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duration 13:15
Secret Gay Sex Bet with Your Roommate and Messy Orgasms video from Bunnie Hughes
Secret Gay Sex Bet with Your Roommate and Messy Orgasms by Bunnie Hughes You come home to find your roommate playing videogames in the living room. He's got no pants on, dick hanging out, and he's losing pretty terribly. You've just been fired from work, so you're home early and he wasn't expecting you. You exchange some sarcastic, flirtatious jabs and eventually he calls the local pizza shop and orders dinner. On a whim, you tell him you have a crush on him, and have always wondered what it's like to be with a man. He teases you but tells you no, that you need some experience before you can handle a rough ride like him. But eventually you ask him enough times that he agrees to a bet. If you can make him cum before the pizza arrives, he'll pay for the pizza. If not, you pay for dinner for the rest of the month. The video is shot from your point of view, and is meant to be a reality sort of situation. The sexual activity starts with you giving him a blowjob, then moves to him fucking you in the ass -- and it doesn't stop there ;) Can you make him cum before the pizza arrives? I hope you love this video. If you do, give it stars! If you don't, DM me instead and let's talk about it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Final note: please keep in mind I am FtM and plan on transitioning in a few years, but for now the dick and balls used in the video are a prop, and I wear a binder to hide my breasts. If you are a FtM-exclusive gay or bi person please keep scrolling. If you are a straight man who wants to tell me not to transition, don't waste your time or mine.
duration 29:46
Trans Girl First Time Breeding You POV video from Icy Winters

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