Pumpkin Cutie Gagged and Drooling Edging Cum

photo of Layla Rae
Layla Rae
23:10 | Added 3 months ago

I’m so excited to show you my newest toy, a super cute jack o'lantern gag. I know you’d love to see what I look like gagged and drooling all over myself. I put the gag in my mouth and begin teasing you as I slowly strip out of my bodysuit, my fingers trailing lightly across my body as I do. I start lightly teasing myself with my fingers. Soon enough I am drooling all over myself and so, so turned on. At this point I am craving… more… so I start using my little pink vibrator. I edge myself for as long as I can stand and then I moan, writhe and drool my way to an intense orgasm. I love my new toy.