White Bra No Panties 2hr Hold Pee

photo of Layla Rae
Layla Rae
2:29 | Added 2 months ago

We all deserve to indulge ourselves once in awhile and one of the ways in which I do is by holding. I don't do it often so when I do it is so exhilarating. The feeling in my genitals as my bladder begins to swell more and more is indescribably good. After an incredibly satisfying 2 hour hold I decide to tell you about my one of my biggest holding and pee fantasies. Just talking about it turns me on even more than I already am. I touch myself gently off camera as I describe my fantasy to you. At this point I'm about to burst so I prop myself up on my bathtub to give you a good view and let out an amazingly satisfying, yellow stream.