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Delilah Cass

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Delilah Cass APClips.com profile

twitter @delilah_cass
insta @defnotdelilah

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I Vow To Give YOUR DAD My Tight Asshole video from
I Vow To Give YOUR DAD My Tight Asshole Today is my wedding today and it’s all ruined! How could my fiancé stand me up at the altar and embarrass me in front of our families? I had to go to our hotel to grab some things since our parents took our belongings there. I walk in and see they have roses all over the bed and start crying. I can’t believe he would do this to me! I am so pissed at him. I punch and throw the stupid heart pillows they put in the honeymoon suite. At least I have this bottle of champagne. I cry on the bed and then snap out of it. What am I thinking?? He will come back! I grab a rose and do the old “He loves me, he loves me not” thing and it just ends up making it worse. I grab the bottle and head to the tub. I struggle opening the stupid bottle and take a swig and it bursts all over me. This is bullshit! This is MY wedding day. I bet his dad would know where my fiancé is…. I go to my soon to be father-in-laws house and rush in asking if he has seen him? I start crying and my fiancé’s dad hugs me and soothes me. We sit on the couch and the more I look at this man, I see how similar he looks to his soon. But he’s much older… More mature.. I know my wedding night can be saved. I tell my fiancé’s dad there is something I have been prepping for for months to give to his son on our wedding night. My anal virginity. I get up and bend over, exposing my “something blue” large heart shaped butt plug in my ass. He is baffled but I know he wants me. I ask him if I can see his cock and get on my knees and suck his thick dick so good in my wedding gown. Your cock is much bigger than your son. I gag on his cock until I am ready to take out my butt plug and get my ass fucked by my new daddy. I lay down and his thick cock enters my tight asshole and pounds me until we switch to me reverse cowgirl anal riding him. He cums deep in my ass and we kiss and I am so glad I still lost my anal virginity that night… Tags: older man younger woman daddy/daughter daddy daughter fiancé’s dad anal anal play butt plug wedding bride barefoot long hair redhead red hair hairy bush cum in ass daddy talk role play
Cheap Motel 2: All Holes Filled Anal video from
Cheap Motel 2: All Holes Filled Anal Lots of you have seen Cheap Motel 1 (https://apclips.com/delilahcass/cheap-motel-all-holes-filled-anal) and loved it. In fact, you've begged for more. Cheap Motel 2 is longer, dirtier, rougher, more raw and intimate. It's POV everything! There's belt spanking, peeing, blowjobs with gagging, fingering, butt plug insertion and ass to mouth with the toy, vaginal and anal fucking. For those of you who like this format of video (raw and in the moment) it's perhaps our best video ever. It's one you won't want to miss. Delilah pees in this dirty, cheap motel then leads her man to the bed. She teases him then gets her ass spanked with a belt before he plugs her amazing butt with a large metal plug. After some more spanks, she gives him a blowjob on the bed. She then fingers her tight pussy then lets him fuck her with the butt plug still inserted in both missionary and doggy style. Delilah needs to pee, but that doesn't mean the action has to stop. She leads him back to the cheap motel's dirty toilet and sucks and gags on his cock some more while she pees. Back to the bed we go and she takes out the butt plug and licks it clean. She fingers her asshole and then let him fuck her tight little ass. He fucks her ass so hard she cums before taking a juicy anal creampie. What are you waiting for? Get your lube out for this one! Tags: POV point of view redhead redheads hairy hairy bush hairy armpits buttplug anal play anal masturbation belt belt spanking older man younger woman m/f f/m braids socks sock fetish pee piss blowjob blow jobs dirty hotel anal creampie all holes filled fucking cheap motel dingy hotel pierced nipples bouncing tits bouncing boobs big boobs big tits ass to mouth ATM kink taboo pee peeing sucking cock on toilet raw real life couple real life sex
Brat Bitch Caught Shoplifting video from
Brat Bitch Caught Shoplifting I loooove shopping for lingerie! I love this store so much. It always has the cutest stuff! I wanna try so many things on. I bet I will like all of them. I look at the price!! WTF! $72 for a bra?! I keep trying things on and loving everything where an idea sparks…. I don’t have to pay for everything. I can steal it and no one will ever find out…how thrilling! I love being such a naughty girl.. I just have to keep hiding all these hangers! I leave the store but not until SECURITY stops me and demands a receipt. I say that I am sorry, I probably left it in the car with my daddy. He isn’t buying it and keeps asking to search my bag, but I refuse like the bratty girl I am. I am getting really annoyed and finally admit to stealing one thing and hand over a panty. He knows I am lying and finally gets my bag and sees all the things I stole…. Bras.. Panties.. Lingerie.. He is PISSED. I beg and say I can pay and my daddy’s card will cover it. He doesn’t care. I am so mad and being bratty until I ask if I can suck his cock and he will drop this whole thing? I don’t want to get naked