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duration 10:38
Fattened By Breast Milk video from HayleeLove
Fattened By Breast Milk by HayleeLove Haylee all made up and looking gorgeous, wearing only a sexy little dress that shows off her big tits and heels. Your wife Haylee when pregnant, like a lot of husbands, you put on quite a lot of weight too, and Haylee loves it. She loves seeing you big and fat. Now that the baby has been born, she has pretty much lost all of the weight but of course you haven't. You're still big and fat with a great big belly, and she wants you to get even bigger and fatter. Haylee has come up with an awesome idea: She has just weaned the baby, so she doesn't need it, but you know that mother's milk is incredibly fattening, and it will help her lose the last 10-15 pounds to keep pumping. So she have decided that from now on, she is going to make you suck the milk from her tits to fatten you up. In the video, she comes over to you to explain this to you. She sits down and crossesher sexy legs, showing you lots of thigh, because she knows that will make you more receptive to her idea. She explains it to you and then she takes out her tits, which are swollen and engorged and need to be milked. She tells you to come suck. But at first you won't do it. You don't want to suck her milk or get fatter. But she reminds you how turned on your fat has been getting her, how she loves your huge fat belly, how you look 9 months pregnant and she wants you even fatter. She even points out that you have gotten so fat and out of shape, she can really make you do whatever she wants. Now more stern, she holds up a tit and tells you, "come suck." but you're still not willing, so she tries another way. She stands up and takes off her dress and shows off her sexy body to you, front and back. And she tells you that if you will suck her tits, suck her milk, and get hugely fat for her, she will take care of your every sexual need. You agree to that, so she starts jerking you off (dildo) while you suck her tits. While she is doing it, she starts talking about how she is going to cook you bigger and bigger meals, and maybe even eat more herself so that her milk will be more fattening, all so that she can get you even fatter. And just thinking about how fat her milk is going to make you starts to get her really horny, and she starts switching off from stroking you to rubbing her pussy. Finally, you both orgasm--first you, then her. She finishes up by giving you a kiss
duration 18:20
Fulfilling a masochist's needs video from Koaskeiki
Fulfilling a masochist's needs by Koaskeiki Warning, this is an intense scene of a Sadist fulfilling His masochist's needs and is the full video of the clips posted on my wall today. Daddy has me bound to the bed with my arms stretched out in front and my legs tied and spread wide for Him. He gives me several intense spankings, beating me with His bare hand, the leather strap, a wooden spoon and the Hello Kitty paddle. Then he uses my girlie bits to His satisfaction, making me finish for him several times. For as rough as these scene was, at the end there is some light hearted tickle play. The contrast of intense harshness to fun loving tenderness is awesome to me. Some back story here, I have been studying for my PhD and was frustrated and burned out from all the hard work I had been doing. Daddy sensed this and told me we would have special play time tonight and gave me a brief description of what to expect. He simply said that I would be bound to the bed, blindfolded and beaten to clear my head. He told me that it was okay to scream, cry and to let out all of my stress from the week. And if I was a good girl and got into the appropriate subspace, I will be allowed some orgasms. This description of what was to come already had me worked up and my girlie bits were already excited before I even got naked for Him. As he tied me to the bed, I could feel myself dripping uncontrollably from the anticipation. He delivered everything he had told me and more, the intensity of his beatings ultimately turned me into a heaving, sobbing puddle of submissive mess. Then turning that savage pain into deep intimate pleasure as he shoved himself inside of me and made me finish for him over and over. At the end he teased me with tickles, I could feel his fingers walking up the sides of my body and I exclaimed "uh oh!" and He mocked me running his hands across the sheets, scraping them close to my quivering body. He wasn't even touching me but the tickles I felt were real and intense! This was some Jedi Daddy mind tricks that I still do not understand! Then He leaned into actually tickling me, reminding me of the rule that I wasn't allowed to wiggle away and let his man goodies fall out of my girlie bits. Later he told me that when he tickles me while he is inside of me, that my girlie bits grip onto his man goodies like a vice. lol This scene has a lot of layers from harsh beatings, severe crying, loud screaming to loving BDSM sexy time and then playful tickles.
