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duration 26:11
Impregnating Three Girls at Slumber Party - SmilesofSally video from Sally Smiles
Impregnating Three Girls at Slumber Party - SmilesofSally by Sally Smiles You have just finished tucking your daughter and her friends in and you think all of the girls have gone to bed. But then you get a knock on the door and it's cute, sweet Isabelle in her pigtails, pjs, and stuffy. She politely addresses you as Mr. Hendrick as she tells you a secret. Isabelle has a HUGE crush on you and she can't stop thinking of you. She removes all her clothes and you realize she's not shy at all! Isabelle puts your big cock in her mouth and begs for you to go deep inside her. This girl fucks you until you're ready to explode and then she demands that you impregnate her. Before she leaves she tells you that she has more of her friends that want you too. Next comes in Julie and she's kind of a slut in her skimpy satin dress. She pulls it up to reveal a big hair bush but no panties. Julie knows that you know why she's here, so she spreads her legs and opens her pussy while you fuck her in every direction! You give Julie a second load and you have one final girl who comes begging for your cum and that's Nina. Nina comes in in a sports bra, boy shorts, and a high ponytail. It is very clear she is determined to get to it. She says she is ovulating and wants your cum now. Nina is a badass that rides your cock until you cave and give her a final huge load of the night!!! ** This video is on SALE due to audio quality ** TAGS: ROLE PLAY, BABY GIRL, STEP DAUGHTER, DADDYS LITTLE GIRL, IMPREGNATING, IMPREGNATION, BARE FOOT, INNOCENT, VIRGIN, BLOW JOB, HAIRY PUSSY, EYE CONTACT, LONG BROWN HAIR, BOOBS BOUNCING, ASS, DOGGYSTYLE, RIDING COCK, MULTIPLE ORGASMS, MOANING, SMILESOFSALLY, SALLY SMILES
duration 11:38
Training Step Sister How To Suck Dick With Gusto In The Kitchen video from Niche Parade
Training Step Sister How To Suck Dick With Gusto In The Kitchen by Niche Parade I spotted my petite step sister washing the dishes in nothing but a tight shirt and small, revealing underwear. She has a really nice ass for a skinny girl. I was so tempted to reach out and grab it, so I did. This freaked her out. She demanded to know what I was doing there. I reminded her that I lived there, too. She told me her boyfriend was coming over soon. I asked her when, and she said in about an hour. I figured that was plenty of time to fuck around. She pretended to be annoyed by me, but I know she's been checking me out the last few months and I told her as much. Once that pretense was shattered, I offered to school her on how to handle a cock the right way so she could be a better girlfriend. I had her drop to her knees and whip out my meat. She immediately started sucking on it, but she wasn't doing it well enough. I grabbed her by the hair and face-fucked her good. My large penis bumped against the back of her throat and made her gag on several occasions. Our first lesson: deep-throating. I jammed my big cock down her throat and straight up went to town on her face. To her credit, she took it like a champ. Like a good teacher, I gave her instructions on what to do and she followed them like a good student. So far, this training session was going well. She was getting better by the minute. She did such a good job, in fact, that I nutted way sooner than expected. As a reward for her efforts, I painted her lovely round face with hot cum. I told her to look me in the eyes while I did it. She sucked the remaining jizm off of my rock hard phallus and I told her to finish the dishes for good measure.

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