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duration 11:24
Sex Demon Learns The Trade video from BlackxRose92
Sex Demon Learns The Trade by BlackxRose92 "Oh! You're already tied up, wow! This is already getting started, oh my, and I'm not quite ready yet. I must admit, you're my first and I'm really not good at tests, and this is like THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. So like, just bear with me and stuff ok? I can't remember all of the demon training very well, and I honestly forgot how they said I was supposed to use you. Something with a t....... Teasing? Tickling? No, that sounds off. I can't remember if they said tickling was terrible, terrific, or...something else? They said I'm supposed to be a sex demon, but they didn't say if I was supposed to torment you with sex, or by withholding sex, and I can't remember if they said it was supposed to be sex you liked or sex you hated...Hmm. Well, this is going to take awhile, and I forgot what I'm supposed to do to you, so we're just going to test a bit of everything! I'm going to test both the things you like and hate to see what furthers your sexual torment, however.... You do look really cute, and being a sex demon isn't *quite* my thing. Whenever I tickle you, you start to throb and ooze, is that precum? Well, now that's a VERY different reaction from the whipping, spanking, and slapping your hands. Hmm, it is definitely a very different physical response from me attempting to put that lipstick on you. I think I'd rather see what kinds of sex I can learn about with you, instead of teasing you like they said I should. I'd much rather make you cum, and then make you my sex toy every full moon. Touch it, or I'll tickle you to de....." The only way you'll get out of this sexual hell is by agreeing to an intense sexual contract with a rather awkward new succubus who isn't very good at her job. She needs LOTS of practice, and you look like her ideal sex toy for exploration and hands on experimentation. Sure she's going to vex you with sexual masochism and sensual tickling in between curious JOI as she learns the ropes of life as a succubus demoness, but it's going to come at the cost of some seriously bad chaffing.
duration 50:05
The Ultimate Homewrecking Karma: Slutty Secretary's Sexual Frustration Ending-FULL video from BlackxRose92
The Ultimate Homewrecking Karma: Slutty Secretary's Sexual Frustration Ending-FULL by BlackxRose92 Custom video: " The slutty secretary that is getting ready for work. She applies her lipstick and lipgloss as she is getting dressed, while sexting someone else even though her husband left for work hours ago. Her phone rings with another sext, and she laughs while contemplating who to take home from work. Rose is a cheating wife that works at the bank, and she readily screws anyone at work that she wants, bragging about how easily she can take them home with her. It's not that she doesn't like fucking her husband, it's just that she's always horny and enjoys fucking anyone she can just because she can, even when she just fucked her husband the night before. She picks a pink shade of lipstick and lipgloss that match the color of her pussy, and laughs as she applies them both, arrogant about how she intends to tease everyone at the big work meeting at the bank with the slutty color. She texts and sexts, even talking to the guy she fucked after her husband left on the phone while she finishes putting on her jewelry for work. Her lips pucker into a kiss as she continues to sext the new guy at work, and bragging about who she plans to fuck next. She's going to fuck her way to the top of the work food chain, and goes into great, lurid detail as she applies her lipstick and lipgloss for work. She buttons her shirt, puts on her jewelry, and then ties of her shoes, but she still has an hour or so left before work and sex on her mind.... The slutty secretary has finished getting ready for work, but still has an hour and a half to wait. Her husband left hours ago, and she has time on her hands. Sexting the entire morning away, she skipped her usual masturbation routine and is contemplating masturbating now. It only takes a few dirty sexts from her recent fuck at the bank for her to make a decision. Rose begins to masturbate furiously, but she struggles to reach orgasm. She flips through the porn on her phone, but can't get any closer. Rose moans in frustration. Her orgasm is beyond her reach, but she adjusts, readjusts, and continues masturbating anyways. She is struggling and horny, but finds nothing but orgasm denial, only able to reach climax when she's fucking other people while her husband is at work. Rose's high heels are propped on the bed, and then she gets so frustrated unable to orgasm that her legs begin flailing about in the air, her high heels kicking wildly up and down. She pulls off her glasses and messes up her hair, unbuttoning her secretary uniform and trying as hard as she can, only edging and edging, never reaching orgasm. Masturbating and struggling to reach orgasm, Rose has been sexting other people from work even though her husband left home for work hours ago. She still has an hour to finish masturbating, but can't orgasm. The frustration of edging and edging has her in an increasingly frantic state as she begins to strip. Yanking off her glasses and arrogantly grabbing her phone to try sexting again, Rose messes up her hair as she tries to get more comfortable and continue masturbating. Struggling, only edging and never reaching orgasm, Rose changes positions and tries a different technique to no avail. Her orgasm runs away, leaving her chasing it in a frustrating game of chase that will not end well. No orgasm in sight, Rose is masturbating with no point. She can't climax, but she gets flippant about edging, even counting down what would be her orgasm, only to be stopped just at the edge. She grabs her abdomen, shouting as her pleasure is yanked away from her, leaving her writhing in frustrating and struggling for air. Just as she would orgasm, Rose is stopped, she clutches her chest, face turning red. Rose cries for help, but ends up finished, her last thoughts of frustration as she grows cold. The ultimate karma for her cheating ways as a home wrecking wife, finished by her own sexual frustration."
