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HAIRY SHITHOLE ANAL. Grounding Mindfuck for SPH Cucks

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Craving ANAL and ass juice? Good. It's SHADOW WORK time, tiny dick losers. Know what that means? All you REALLY need to know, is that you'll be getting CUCKED today. That's right. The worst part? You're not getting cucked by another human. No no no, it's simply a dildo. How humiliating for you to get CUCKED by a toy! I choose an inanimate object over you, LOL. Listen to My VOICE, as I tell you EXACTLY how I feel about your negative energy, TINY, little dick, as My asshole gets pounded, prodded, penetrated over and OVER again. Surrender and let your weak, BETA reality mind get reprogrammed and rewired to KNOW that your fucking place isn't inside My ethereal, ALIGNED, anus portal. Will I let you watch Me CUM into alignment at the end? Yes. Will I let you be the tiny penis clean up cuck, cleaning up ALL My anal juice after I cum? Kinda. You'll see. Just get your fucking mouth ready for My sweet, hairy, shithole cream. It's your delicious, sacred, healing nectar... don't you feel so lucky? - BEST ENJOYED WITH HEADPHONES ON.

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