duration 27:45
Cuck POV: Your Wife Likes Girlcock More video from Sophie Ladder
Cuck POV: Your Wife Likes Girlcock More by Sophie Ladder You are unable to please your wife, Jackie Hoff, so she’s invited me over to fuck her right, and she wants you to watch. Jackie and I feel up each other and suck on each other’s nipples. I go down on Jackie and eat her pussy better than you ever could. After making her feel so good Jackie is desperate to suck my cock, and she does so with more enthusiasm than she ever has sucking yours. Your wife begs for my girl cock inside her and I oblige, sliding my hard cock into her wet pussy. I thrust with slow, deep strokes, Jackie moaning with each thrust. I build speed and fuck her hard and Jackie loves it. She’s so sorry you have to watch her get fucked better than you ever could, but you have to pay attention if you’re ever to fuck her the way she wants. Jackie moans and gasps as I fuck her. I pound her pussy and she moans with pleasure. (16min) We move to doggystyle, and Jackie’s tits bounce as I grip her hips and pound her from behind. She loves it, and asks why you could never do this to her, fuck her like this for this long. (19.5min) Jackie gets on top to ride, something she never does with you. Her perfect breasts bounce up and down as she fucks herself on my cock. (22.5min) Jacke wants to taste her pussy and sucks up and down my cock, enjoying her own pussy juices. (24min) At this point you would have burst already, but I lay your wife on her back and keep on fucking her. I pound Jackie’s pussy as she moans out how much she loves my cock, and how it’s so much better than yours. Jackie never lets you cum on her tits, but with me she is more than happy to take my load across her chest. Keywords: sophieladder, jackiehoff, cuck, POV, cuck POV, trans girl, trans girl on girl, lesbian, trans lesbian, girlcock, girl dick, trans top, pussy eating, cunnilingus, blowjob, moan, pleasure, real orgasms, female orgasm, voyeur, watch, hardcore, pound, fuck, xxx, missionary, doggy, doggystyle, dirty talk, roleplay, wife, married, cheating, beta male, riding, girl on top, reverse cowgirl, cumshot, cum on tits, cum on chest
duration 27:51
Bound spread eagle, helpless and tortured video from Koaskeiki
Bound spread eagle, helpless and tortured by Koaskeiki Keiki is bound spread eagle on the bed, arms and legs spread out wide. I place some nipple clamps on her firm little tits and step back to watch her squirm. Then I tease her clit with my fingers, pulling on the chain of the clamps causing her to whimper more. I turn on the wand and begin to torment her with it by vibrating the nipple clamps. I move the wand down to her pussy and massage her erect little clit until she is begging me to cum. I give her permission to cum and watch as her toes curl as she cums hard against the wand. I remove the clamps and massage her boobs as I do, it is almost more fun than putting them on. lol I come back and put my finger into her soaking wet cunt and begin to fuck her with my hand, pinching her sore nipples and pressing down on her stomach until she is begging for another orgasm. I again give her permission and let her cum on my fingers. As a reward I slap her little cunt several times. I come back with some ice cubes and begin rubbing them on her tits and down her body. Then I rub ice on her clit enjoying her whimpers and shivering as I continue with the ice cubes all over her body. I place my hand back onto her pussy, teasing her clit again. Then I use the wand on her wet pussy watching her body strain against her restraints until she finds her climax again and asks me to cum. I put my hand onto her throat and tell her she can cum, then when she starts to orgasm, I slap her face hard. This flows her into multiple orgasms and I praise her with a “good girl” after she finishes. I come back with a rabbit vibrator and push it into her tight cunt, teasing her by slowly moving it in and out, tickling her clit over and over again. I run my hands over her body as I fuck her with the toy and turn up the speed of vibration until her toes begin to curl again. Soon she is begging me again to let her cum, I tease her for a bit before I let her finish again. She cums very hard this time, pulling on the ropes, lifting herself off the bed. I put the toy away and come back to begin massaging her body, from her tits down to her stomach, caressing her pussy and working my back up. Then I start tickling her, on her ribs and her arm pits and her tummy until she is writhing around screaming. I shove the wand onto her clit and she cums again for me almost immediately. I climb up onto the bed and have her kiss my legs and lick my balls until I cum onto her tits.
