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Spreading for a BBC

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Custom: Could you do a 10 minute nude video for me where you are in the doggie style position on the bed with your leg spread far apart only wearing silk robe and nothing else with your hair down spreading your ass and pussy from behind reaching back with one hand all while looking back over your shoulder sometimes saying fuck my pussy with that big black dick and things like that while you spread your ass and pussy real good. The view I would like to see is with your ass and pussy facing the camera so I can get a full view of your ass and pussy from the doggie style position . I like for the camera to be close so I can see your ass cheeks and pussy open real good but I like to still be able to see your face,ass, pussy and legs all in the same view and I don't like real close up views to where I can't see your head and face or side views at all just the position I describe and can you not move from that position at all from start to finish. Thanks


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