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Anal and Swallowing POV

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photo of Miss EllieMiss Ellie

10:48 | Added 4 years ago

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I've had a rough day, I need some protein for energy, so I decide I need your cum. I eagerly suck your cock until it's hard, and ask for your cum. When you say no, I push it deep into my pussy and ride it until I beg for your cum some more. Saying no, again, I proceed to finger myself in the ass... right in front of you. Asking you if you like what you see, I offer for you to fuck my tight ass, to which you do, and do very well. After you fuck me in doggy (anal) , I want a taste, so I suck it more. Then, I lay on my back and do more anal with your huge cock. I tell you how big it feels inside me quite frequently. At my final request, you submit and allow me your cum, so I suck your cock some more and then take the most beautiful cumshot on my tongue with my eyes boldly staring at you. I finish the video with a slow and hot swallow.


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