but he saw I was wearing more items I was stealing and couldn’t believe it. He pushed me on my knees and I took his big cock in my mouth, reluctantly of course. I am a bratty girl, I don’t suck cock like ew! Why did I even suggest this?! I suck his cock and tell him he's not allowed to cum in my mouth because that would be absolutely disgusting. Eww, he wants me to lean back and show him my pussy now? This fucking guy tells me he spies on girls in the dressing rooms and then makes girls that get caught shoplifting suck his cock all the time. What a fucking jerk! I hate that I have to do this, but I can't afford to get in trouble. OMG, please tell me he's not about to cum in my mouth. I think my bratty days are numbered. I'm never going to get caught shoplifting again. Tags: redhead, redheads, hairy, hairy bush, long hair, all natural, ball sucking/licking, bouncing boobs, boy/girl, b/g, cumshots, cut dicks, gagging, hair, older man / younger woman, older man / younger woman, tattoos, tall women, blowjob, blow jobs
Cucked on Your Anniversary video from
Seducing My Perverted Spying Uncle video from
Seducing My Perverted Spying Uncle I know my uncle has been spying on me and I am so turned by it. I need to seduce him and make him fuck me. I have laundry to do before my parents get here but I really hope my uncle gets here before they do…. I should probably wash these panties and oh.. My pussy is so wet… I sniff my panties and get turned on and rub myself. I wish my uncle was here to fuck and pound me are the thoughts in my head… I open my eyes and oh my god! My uncle is there with his cock hanging out. This is perfect!! Everything I wanted. I beg my Uncle to let me suck his cock and pull him over so I can show him how good I can make his cock feel. I lick and suck his cock and balls until he tells me he can’t do this anymore and walks out! WTF?! My uncle isn’t going to bed until he fucks me tonight… Just watch… I head up to my bedroom, angry. I need to get my uncle to see I am not joking around and I really want him to fuck me. I start taking selfies and sending them to him. I change outfits and film a naughty video for him. I get a text finally to come down! I get to finally please and fuck my uncle’s cock!! I go down and start sucking on uncle while he gags me with his big cock. He fucks me in doggy while my tits bounce. I dirty talk while uncle fucks me and I know it really turns him on. I get on top of uncle while he puts his big cock in me harder and harder. He spanks me and makes my ass red and I fuck my tight little ass with my finger while he pounds me. I can’t wait to take uncle hot cum all over my big tits. Until next time uncle…. Tags: taboo kink uncle fucking older man younger woman young legal pony tails sweater dress thigh highs redhead redheads hairy bush asshole finger ass ass fingering cut dicks dirty talk naughty talk moaning pounding
Stepdad Gives Virgin Teen Her First Cock video from
Stepdad Gives Virgin Teen Her First Cock Today is my 18th birthday!! Happy birthday to me. I can’t believe I am still a virgin.. Probably because I am so shy. My stepdad was talking to me earlier about filling in for a photoshoot for his girly adult website? I know my mom would not approve but I kind of want to do it?? I mean I am 18 and my stepdad won’t care. My stepdad gives me the outfit to wear and as I put it on I realize how short it is and I get embarrassed… My stepdad is calling for me and I finally come out. Is this really what you make your models wear? Yes, Delilah my step daddy says. My stepdad realizes it’s my 18th birthday and gives me 18 birthday spanks while I count them out. I stand up and my stepdad tells come here and he will show me how to pose for him. My stepdad shows me a few photography tricks that include spreading and licking my young, teen pussy! I pose in a bunch of positions and my stepdad slides my panties off when he is photographing my ass. I ask stepdad if he fucks the models and if he wants to fuck me…. Stepdad wants to be my first cock ever.. I take stepdad’s cock in my mouth, licking it until step daddy pulls my head onto his dick. I give his cock some kisses. Stepdad puts his cock inside me on the couch and it hurts a little but I want to have sex with him. He asks me if I know what doggy is and I get on all fours and ask stepdad to put his face in my ass. He does and licks me. He then fucks me in doggy and I take his hot cum load all over my face. I thank stepdad for being my first cock and taking my virginity and kiss his cock one last time. Tags: redhead redheads cheerleader cheerleader outfit all natural red bush hairy bush spanking birthday spanking stepdad daughter stepdaddy step daddy stepfather big cocks cut dick teen 18 eighteen photoshoot thigh highs socks pig tails glasses eye glasses facials cumshots cum on face virgin 18 year old virgin older younger Fantasy taboo thong short skirts shy timid spanks young teenager innocent virginity

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About Me

Joined Dec.30, 2016

twitter @delilah_cass
insta @defnotdelilah

  • Delilah Cass photo
  • Delilah Cass photo
  • Delilah Cass photo
  • Delilah Cass photo
  • Delilah Cass photo
  • Delilah Cass photo
Age 26
Height 5'8"
Weight 135 lbs
Bra Size 34C
Body Type Athletic
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red

My Stats

Videos 134
Views 28,307
Loves 7
Faved 138

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