duration 17:49
Fishnet body suit submissive video from Koaskeiki
Fishnet body suit submissive by Koaskeiki I dress keiki in a pretty fishnet body suit and push her up against the wall and smack her ass with my bare hand. I grab my belt and whip her butt over and over until she is screaming, then I stop and rub her little red bum. “Thank you Master” she says in a sweet voice. I pull out my blade and rub it up and down her body so she knows what it is, her body begins to shiver. I turn her around and instruct her to keep her hands above her head. I continue to rake the blade over her body, teasing her with the point on her pussy and I push it against her neck. Then I begin lightly slapping her pussy with the flat side. I push it hard against her tits so she can feel the point stabbing the side of her breast. I then rake it over her breasts, lightly scratching her. I grab her roughly by the throat and slam her against the wall, then I move my hand down to her wet pussy and begin to tease her clit and place the blade against her throat. Soon she is asking to cum for me and I allow her an orgasm for being a good girl. I move her onto the bed, face down and ass up and slap her ass a few times with my bare hand. I bring out the leather strap and beat her severely with it until she is screaming from the pain. I stop and rub her red butt, “Thank you Master” she replies to the beating. I place my thumb into her soaking wet pussy and fuck her while massaging her clit. I spank her with the paddle as I finger fuck her cunt. “Master, may I cum for you” she cries. I let her cum again, continuing to spank her ass with the paddle through her orgasm. I bring out the blade again and shove my cock into her pussy. As I fuck her I rake the blade, point first over her body causing some sexy scratches on her skin. I use the blade to cut the body suit at the top of her butt. Then I begin fucking her harder, spanking her ass with my hand and the blade against her back. I instruct her to cum again, after her orgasm I use the blade to cut the bodysuit more and rip it exposing her ass and the small of her back. I scratch her with it more as I continue to fuck her. Then I use the blade as a paddle to slap her ass and thighs while pounding her cunt from behind. She begs for another orgasm and I allow her to cum again as I rake the blade over her continuously over and over and she cums hard as I spank her with the blade again. I pull my cock from her pussy and stand back to admire my handy work, then I begin striking her bare ass with my hand with hard smacks. I shove my cock back into her cunt and fuck her very hard. I grab the fabric of the bodysuit and begin ripping it as I pound her. “Master, may I cum for you?” she screams. “Cum baby” I growl as I increase the intensity, slamming my hips against her ass burying my cock deep into her soaking cunt over and over. I rip the body suit more and more then use it to grab her arms and fuck her through her orgasm. I continue to fuck her from behind until she cums again, spanking her ass with my bare hand as she finishes, then I pull my cock out and spew a huge load onto her ass and back.
duration 22:11
Neighbors Wife Cheats | BBC Creampie video from Cattie
Neighbors Wife Cheats | BBC Creampie by Cattie You and your neighbors have always been on good terms and fairly close. You've gone over to Cattie's to visit but, her husband's out. While you're catching up with each other, she confides that things haven't been soo great lately. But she feels bad ranting about her problems and asks about you and your wife. Seems you're both in the same boat... And you both have needs! Suggesting you both support each other's needs... Cattie's a bit unsure... it's still cheating... and she'd feel... well... somewhat bad for her husband... But... what if... we take off our rings? That's not cheating then, right? She makes a deal with you: show her your cock and if she's as impressed as she thinks she'll be, she'll take off her ring. But you have to take yours off too! The BIG reveal makes her jaw drop! She knew you'd be hung but, she wasn't prepared for the monster in your drawers! Instantly, her appetite for dick sky rockets! She tries shoveling as much of your massive rod into her mouth as she can. Gagging and drooling all over it! Her eyes crossing in delight! Mouth watering uncontrollably. She needs more and so do you! Exhilarated, there's no time to waste! Just pull her panties to the side and work that beast into her tight cunt! Her legs shaking; ass bouncing in your face! In all the excitement, Cattie forgets where you're going to cum!! We forgot to slip on a condom when we started... You tell her your going to cum inside of her and she becomes uncertain for only a split second. Fuck it! Flipping her over and drilling deep into her guts until you bust your nut soo deep inside of her she can taste it! In a euphoric state, she devours the pool of cum leaking from her slit. Making ahegao faces in pure bliss! You've always got a friend in her! LOTS of role play themed dirty talk, great POV/virtual fuck views, messy creampie cum play and more!

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