aprons when she cooks dinner for him. Mommy comes home to find her son has bought a realistic sex doll and has dressed her to look exactly like his mommy; Long black hair, green eyes and a sexy apron! He fantasizes about being sexual with mommy by playing with the sex doll while talking, kissing, fondling and fingering the doll just like he would like to do to mommy. Mommy is SHOCKED at what she see's when she comes home. When she walks in he does not see her. She walks up to him from behind and taps him on the shoulder, "Excuse me...!" she says. He is startled and tries to make up a lame excuse as to why he bought the sex doll. At first, mommy is kind of mad but then feels sorry for him..."Sweetheart you do not need a doll to have mommy...". Mommy takes off her clothes and dresses herself in a sexy apron then tells her son "Why don't you come over here and give mommy a kiss!". They start kissing before she asks him to suck on her nipple and then as she sits down on the chair she tells him "Why don't you lick mommy's pussy?!?". He's never tasted mommy's sweet pussy before! He begins licking her sweet pussy, enjoying every second of it as she instructs him to suck on her clit. He's making mommy SO HORNY! He licks and sucks on her pussy then comes up to give mommy another kiss, sharing the sweet pussy juice between their lips. Mommy is REALLY enjoying this!! Mommy says "Why don't you bring me that big beautiful cock of yours...". Mommy puts her hair back in a pony tail as she prepares to suck on his big cock. She sensually sucks his cock "I can feel you growing in my mouth", she says. With his cock filling her mouth, she tells him "Now sit down so mommy can ride that cock!" as she straddles his legs and sits down on his cock fucking him and grinding on his hard cock. "Mommy likes your cock.... yeah.... spank mommy!". The sex continues as the doll watches mommy and son fuck. Mommy stands up, then bends over the chair for him to stick his cock in again! He sticks his big hard cock back in her wet pussy and stands her up as they fuck while standing, mommy with one leg up on the chair. Dripping sweat, cock pulsing and balls ready to explode, he lays mommy on her back across the chair as he rams her with his cock while sensually kissing her as if they are in love then unloads a HUGE load which ends up hitting her face and landing all over her apron. "Ohhhh, I got your apron messy" he says. "Yeah you did!" says mommy.


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