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We are a BDSM couple. Dominant Daddy (Koa) who enjoys showing off his sub wife (keiki) and their 24/7 DD/bg dynamic. Koa is 6’0” and 240#. keiki is 4’11 and 100#. Koa is a pleasure Dom who enjoys satisfying keiki’s masochistic needs with spankings, and caning as well as multiple orgasms that she must always ask permission before cumming. She is my property, thus the username Koa’s keiki.

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Long bondage session video from
Long bondage session Daddy starts with my limbs tied out wide as I am face down on the bed. He spanks me with His hand, the leather strap and the thumper before putting His man goodies inside of me. Then He continues sexy time in a slow steady rhythm as He puts more rope on my body. He uses the the body ropes as leverage to use me even harder and allows me orgasms. Then He spanks me with the belt and the metal paddle while still using my little hole and I have more finishes. Then He unties me, rolls me onto my back and ties my limbs our wide again for His access. He uses the wand to make me finish for Him a few times before sliding His man parts back into me. He makes me cum for Him again, this time giving me throat hugs as I finish. I get a foot cramp I finished so hard! lol He continues sexy time and puts His belt around my neck. As He picks up His pace, He pulls on the belt. I can feel it tighten around my throat and this makes me keenly aware that I can also feel my girl parts tighten around His man goodies too! I beg him for another orgasm and finish hard again. We take a short break before He puts Himself inside of me again, this time He uses the wand at the same time and I immediately ask to cum for Him. He has me cum for Him with the wand on my girlie bits and Him inside of me. I finish so hard I pull away but He keeps the wand on my girl spot and makes me cum again. Now I am totally spent as He repositions me on the bed. He climbs onto the bed and straddles my face so I can give His underneath man goodies special kisses. He rides my face hard until he finishes all over my body. This was a fun time! I think I slept for 12 hours after this. lmao
Rough sexy time video from
Rough sexy time After a long day at work, we were both tired from the grind. After dinner, I was washing dishes when Daddy said we needed some relaxation time and told me to come upstairs when I was finished cleaning up. I quickly finished my chores and ran upstairs to find all sorts for fun toys lying on the bed! "Get naked little one" he said in a stern voice. "Yes sir" I meekly replied. Once I was naked, he said "Now get on the bed angel, ass up and face down". I hopped onto the bed and positioned myself as I was told. He gave me some nice butt whacks with his hand, the hello kitty paddle, the leather strap and the tire thumper. I love it when he takes his time and covers my bum with hard spankings. Then he pushed my legs apart and put his man goodies inside of me. As he slowly slide in and out of my girl parts, he spanked my bum some more and raked his fingernails down my back. He picked up his speed as he continued to slap my bum and back, he could feel my building orgasm and told me I was his good little slut. That put me over the top and I begged for my first orgasm. He teased me and make me beg for it, but he finally allowed me to cum and I could feel the day's stress wash away and wave after wave washed through me as he continued to pound me from behind. I thanked him for the orgasms, he smacked my butt as he removed his man goodies and told me again that I was a good slut. He came back with the metal paddle and spanked me hard with it several times before shoving himself back deep into my girlie bits. Ramming harder into me and slapping my butt with his barehand. Then I felt the first lash of the belt across my bum, he continued to use the belt on my bum and back until he growled "Oh fuck" as he began fucking me harder. The sound of his growly voice always makes me cum and I immediately began asking to cum again. This time I lost count of how many multiple orgasms I had, they just kept coming and he wasn't relenting shoving himself deeper and harder with every stroke until I finally fell forward, out of breath and gasping. He stayed inside of me while I regained my composure, slowly sliding in and out of my girl parts. He reached over to grab my ponytail and laid it onto my back. Then he began to pick up his rhythm and wound my hair around his hand tugging my head back. Then the crop stung me as he slapped it across my butt and back repeatedly, harder and harder until I was sobbing. I don't know if it was from the pain or the pleasure, all I did know is that I needed to cum again! This time he didn't make me beg "Cum for me" he said in a low sexy voice. I finished again with several orgasms more intense than the ones before and once I had finished he pushed my body deeper into the mattress. He teased me by pulling his man goodies from inside of me and slapped them against my bum. Then he slowly slide them back into my now very sensitive girl parts. Then he playfully whacked my butt with the hello kitty paddle a few times until he was ready to roughly fuck me again. He pressed the paddle against the small of my back and he pounded me hard, deeper into the mattress. Then he grabbed my ankles and pushed them up to my bum, fucking me harder until he sighed "fuck baby" and pulled his man goodies out to finish on my bum. This was the best stress reliever ever and I slept like a baby!
