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Crazy Yandere Breeder

[1080p 60FPS 320kbps audio] Custom video. You wake up and... Is that the girl from work? What the heck is going on?! Where am I!?... She begins to tell you that you had eaten something that must have made you **** and she had to restrain you to keep you safe. She's going through your phone and finds that a GIRL has been messaging you!!! But never mind that, she's dealt with her and she will never message you again. Now you're all hers, after all... You do love her. You always did, you've been in such a beautiful relationship already! Even if you didn't really know about it. Now you two can be together forever, no matter what, even if she has to do something drastic. She wants to get pregnant, she wants to start a family with you, in fact, she is all ready to move in with you! Lucky you! She sucks your cock and keeps crazy eye contact with you, obsessing over you, telling you she loves you... Eventually she can't hold back and she needs your dick inside her, she needs to feel your cum bursting into her! After all, she is ovulating right now and she wants to take as much advantage of your cock as she can.


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