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duration 20:11
Horny Nun Worships a New God (CUSTOM) video from XMochaPuffx
Horny Nun Worships a New God (CUSTOM) by XMochaPuffx Thank you so much to the buyer of this CUSTOM video! If you're interested in ordering a custom video, check out my website MochaPuff.com for rates & more info. The following is the customer's original scene description: You're standing in front of me wearing your Nun uniform and looking proper with your headpiece on straight and center. You have a coy look in your face. You bite your lower lip and glance to your left and right and then a flash of micheviousness cross your face when you know we are truly alone and away from prying eyes and listening ears. You look down and smooth out the front of your Nun outfit as you remark,"Well, Jeremiah...I'm sure you're wondering what this is about and why I wanted to meet you here...alone and in private". You look me in my face and bite your lower lip again and then finally you take a big breath and come clean. "I saw the photo you sent Tasha...you know the one I'm talking about right? Let me refresh your memory then. You pulled your penis out and took a photo of it big and hard and texted it to Tasha the other night. Don't deny it Jeremiah!". You nod your head up and down and flash a wicked grin when I admit to it. You put your finger to my lips and shush me silent and slowly lower your hand to my crotch and cup my and squeez my dick through my pants. "It's okay Jeremiah...it really is. I can keep a secret if you can. Listen, Tasha doesn't know that I seen the photo and that I sent a copy to myself. Shhhh...its okay...I won't turn you in. In fact I really like looking at it. You have such a nice beautiful penis. It looked so long and hard and the tip had that bubble of sperm leaking out. When I seen that glob of white sperm glistening on my phone I just felt the need to lick the screen...and I did. Jeremiah...I want to put your penis in my mouth and suck it and suck out your sperm and swallow it. Please...please...I feel your penis getting hard in your pants. You want this too don't you...". ————————— You begin to unbutton and unzip my pants and you pull my hard cock out. It juts out and the tip touches your Nun uniform. You begin to caress it and you smile into my face and slowly drop to your knees. My cock is right in front of your face and you begin to kiss the tip and then the length of it and then you run your tongue across and lick from the underside, starting from the balls and back to the head, and continue to lick the top of my cock. You get my cock glistening with your saliva and then you look up and into my eyes as you begin to rub my cock over your face and begin to inhale the scent of my cock and breathlessly remark how good it smells and tastes. You then begin to suck the tip and slowly start working it deeper into your mouth and down your throat. You begin to get into it and your eyes tear up and your mascara runs down your face leaving black smears down your cheeks. This continues as you lose yourself to the cocksucking experience. You moan on my cock as it pushes down your throat. It feels so good to be face fucked. You periodicallly tell me how bad you want to drink my sperm. You will do anything to make my cock cum into your mouth so you can swallow it. You don't know why but you just have to swallow my sperm. I tell you what I want so you can get what you want. I tell you to pray to my cock as if it is your God. You stop sucking me off and look up at my with a stunned look. "You want me to pray to you cock?...you want me to worship it like it is my God?...you will let me swallow your cum if I do?...okay...here it goes?...". You take a deep breath and clasp your hands in front of you and you look right at my cock head open your mouth to speak and you hesitate and begin to breath faster and finally you reach deep within and begin saying,"I worship your big black cock. Your black cock is my God and my Master and I fully submit to its will. I surrender my mouth, pussy and ass to the pleasure of your black cock. Use me, abuse me, fuck me and bless me with your sperm. Amen!" You immediately take my cock head in your mouth and begin to suck the tip as you stroke me off fast and hard. Your eyes widen as my cum begins to flood your mouth. You moan as you keep stroking my cock till you have milked every bit of my cum. You keep your lips pressed together as you slide your lips free of my cock head. You close your eyes and you take a couple of gulps as you swallow my sperm into your stomach. You sit there with your eyes closed for a couple of seconds before you reopen them and smile up at me with you mascara smeared face. You open your mouth to show me that it is empty and that you swallowed everything I gave you. You stand up and look at me as you straighten your Nun uniform and straighten your head piece without truly realizing your face is a mess. "How do I look?...great...Jeremiah, I want to do this again...this will be our secret okay...your cock is my God and I will pray to it like you want...I want to drink your sperm again and again and again...okay...shhhh...our secret..." You give me one final look and twirl around and walk away.