Mid-day attitude adjustment video from
Mid-day attitude adjustment It was a typical Saturday and I just felt off. A little depressed, a little irritated not at anything in specific, just grumpy. I had my coffee, showered and ate breakfast like I always do. Daddy was being particularly cute and bossy, which I adore, but I couldn’t figure out what was contributing to this attitude. Around lunch time as we were sitting on the couch together, Daddy noticed. “What is up with you today little one?” he asked. “I’m not sure Daddy, just grumpy I guess.” I said meekly. “We are healthy, right?” he asked. “Yes Daddy” I replied. “We have a roof over our heads, plenty of food in the house and our jobs are going well, right?” he continued. "Yes Daddy.” “Do you love me baby?” he queried making direct eye contact with me. “Yes Daddy!” I exclaimed and wrapped my arms around his neck for a huge snuggle. “Well, I love you too! So everything is right in the world!!” he bolstered loudly. “Yes Daddy” I replied shoving my face into his neck. “It is okay to be grumpy for no reason baby, it is probably hormonal. I know your calendar.” he said with a smile as he gave me head pets. “My calendar?” I asked puzzled. “Yes baby, a week out from your lady time you get a bit depressed and grumpy. Do you think that could be what this is?” he asked. “Oh my gosh! You’re right Daddy. That must be what this is, I just wish there was something I could do to fix it.” I said with a pouty lip. “I can fix it baby. Go upstairs, get naked and put on your mask. I will be there shortly.” he commanded. “Yes Daddy!” I exclaimed as I eagerly hopped up from the couch and ran upstairs. I hurried into our sexy time room, stripped off my clothes and put on my hood Daddy had made for me. He knows I’m shy and don’t like to make eye contact. Daddy likes for me to not see what’s coming next during play time, so the hood works out for both of us. I hear him enter the room, jostling stuff around. He walks over to the bed where I am lying naked. “You have goose bumps baby, are you cold?” he asked. “A little Daddy, but I will be okay.” I replied. “Here, this should help.” he stated as he put fuzzy socks on my feet that ran up onto my thighs. “Is that better? he asked. “So much better! Thank you Daddy,” I said gratefully. “You’re welcome angel. Now let’s get you adjusted.” He grabbed me and put me at the edge of the bed where my bum was practically hanging off. Then he put ropes around my legs. My breathing began to pick up with the anticipation of what was to come. Then he put ropes around my wrists and secured all my limbs to the bed posts with my legs spread out wide and my arms down towards my bum. “Now we will give you a bit of an attitude adjustment baby.” He said in a wicked tone. “Y-yes Daddy.” I said in a shy voice as I clutched onto the ropes around my wrists. He teases my girlie bits with his man goodies, rubbing up and down the outside around my special bump. Back and forth until I was whimpering for him. Then he gently slid his man parts inside of me, long deep strokes, slow at first then picking up speed. He ran his huge hands over my body, groping me and squeezing my boobs then slid his hand around my throat. I can feel my arousal deep in my girl parts as he squeezes his grip tighter around my neck. Then he releases me and grabs the ropes bound behind my knees and begins pounding me hard until I am begging him to let me finish. He teases me before allowing me to cum and the delay always makes the orgasm more intense. As always, I thank him for allowing me to finish for him and he called me a good girl, which made my girlie bits twitch. Lol Still inside of me, he grabs my boobs and squeezes them together hard, then he begins slapping my ribs and midsection while thrusting into me harder and harder. The different sensations of pleasure and pain are overwhelming, just as I am about to ask him to let me cum again for him he asks “What are you baby?” in his deep growly voice. “I’m Daddy’s little slut wife.” I labor out as I fight off my orgasm. He replies “That’s a good little whore” but doesn’t tell me I can cum. I begin to beg him again and he finally tells me that I can finish. Just as my orgasm is washing over me he roughly grabs my throat and pounds deeper. I can’t breathe, the intensity is crazy. I’m still cumming as he releases my neck and then he slaps my face hard several times. The orgasms are coming in waves now and I almost lose my senses, then he begins to slow his rhythm and I eventually come back. “Th-thank you Daddy” I stutter breathlessly. “You’re welcome baby” he calmly replies.  