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duration 12:17
Foxy Wearing RHT Stockings in the Bath video from RedDesire
Foxy Wearing RHT Stockings in the Bath by RedDesire I have come home from work wearing my tight black skirt, white long sleeved shirt with no bra underneath, black suspender belt and my favourite black RHT (reinforced heel and toe) stockings with my white high heels. I slowly caress my shoes, dangle my shoes until they slip off, caress my stockinged toes, my feet arches and heels enjoying the soft silky material. I point my stockinged toes and flex them watching how the material moves with my feet. I then slowly ease my high heeled foot under the shower and eventually into the bath, some stomping and splashing and I soon sit down and enjoy the feel of the water dribbling down my leg and into my heels. After removing my heels I enjoy the feel of the water gliding over my stockinged toes, the delicate little patch of material struggling to hide my red painted toenails. I caress my legs with each foot and enjoy the wet feel of them as they cling to my skin.I also run my hands over my tight skirt and accidentally allow a small peek of my stocking tops and garter belt...mmm Soon I want to get under further and get my shirt wet which starts to reveal my big nipples underneath, I also remove my hair bobble and run my fingers through my hair, feeling it getting wet with each touch. Eventually I let myself go under fully and my hair floats to the surface; a red halo around my head. Mmm come and join me in my warm bath and run your hands over my vintage stockings; clinging to my skin all nice and wet...
duration 6:05
Black Skirt Tights Messy Carwash PT2 video from RedDesire
Black Skirt Tights Messy Carwash PT2 by RedDesire Love Wet n Messy? Water dripping down soaking into clothes making them clingy and seethrough? In this clip I am wearing a clingy tight shirt with no bra underneath as well as a black skirt, pantyhose and flat shoes. I look down at you as I squeeze a sponge of bubbles down myself, watching as it trickles down over my big bobbs, my tight skirt and my pantyhosed legs...mmm...so warm and frothy... This is part 2 of the series and in this part I finish soaping up and then start rinsing off the frothy soapy water...that's right, I empty warm water down over my soapy clothes and cleavage and watch as it soaks me further, making my clothing glisten and shine with the wet look. mmm...bet you were there with me helping me rinse off...perhaps revealing my nipples? After rinsing off and showing you my dirty soapy shoes, I then give you a firmer JOI and prepare you for a cum countdown...when I get to one you're gonna watch the bubbles ooze down my leg as you cum all over yourself! That's right, you won't be able to help yourself..the imagery will drive you wild... Want to see me getting fully wet n messy with frothy bubbles and reveal my soapy nipples to you? Then watch part 1... Tags: wet look, wet t-shirt, wet n messy, braless, shirt, skirt, pantyhose, shoes, bubbles, frothy, soapy, soaking, dribbling, oozing, clingy, nipple peek, big tits, titty squeezing, JOI, jerk off instruction, cum countdown, shoe fetish, redhead, pigtails, outdoors, exhibitionism, voyeurism
duration 15:47
Superheroine Dunks for Antidote video from RedDesire
Superheroine Dunks for Antidote by RedDesire I am a confident/sassy superheroine who's been poisoned by my arch nemesis. The villain has hidden the antidote (in an abandoned barn or warehouse) within a vial at the bottom of a horse trough (my bathtub) filled with old/dirty water. I reluctantly climb into the tub, laying on my side and dunking/surfacing aggressively trying to find the vial... The water is foul! Eventually I find the vial and crisis is averted. I notice a shower and wish to clean up. After rinsing my hair/face, I apply shampoo and begin rinsing again. As the soapy water cascades down my face, I get turned on (pushing wet/sudsy hair back, staring at you. Suddenly the shower stops working. Since my hair/face still contain some suds, I return to the trough (bathtub) to finish rinsing....I am so horny now that I don't care how filthy the trough water is. I lay down on my stomach and side and begin rolling in the water....continuously submerging my head/face and coming up for air while my "free" hand meanders between my thighs... Once finished/satisfied, I sit up, shake my head dry a bit. It appears I am ready to exit, but I lay back down for one final bonus dunk. I surface, regain composure, and vow revenge on my nemesis. Tags: superheroine, antidote, revenge, Dunking, underwater, breeathholding, rolling, submerging, hair flipping, hair flicking, wet hair, wet look, wet n messy, dripping wet, hairwashing, bubbles, shower scene, bathtub fetish, glove fetish, mask fetish, spandex, swimsuit, redhead, big tits, titty squeezing,
duration 28:40
Tricked By Stepsisters - Pepper Kester & Penelope Reed video from Star Nine
Tricked By Stepsisters - Pepper Kester & Penelope Reed by Star Nine Sage has the hots for her roommate, Penelope Reed. She's never done anything about it out of fear of ruining the friendship, but with her stepsister, Pepper Kester, coming for a visit, Sage formulates a plan - they used to do all sorts of twin stuff when they lived together. The redheaded stepsisters devise a plot - Pepper will pose as Sage & seduce her roommate. If it all goes to plan, Sage will join in. If Penelope rejects her, Pepper will just reveal herself and save the roommates' relationship.

"Sage" surprises Penelope dancing by the pool. She slips out of her cover-up exposing her very skimpy bikini, enjoying the rhythm of Penelope's music. The real Sage is also enjoying the music from inside the house. "Sage" teases Penelope, moving in the water to the rhythm and beginning to run her hands over her skimpy bikini. Inside the house the real Sage dips her hands into her shorts. Penelope avoids eye contact, but begins to tease her own pussy as well.

It's not until "Sage" begins to vocalize a dirty fantasy of fucking her stepsister that Penelope falls to her knees by the pool unable to hold back her intense orgasm. "Sage" leads Penelope under the water & Sage runs out of the house to sit by the pool for a better vantage point.

Once under the water, "Sage" plays games, teasing Penelope and keeping out of her reach until a frustrated Penelope tears off her bikini bottoms and pins her down to eat her pussy. Poolside, the real Sage is delighted. She watches Penelope dominating her twin, egging them on as she gets closer and closer. Sage finally has to plunge her own head underwater to release her orgasmic scream so that the neighbors don't hear. She runs back into the house as Penelope and Pepper continue to fuck each other under the water, cumming over and over in multiple positions.

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Includes underwater, taboo, lesbian, wet look, lesbian domination

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