duration 18:32
Sailor Mercury Virgin Squirts N Creampie video from Cattie
Sailor Mercury Virgin Squirts N Creampie by Cattie Queen Beryl is turning everyone to join her army in the Negaverse... I CAN'T LOSE YOU TOO! But you'll need some convincing, as the sexy villain has given you quite the bribe. I beg you to stay with me. But you counter that you want my v-card to do so. Repulsed, I decline. But quickly come to terms with the situation. I'll do anything to keep you from going to the dark side. Bashful at first... you have to give me a stern walk through on how to get ready to lose my virginity and make me comfortable. Instructing me to show you everything beneath my dress. Boy... do I feel violated... You have me use my wand as I lay on the bed and rub my clit for you. Slowly sticking it into my tiny cunt to open it up for your cock. WOW! I'm soo wet and creamy. Licking the wand clean. My pussy seems ready. But you require some assistance. Pulling out your massive member for me to suck. I've only ever seen this in videos... do I do it gently? No? Deepthroating you and making a spitty/slobbery mess. Filled with glee, I play with all of the saliva. Us both now ready, you gently slide into me bent over the bed. I roll onto my back and let you deeper inside. Getting into it, I bounce up & down on your long shaft. Feeling me get close, you decide you're also going to teach me how to properly use my wand and water powers. Baffled... I have no idea what this means! "Squirting" you tell me. I've heard of it... but never had I thought... You have me use my wand and bring in the hitachi you know I keep in my room to make me squirt until I'm empty. Making me lick my juices off of my boot. Thinking this is the end of my embarrassment, you tell me you still want to cum inside of me. "A creampie?!" ...I guess we did have a deal... Bending me back over and railing my slit hard, as my ass shakes around you. A huge load is pumped inside! "I can feel you filling me up! Throbbing & pulsating!" Your last request is I clean up the spunk residue from my wrecked hole. Will you join me now? Then we can do this again and again! (First 2 minutes have subtitles to help create the atmosphere of the video.) Tags: shy, virgin, roleplay, dirty talk, squirts, eye contact, ahegao faces, moaning/whimpering, ass shaking, teasing, Sailor Moon, nerd, geek, cosplay, role play, solo masturbation, dildo riding, fake creampie, cum lube, cum play, cum eating & more!
duration 10:06
HORNY BRATTY GF SUCKS COCK EMPTY POV by Kaiia Eve I am finishing up doing my makeup, and I telling you how I am so annoyed that you still are not ready because you've been busy playing video games. Im super needy for attention so I am all in your face while I am finishing up putting on my pink lipstick. Im in a satin bra, with tight ringlet curls, ready to wrap my pink lips around your throbbing cock. I tell you I do not understand how I am always ready before you because just look at me! I start to show myself off to you to really get your attention away from the video games and your excuses. You love listening to me complain because you know I'm your brat giving YOU attention. I start by showing off my mouth. You love listening to my mouth open and close. I show a close up of my perfect teeth, and I spit for you. I show off how big my mouth can get for your cock to fit inside. I start to take off my bra and show you my nice perky big titties. I slide my panties/thong off for you and show off my pierced and tattooed tight little pussy. I may be a bratty little bitch, but my tattoos really show off how bad of a girl I am for you. After I show off my pussy, I bend over and show you how I look from behind, and my cute tight little asshole. God, your cock looks so good in your pants right now. I tell you I want you to cum in my mouth. I tell you I want your cock inside of my hole. I beg you to come and play with me, and finally you give in. Your cock can't resist watching me any longer and you have to shove it in my mouth. I take your cock and I spit on it. I start to stroke and suck at the same time. I love your cock so much. I go back and forth so fast sucking hard just how you like it. You can hear it inside of my mouth and hit the back of my throat. You can hear my struggle for air because your cock is so big inside of my throat. I deepthroat and take as much of your cock as I can inside of my mouth. Back and forth I suck. I put your balls in my mouth. I spit and suck your balls and your cock. I blow you until you are good and ready to cum your huge load all over my pretty face. You love doing money shots on my nicely done up face. I not only take your load all over my face, I eat some too. Put your load in my mouth. I eat it and spit some of it around for you. Mmm I love your cum. Now we can finally go out for the night. Thanks for blowing your load on my pretty face, baby
duration 29:24
Angel's Corruption - ParaPerv/LustGarden video from MissFreudianSlit
Angel's Corruption - ParaPerv/LustGarden by MissFreudianSlit Rococo tries to be a good angel, but their mind wanders throughout the day. MissFreudianSlit can sense their quiet deviations, and challenges their resilience by groping them while they pray. Determined to resist, Rococo continues on until they finally give in, soft moans slipping from their lips. MissFreudianSlit begins to kiss them, smearing their lipstick across their face. Rococo can't help but respond with pleading whimpers when she begins to place her fingers in their mouth and rub their spit across their face. Convinced that they're ready to embrace their desires and fall into the darkness, Rococo strips off their shirt while MissFreudianSlit teases their breasts through their lace bra. She teases Rococo's mouth more, pushing them face down on the seat and exposing their ass for us all of heaven and hell to see. MissFreudianSlit begins to slap their ass with a vicious rug beater, leaving almost instant curved stripes of bright red on their ass. They shake and cry and moan as she beats them, taking breaks to show some mercy with her nails across their back. She slips her fingers into Rococo's wet hairy pussy after they've atoned for her sins with some good discipline. Rococo needs to get a bit messier though, so she puts an open gag in their mouth so they can drool properly all over themself while getting finger fucked followed by spanking them, pulling her fingers out of their pussy and inserting them again. Rococo comes on their knees and again sitting spread eagle and rotating onto MissFreudianSlits hands. Rococo shakes and screams in ecstasy while MissFreudianSlit spits in their mouth more

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