duration 11:06
Unlimited App Control Causes Embarrassingly Erotic Stripping Consequences video from BlackxRose92
Unlimited App Control Causes Embarrassingly Erotic Stripping Consequences by BlackxRose92 Honey, we need to speak about your cell phone usage. You've gone way over your data limits with all this new app testing! We just can't afford this, so you're going to have to cut back. Are you even listening to me? Put the phone down and listen when I speak to you. Oh! Oh no! Why am I unbuttoning my shirt?! I can't control my body! You should not be laughing about this. This is wildly inappropriate for me to be stripping in front of you like this, but I cannot control my body and this embarrassing stripping will not stop. Are you masturbating right now? Stop that! This is taboo and inappropriate! You should not be getting hard and cumming for me like this. Oh no, you can't tell anyone about this. Wait, is that.....do I hear him home just now? Shh! Don't say anything about this! Oh my goodness this is embarrassing to be completely naked in front of you like this, but your app is controlling my body and you're making me do whatever you want! What kind of kinky perverted things could you want to do to me like this, making our intimate relationship so inappropriately taboo? Please, oh no! Not that! Not this! Why am I feeling so horny and embarrassed? I grip the edge of your bed, squeezing my legs together and pressing my hand to my pussy tight, covering my nudity. Now naked, ashamed, and aroused, I cannot control my facilities as my body acts beyond myself as if some unseen magic control and erotic magic through your new phone app uses its female training program to make me strip completely naked while you masturbate for your pierced, braless MILF and her hairy bush while she booty claps and tries to cover herself.
duration 10:51
Her Futa Clit-Dick Explosion video from BlackxRose92
Her Futa Clit-Dick Explosion by BlackxRose92 Rose is stuck inside and bored, but what to do? It's cold and there's nothing entertaining, but she's feeling horny there's nothing else to do. She lifts her sweater to tease her pierced nipples, but it's way too cold to masturbate with her clothes off. Rose decides it would be better if she masturbated through her warm tights and sweater, teasing herself ever closer to arousal. Feeling her libido increase, Rose is too horny to control herself. Home alone, her idle fingers do as they please, wandering all over her body. Suddenly, she feels her nipples start to throb with an intense passion! It feels like her breasts are pulsating, but when she looks down, she finds she has grown bigger boobs. Her small, natural MILF tits are now full and incredibly bouncy! These bigger tits turn her on so much that she can't help but bounce them and play with them, teasing her new extra perky nipples as she continues to masturbate and explore her body. In the midst of her solo sexual pleasures, Rose feels her clitoris throb like never before. Her tights grow tight! Suddenly, her clitoris springs out in a giant, massive erection! Rose's clit-dick is stretched out hard, quivering under the strain of her tights and pushing up into her sweater. It is impossible to deny her erotic urges as she jerks off her futa clit-dick. Her futanari change is so intense, so overwhelming, that Rose cannot hold back her ejaculation. Futa semen sprays out in large cumshots, even dribbling out as she continues jerking off her futanari clit-dick. It pumps into her hands, her enormous cock ejaculating so much that it soaks her tights, covers her sweater, and flies all the way across the room! Rose is so turned on, she keeps jacking off her clit-dick until the last drops of jizz drip out.