He continues inside of me, then removing his man goodies my girl parts and rubbing them on my tummy before shoving back inside and out. He knows this drives me crazy, because all I can do is lay there and take what he wants to give me. Then he begins a nice steady rhythm again and suddenly I hear the buzz of the wand as it hits my girlie button with him still inside of me. Immediately I am whining to cum, “Hold it!” he orders. I start whimpering more as I fight off the urges. “Now beg” he says. “Please Daddy, pretty please let me cum for you!” I exclaim. “That’s a good whore, CUM!” With that I release, pulling on the ropes around my wrists as I thrust myself deeper onto his man goodies and he presses the wand harder against my tender girlie bits. The multiple orgasms are hitting me harder than before, one after another as I arch my back to meet the sensations of my insides. I thank Daddy again for the finishes and he again tells me I’m a good girl. Then he gently reaches up to adjust my hood which has slid askew from the action. He lingers the back of this hand on my lips and allows me to kiss his hand a few times. It was so sweet and gentle, I loved it. He removes his man goodies from me again and begins to slap my girlie bits hard like he’s holding a hammer. Then he shoves himself back inside of me and reaches over for something. Then I feel the rope slide under my head and around my neck. He loops it around a couple of times so I can feel the pressure tighten around my veins as he pulls on the ropes, all while sliding his man goodies in and out of me, how talented is that?!? Then he grabs the rope and pushes down to give me throat hugs and begins to thrust into me harder, I can feel myself losing my senses again and just as things start to go black he releases his grip on the ropes and pushes his fist hard onto my lower abdomen. I am gasping for air and can feel the orgasm wave coming for me again, but before I can ask, he orders me to cum for him. The orgasms are so strong this time that I drop several “f-bombs” while I finish. This is the only time I’m allowed to curse in front of Daddy. Lol Then the finishes don’t stop and he doesn’t relent, soon I’m not breathing and he has to command me “Breathe whore” he orders. I wake up and begin to gasp for air again as the final wave of orgasms leaves me feeling like a warm wet mop. While still inside of me he continues with the rope that is tied around my neck and wraps it around my body, then completes it with a noose knot which makes a kind of handle. I don’t understand how he can concentrate on that and still be thrusting in and out of me. After he finishes the tie, he uses the ropes as leverage to go harder, deeper and rougher. As he uses the ropes to slam into me over and over again, I can feel them squeezing my neck. Soon my body is flopping around and he frantically pounds me over and over again. He tells me to cum for him again and no sooner did the last syllable fall onto my ears, the orgasms came again. I don’t know how many there were, I don’t know how long it took, I lost all track of time and awareness until he stopped slamming me into the bed. Now I was totally spent as he removed his man parts from inside of me once again. I just laid there a heaving, swollen lump. He checks my ropes to make sure they aren’t cutting off my circulation anywhere and determines the leg ropes need to come off. He removes them while I continue to catch my breath and regain my wits. Then he slowly enters my girl parts again, just a slow steady sink until he is deep inside of me. He runs his hands all over my body and gives me some nice throat hugs with his hands and using the ropes. Then he begins another steady rhythm, going a little harder and a little faster. Then he grabs the ropes abound my hips and works back up to pounding me hard again. Soon he can feel my orgasms building and again orders me to cum for him. Again, I finish with waves of orgasms washing over me with such intensity that my toes curl and hands tense up. Then he quickly pulls out of me and has his own finish as I can feel the warmth of cum splash on my tummy then on my neck and finally onto my shoulders! I chuckle that he came so hard. His growls after he finishes are so sexy! “Scoot up onto the bed now baby” he instructed. He removed my ropes, pulled me onto his lap and rocked me afterward, kissing my forehead. “Thank you Daddy.” I said with my face nuzzled into his beard. “You’re welcome angel” he said with another kiss to my forehead. “Now go make me a sandwich” as he tossed me onto my feet from his lap and slapped my bum. Needless to say, I was not grumpy the rest of the day or the rest of the weekend for that matter!
