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New Vore Slave video from CalliRoseXO
New Vore Slave by CalliRoseXO I've see you watching me and I know how much you want me. Would you do anything for me? Would you be my slave? I can think of a lot of things a man like you would be useful for. But first of all we need to shrink you. I have hundreds of slaves and they are all tiny like ants. I'm going to make you one of them. Are you ready to join the rest of my tiny slave? Will you worship me like a good little ant? It's up to you but once you make the decision there's no going back. Say you'll be mine forever. Say you'll be my little ant forever. Here we go, I'm going to shrink you down. You'll be my little slave, my little ant. Worshipping me forever. Now your my little slave, you're all mine. How does it feel to be so tiny? This is the fun part. Now you're tiny, the smallest tiniest little ant, this is where I get to decide what I'm going to do with you. Am I going to be a kind goddess? Or am I going to be a mean one? Either way, you'll always worship me. Because you're my tiny little ant slave. First let's have a play, little ant. Let me put you in my panties, right next to my hairy pussy. Let's have some fun together - you in my panties while I masturbate. It turns me on knowing I'm crushing you against my pussy. Is it fun for you too? Feeling how wet I am, you are surrounded in my pussy juices as I cum against you. Now we've had some fun, do you want to meet my other little slaves? Would you like to join them? Oh, didn't I mention? They're inside me. I ate them all. Do you want to hear them? Let me hold you against my stomach. Can you hear my stomach gurgle? Can you hear all my other little ants screaming inside me? Are you ready to join them? Don't wriggle little ant, you can't escape, my little slave. I'm going to swallow you, into my mouth and down my throat. Can you hear me in there, little slave?

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