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Carmen Doe

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Carmen Doe APClips.com profile

Hiii, Im Carmen! ?
I'm a non-binary cutie and a kinky switch! I use They/She pronouns c:

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Daddys little bean bundle by Carmen Doe
Daddys little bean

All of my DDlg videos so far :3 Im looking foward to make more for you daddy.


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About Me

Joined Oct.17, 2017

Hiii, Im Carmen! ?
I'm a non-binary cutie and a kinky switch! I use They/She pronouns c:

Age 26
Height 5'5"
Weight 195 lbs
Bra Size 40D
Body Type Curvy
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black

My Stats

Videos 5
Views 7,950
Loves 13
Faved 48

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Hiyaaaa! I love making custom stuff, shoot me a message if you are interested in one! Id love to make a custom for you!

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