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Stella Head Mummification Breathplay

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This session with Stella is simply amazing! She wears a sparkly red PVC catsuit that fits snugly against her awesome body. We use black PVC adhesive tape and saranwrap. Stella does a little show on the bed to show you her outfit, after which her wrists and thighs will be zip tied to the bed structure. Let us start by wrapping her head with cling film. To see if the cling film is airtight we do a test with the cling film only. Now the time has come to open a slit at the height of the mouth in the film and proceed to mummify Stella's head with black PVC adhesive tape. Wow! What will see in this session are Stella's reactions to the black tape that will prevent her from seeing and having air. Interesting session. The head is completely wrapped leaving the mouth free which will be sealed with a strip of tape ready to be removed. In the session this game will take place from different camera angles, several times and some surprisingly, preventing Stella from taking a deep breath before the tape is sealed. The catsuit is very tight so that you can admire the contractions of her belly due to the lack of air…
Good Fun!


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