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just a kittengirl who loves to rave! my goal is to create unique and inspiring content. when i’m feeling particularly bratty, i LOVE wearing my schoolgirl uniform, and fit into cute clothes due to my size!! as i came along, i've developed an interest in cosplay / and fetish wear, including lingerie, bikinis, cute characters, sexy outfits, and other things of that nature... I love making content, being creative and most of all, feeling cute af!!

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Rainbow Hoe video from
Rainbow Hoe My Rainbow Outfit is so sexy! Everything Matches so perfectly. My pigtails, my lingerie, my puffy jacket, and fishnets and my shoes all match. I love showing off my sexy outfits for you. Shaking my ass and squeezing my boobs together turns me on so much. And I can see it turns you on too. I start to touch your cock and and you can tell how bad i want to pull your cock on it and start sucking on it. I look you in the eyes while I reposition myself to suck your cock so perfectly. I love teasing you as I look playfully into your eyes. It makes your cock so hard. Licking and teasing the tip makes me start to moan and Im getting really turned on. My whole body looks so good in this lingerie and my lips look so pretty wrapped around your cock. I take it like good little hoe when you grab my head and shove it down. Your cock is starting to sparkle from how much spit is on it. I try to act innocent but its so obvious how much I love sucking on it. I love it so much my eyes start to roll to the back of my head. Using my mouth to get you off so so hot. Making out with your cock as it throbs in my mouth gets me so wet. I start to tease the tip of your cock and you can tell how bad I want it. My head is going up and down on your cock so much on of my pigtails starts to fall out ahah. Thats ok though, I just keep going back and forth between licking the tip and gagging on it. I cant help that I love feeling your cock throb in my mouth. I start to just go crazy on your cock and its undeniable how bad i need it. Then I say the magic words … “Can I please sit on it daddy?’ I get on top of you and slide your wet cock inside of me nice and slow. I start by riding it nice and slow but that doesn’t last for long. I start to go crazy on your cock almost immediately and Im moaning out in pleasure so loud from your cock throbbing inside of me. I love bouncing up and down on it and watching my boobies jiggle all over the place. Im so wet and my nipples are popping out of my bra. Im screaming out in pleasure as you cum inside of me . I love getting every last drop of your cum. When you pull out there’s so much cum leaking from my beautiful pussy, which is trobbing for more .. I love it when Im dripping with cum !!
Getting Ruined By Daddy JM video from
Getting Ruined By Daddy JM After our date, Im super shy, but as soon as he pulls it out I begin sucking on it like a good littel slut. I barley fits in my mouth and my hand doesnt fully wrap around it. He grabs my head and facefucks me, pushing my head down until I gag on it.Then we both get naked . I stand up and squat on his cock. It barley fits but I manage to squeeze it in there by sucking on the head a little bit more. Once its nice and sloppy and I can see hes twitching with pleasure, i begin jerking him off at the same time. My nails look so good wrapped around his dick. Its so hard I can barley fit it in my mouth. Its so fun to play with and suck on. I love getting my face fucked. And the veins in his cock are so yummy. I attempt to shove the enitre thing in my mouth and its a total fail, but it does make me gag. I worship his cock by stroking my tongue up and down the shaft. Then once its dripping wet, I finally decide to sit on it. It still takes a little bit to fit it inside me but then I start riding it nice and slow. After a while I start to get used to the feeling of it filling me up and I go faster and faster. Im already cumming all over his cock and hes literally pounding away at me. Meanwhile Im making his cock all creamy and spreading my asscheeks so he can have better control of my body. I love riding cock so much. He hits all my spots. Then he grabs me and starts fucking me HARD! & DEEP. I love being used like the little slut I am. He starts slamming my ass down onto his dick and and feels so good. I cant believe how fast its going in and out of me. Then I get up and clean up all of my mess from it. It stretches out my mouth just as much as it stretches out my pussy. I turn around and get on top again, but this time reverse cowgirl style. The POV angle makes my ass look huge as its going up and down on his cock. He decides to bend me over and use my pussyhole however he pleases. It looks crazy going in and out of me from how tight my pussy is wrapping around it. My pussy grabs onto his cock so tight it can barley move, but he's determined to fuck the shit out of me. My cute little butthole is peeking out and my ass jiggles with each thrust. Im taking it as best I can because Im desperate for daddy's cum.Just when Im about to tap out, he tells me to get on my knees and paints his huge load all over my face. Its dripping from my hair to my chin and my face looks so pretty with a face full of cum on it. Like a good girl, I clean up any remaining semen on his beautiful big dick. Perfect ending to my night.
