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An Ice Cold & Fuzzy Faced Morning

Good morning my love. Ohh... it feels like someone is excited. What has gotten you all hot and bothered? Ice?! Wait.. so you mean to tell me that you were imagining how I'd look squirming around with ice down my white top? Well of course I want to be a good girl for you... I'm just so warm and cozy it's hard to get out of bed... Okay, okay, I've brought some ice... what would you like me to do with it? Drool all over myself while I rub the ice against my nipples and stay as quite as possible? Well okay...I'll try my best. The ice is so cold it's almost impossible to hold in my mouth... Would you like to watch it melt away in my pussy while I tease myself? It melted away too quickly and I'm all flustered because of it... may I please cum for you? Wait... I only have two minutes?! Okay... okay... I think I've got this. This video is for you if you enjoy: hairy women, bearded women, facial hair, whisper, whispering, soft spoken, playful mornings, wet t-shirt, submissive women, beautiful agony


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