duration 10:12
The Little Red Fox That Vored Halloween video from BlackxRose92
The Little Red Fox That Vored Halloween by BlackxRose92 Oh! I'm so glad you've arrived Hunter! There's been something nasty lurking in the woods lately and I've been awful frightened. I heard it on the path, so I ran all the way here, alone, to Granny's house. When I arrived, I couldn't find her anywhere, but I heard some more weird noises that sounded like a struggle. First there were some sounds in the bedroom, and then I heard her scream in the kitchen! I looked all over, but couldn't find her. Could you look around, do a double check for things I missed, and see if you find anything? Please, oh please, dear Hunter? Don't mind me, I'll just be sitting right here where I know it's safe while you look around the rest of the house for her. I'm so worried that she's missing! *practices making over dramatic shocked faces* Oh! What's what you said? You found my dear, sweet Granny's body in the freezer? Some of the parts were missing....Oh dear me, my my my..oh dear, dear...*BELCH*....What was that? Her frail, old, wrinkled body was so tiny, and just not nearly filling enough with mostly just saggy skin and bones, so chewy and tough, hardly a meal at all. Will you console me on the loss of her? No, well.....*BUUUUUURPS* Then I'll just have to devour something much, much, much more filling to fully eat away my feelings over sexual rejection. Mmmm, yummy! Oh, here comes another one, *DEEP BELCHING*, ahhhh yes, I do love a tasty treat in bed this time of year. Something about the spooky, dark woods, just makes me want to cuddle up in bed and all day. Is that knocking on the door? Gosh, another villager worried about the screams? This won't do at all. I already know there's no way I'll seduce you, not with this quickly growing belly that's still rumbling and growling with hunger and the promise of future burps and farts, and I'd like to get my dessert out of the fridge before more people grow concerned over missing reports for Granny and the Hunter. Hmm, I don't think it counts as me eating you if I don't chew you up. It definitely doesn't count as eating you if I just swallow you whole.....Come on then, get right on in! It will be late soon and I want to shut off the lights so I can leisurely enjoy digesting and *BURPING* relaxing with the rest of the thawed Granny's giblets from the fridge.... When this twist on Little Red Riding Hood reveals every bloated detail about who actually ate Granny and the Hunter and the Villager, you'll have to wonder how far the snacking will go....
duration 9:21
Shrinking Your Tiny Wife video from BlackxRose92
Shrinking Your Tiny Wife by BlackxRose92 I've got everything ready for the night over party, and all the guests are entertained. All that's left is for us to pick a few more snacks and choose the movie marathon lineup based on the votes turned in. We've got a very long night of cuddling and snuggling close under blankets. Did you have anything particular in mind for how you wanted tonight to go? We can't wait too long or everyone will start to get suspicious. Why are you looking at me like that, with that strange smile? Is your cock getting hard? Now is not the time, but we definitely will later. Meet me back in there so we ca-AHHH! What was that? My body feels electrified! Something odd is pulsating through my veins, throbbing with an intense erotic sensation that overcomes me suddenly! Before I have time to react, my body is already changing. I'm shrinking! My clothes aren't shrinking too though, just me! I'm shrinking right out of my clothes, and I'm so embarrassed by my sudden nudity, but you're enjoying every second of this. Wait, can you even see me down here? Why are you so excited that I'm smaller than miniature? How will you have sex with a microscopic wife? Hmm, I guess I could wrap all of my arms and legs around your cock, using my entire body to milk it, but having sex with a teeny, tiny wife will be more than a little bit tricky with our extreme size differences. This is going to be quite the size comparison when we fuck if we can find a way to fit our parts together. If you can still make me cum, and keep me safe, then I'll let you keep me tiny forever....but, will I need clothes? I'm so small that I could just fit naked in your shirt pocket everywhere you go!