Daddy & Stepdaughter Make A Deal video from
Daddy & Stepdaughter Make A Deal Daddy heard me talking on the phone about the get - together I’m going to tonight and thinks my outfit is too slutty. All because Im not wearing a bra and you can see my underwear. I spent so long choosing this cute outfit for the party though… I know i need to convince him to let me wear it, and that’s when i notice his rock hard cock bulging through his pants. its not surprising that he allows me to unzip his pants and pull it out.i get down on my knees and put my lips on daddy dick and it tastes so good i rub my tongue along his shaft to taste ALL of it. At this point his cock is throbbing and I pull my titties out. I can tell he likes them a lot and I really want to wear this slutty outfit so i offer to wrap my boobs around it. I spit all over my tits and it feels amazing in between my big boobs. But daddy always wants more.. of course he wants to know what it feels like in my pussy too! Before you know it I’m bent over and he’s ripping my fishnets to shreds.. there goes my outfit…. But these ripped fishnets make my ass look so good. I guess when you dress like a whore you get treated like a whore!! I guide his cock into me and let him use me to his desire. My dress is wrapped around my waist and he’s using it as reigns to control me as I cum all over.. I love talking dirty and right as Im begging for him to cum, he shoots his huge load in my little pussy. He pulls out and my pussy is dripping wet.. No need to go out anymore… I already got the dick I needed so badly.
Pussy Eating Competition video from
Pussy Eating Competition This vid starts with 2 sexy cheerleaders bent over. We love stretching right before practice! Our muscles aren’t the only thing we’re stretching! Kandii starts spreading her ass in between stretches! Then you get to see Reds ass super up close while she rubs on a check with each hand. She spreads her ass just like Kandii. She desperately wants to be touched with how she’s bending over. She pulls her panties to the side, so Kandii begins to rub on her clit. Then Red returns the favor by fingering Kandii’s wet pussy and pulling her pantries to the side. The connection between them is so sensual. Kandii is practically begging for it at this point so red spreads her legs for Kandii to start fingering and eating her pussy. Her pussy is throbbing as Kandii rubs her clit. Red takes off her underwear and A perfect view of her pussy is shown. Both of their asses are so juicy. Red gives kandiis ass a big fat kiss. Kandii submits and Frekles Red immediately start fingering and eating her pussy. It feels so good she’s literally shaking with pleasure and morning super loud. But not so loud that you can’t hear how wet her pussy is. Red really knows how to please. Kandii helps out by spreading her ass as much as possible. Red uses her tongue to get candy off and both of them are dirty talking to each other. Red decides to take complete control and go ham on Kandiis pussy until she cums, then Kandii has the most intense orgasm. They can’t believe what just happened!

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About Me

Joined Aug.30, 2020

just a kittengirl who loves to rave! my goal is to create unique and inspiring content. when i’m feeling particularly bratty, i LOVE wearing my schoolgirl uniform, and fit into cute clothes due to my size!! as i came along, i've developed an interest in cosplay / and fetish wear, including lingerie, bikinis, cute characters, sexy outfits, and other things of that nature... I love making content, being creative and most of all, feeling cute af!!

Age 28
Weight 110 lbs
Body Type Slender
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Other (dyed)

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Videos 38
Views 2,391
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If you’re into nerdy kitten girls who love to rage then you came to the right place. As a person I would describe myself as down to earth, confident and up tempo. (^з^)-☆

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