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PARANORMAL FATIVITY by Wood WARNING: THIS FOOTAGE THAT I FOUND IS BOTH SHOCKING AND DISTURBING. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED! Everybody knows about the Feedmoore house and its many disappearances, but for the first time ever it has been caught on tape exactly what happens before the house takes its victims! Paranormal investigators Wood, Ivy Davenport, and Camille Black didn't know what they were getting into when they decided to investigate the infamous house that was owned by Paul Feedmoore, legendary Buffet tycoon, along with his wife and . The second they return to the house after interviewing locals they notice a strange chill and a candle that was not lit before. They immediately grab their equipment, but these spirits have a little more in store for them that cold spots and EMF spikes. Immediately they notice something is off, and before they know it an apparition manifests right in front of them! Immediately spooked, they look to their word database and ask the spirit what its wants. It simply responds: "Eat." Though this is not much a request as it is an order, and the spirits ensure that the investigators do as they are told... This shocking footage was mysteriously delivered to me on a dusty floppy disk and the investigators in question are still nowhere to be found. I feel it is my duty to share this with the world in the hope for some answers, but I'm afraid we may never fully understand what happened here on this night -- aside from ghost-possessed force feeding, fridge stuffing, messy and mindless eating/slight slob, belly play, and real life evidence of the paranormal!

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