Assume the position video from
Assume the position I love it when Daddy comes in from working in the yard and says "Get naked and assume the position baby", which means for me to get totally naked and present myself head down and bum up on the bed, my chest should be pressed against the bed and my face to either side. This is easy access for Daddy when he comes in the room after washing up. He gives me some nice barehanded spankings turning my little bum a nice shade of red as a precursor for what is to come. After He has warmed my bum up with barehanded spankings, I hear Him take off His shirt and toss it on the floor and the unmistakable sound of his belt ripping though his jeans. The anticipation is immense and even though I'm not wearing a blindfold, I don't know for sure what is coming until I feel the leather from his belt softly touch my skin as He rakes it across my bottom. Then he teases my girlie bits with it before letting out a hard strike. Caught of guard I gasp loudly, then another smack on my bum and another. The stinging sensation of the belt is one of my favorites. After the belt spanking, He lays it across my back and slowly pushes His fingers inside of my needy girly bits. I know they are needy because I can feel her neediness dripping down my legs as He moves His hand in and out faster and faster while still spanking my bum with his bare hand. Soon I am begging Him to allow me to finish, He makes me repeat it several times delaying my gratification but finally allowing me to cum. I am rewarded for being a good girl for Him and He puts his large man goodies inside of me and gives me some hard, deep sexy time while still spanking my bottom and as you can see He also slapped my shoulders. I love it when He beats me all over. I feel so small underneath Him and I'm grateful that He goes out of His way to provide me this type of release. The belt reappears and Daddy continues to shove his man goodies inside of me hard and fast while spanking me with the belt from shoulders to bum, it was delightful! I think I came six times during this onslaught. Daddy pulls His man goodies from my exhausted girlie parts and rubs Himself on my bottom until he finishes on my bum and up my back. He got some nice distance on this one. lol
Shibari slave wife bound and used video from
Shibari slave wife bound and used Daddy has me in a Shibari rope body cage tie called a Karada, this body cage feels amazing. It is always hugging my body and once I get into a sub space state, I can feel the rope clinch and pinch in different areas, just one more sensation for Daddy to exploit as he also administers pleasure and pain to me. He slaps my girlie bits with the crop, changing the pace and intensity keeping my girl parts guessing and building to climax. Soon I am begging Him to let me finish for Him. He finally allows it and I have an intense orgasm as He continues to smack my lady bits. Daddy uses a wand on my very sensitive girlie bits and I almost immediately asked to cum for Him. He teases my by asking if I'm sure I want to cum and if I've been a good girl before allowing me to finish. The result of the slightly delayed gratification results in a full body orgasm once He allows me to cum. Daddy gets naked and uses His man goodies continuing to concentrate on stimulating my girl parts by slapping them hard and rapidly with His hard cock. He can feel my orgasm building immediately and slaps my inner thigh to get my attention and this puts me over the edge and I ask Him to finish for Him again. I love the foreplay and the pleasure He derives from making me cum for Him over and over again even before there is any intercourse. He puts me into a sub space and makes me a needy puddle as he uses my exposed body. Daddy finally puts His man goodies inside of me and sinks Himself deep inside of me while using the wand on my ravaged girlie bits. The sensation of Him filling me up with His manhood while stimulating by lady parts makes me finish hard. After I ask to let me cum for Him again, I arch my back with the anticipation of another deeply intense orgasm, my head is spinning from the previous multiple finishes I've already had and then He slaps my face several times before grabbing my throat and growls "cum for me baby". I think I almost lost it during this orgasm it was so intense and it took me a while to come back to my induced sub space reality. It was so good! He pulls my hips and re-positions my bum on the edge of the bed so He can sink Himself deeper inside of me. He pushes my legs back closer to my chest and he begins to pound me harder for what I'm thinking will be Him making me finish for Him again, but instead he begins to tickle me from my hips to my armpits and then my ribs. I was not expecting this and begin to wiggle and thrash around, as much as I can from the restraints. I am laughing, screaming and even tell him how mean he is as He tickles me relentlessly. Suddenly He stops the tickle assault on my body and grabs my thighs and makes me finish for Him yet again. I have a love/hate relationship with tickle-gasms, but it is super fun! I can feel His man goodies swell even more inside of me and He pulls out of my girlie bits. With several very sexy growls he finishes several streams of Daddy juice shooting all over my body. I begin to laugh as one splash hits my shoulder and I laugh even harder as another heat seeking cumshot hits my in the face. After he finishes I tease Him that He is an Olympic finisher. No matter how intense our play time is, there is always the loving and light hearted mix that builds the intimacy in our relationship. I love and trust Him so much and He always seems to give me exactly what I need, even before I know that this was exactly what I needed.

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About Me

Joined Nov.01, 2021

We are a BDSM couple. Dominant Daddy (Koa) who enjoys showing off his sub wife (keiki) and their 24/7 DD/bg dynamic. Koa is 6’0” and 240#. keiki is 4’11 and 100#. Koa is a pleasure Dom who enjoys satisfying keiki’s masochistic needs with spankings, and caning as well as multiple orgasms that she must always ask permission before cumming. She is my property, thus the username Koa’s keiki.

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Age 26
Height 4'11"
Weight 100 lbs
Bra Size 36C
Body Type Athletic
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette

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