duration 9:19
GF Titty Smothers You To Destress video from BlackxRose92
GF Titty Smothers You To Destress by BlackxRose92 Hey honey! I'm so happy you're home! How was work? You look really stressed out. Here, come tell me all about it. Let's see if we can find something to do to help you relax and destress now that you're home from work. Haha, really? Hmm, sure, we can do that. I can put my tits in your face if it will help you feel less stressed. Does this make you feel better, with my breasts in your face like this? You're diving in face first like you're going to smother yourself with my tits though. Be careful! You need air! Do you want me to jiggle and squish my pierced nipples and cleavage in your face? Oh dear, don't go too far! If you end up getting too carried away and deprive yourself, I guess I could just use your boner after you smother yourself too much on my tits, but I'd rather fuck you while you thrust and grab my nipples too. Honey? Honey?! Oh dear.... Oh no.... Did you go too far this time? Oh that can't be good! Oh oh no! Oh, thank goodness! I thought for a moment you went too far there this time. Oh goodness, fine then, but only just a bit of titty smothering! I can't have you going all stiff on me from losing yourself in my breasts.... Be careful how much you smother yourself on my tits! You get so excited playing with my pierced nipples and all natural MILF tits that you tend to forget there's no air between them, so that even when you go out with a smile on your face and a giant erection, you can't go too far! Oh no! He did go too far this time, dammit! Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 10:31
Kinky Wife Life: Jerk Off On Your Day Off video from BlackxRose92
Kinky Wife Life: Jerk Off On Your Day Off by BlackxRose92 It's your day off and I want you jerking it as often as possible, husband. Today you're going to sit around and do nothing but watch the porn I posted for you while you jerk off continuously. Your day off is going to be spent on a masturbation marathon binge, but first I'm going to film this video and then go fuck your brains out. Oh yea, while I'm filming this right now, stripping, teasing, spreading my pierced pussy, and encouraging you to jerk off all day tomorrow, you're in our bedroom right now. You're probably playing video games, right? Go ahead, enjoy your quiet time because in about 10 minutes, I'm going to straddle you and ride you until your cock begs for a break. This way I know you'll be watching my porn and jerking off to me all day tomorrow. When you see me walk into the bedroom dressed like this in 10 minutes, demanding to fuck, you're going to drop your pants and fuel your mental spank bank material for tomorrow. You'll watch this video, along with all those hot, slobbery face fucking videos that I posted for you, and then you're going to spend hours jerking off and cumming, again and again. You're going to remember how fucking hot it was when I rode you like this, and then you're going to keep stroking it, only pausing long enough for water breaks and to text me. I hope your balls are ready for this mega draining marathon, because my pussy is feeling greedy as fuck tonight and that's exactly what we're going to do to get you prepped for your day off. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 10:07
Double Stuck Struggling Uncovers My Butthole video from BlackxRose92
Double Stuck Struggling Uncovers My Butthole by BlackxRose92 I was making the bed when I noticed that the pin to a hairpiece I had dropped weeks ago was lodged behind the bed. The edge of the sheet was rumpled and needed fixing anyways, I thought it would be easier if I just moved the mattress to take care of both at the same time. I didn't count on the mattress sliding and becoming caught between it, the frame, and the wall. I'm between a metal bar and a hard place! Struggling and squirming to free myself from this predicament bondage only serves to flash my pussy and ass beneath my short sundress. It's more comfortable to wear no panties, even though this dress is very short, but even the tiniest wiggle to break free from the confines of this distressing situation leaves me with no panties and no coverage. My butthole is fully spread as I kick my legs and bounce up and down to try and jiggle loose. It's no use, my body is stuck tight, and I am going nowhere. Being a damsel in distress is exhilarating, but I do worry what could happen while struggling barefoot and open like this. My pussy and ass are fully visible and fuckable when I'm trapped, but I can't cover myself if I can't get out. I manage to grab the hair pin, but accidentally kick it back down as I pull myself up. It doesn't look too far to reach. Surely I won't get stuck again, but I won't let myself be caught a naked damsel in distress in such a lewd position, with no way to cover my nudity. I stretch my fingertips out, just a pinch away, straining to get closer, just enough to....got it! I fling the hair tool up and over the bed frame, but now...now my shoulder is stuck! Now I'm stuck in an even more difficult position, struggling tight in bondage between the bed mattress and the frame as I push against the wall with my hand to get free, and kicking my legs behind me. It's no use! I'm stuck again!!!
duration 9:00
Scorned GF Grows Into Giantess And Smothers You video from BlackxRose92
Scorned GF Grows Into Giantess And Smothers You by BlackxRose92 Your girlfriend wanted you to stay in for movie and date night. She was hoping for cuddles and an early bedtime, maybe with no pants, but you already made plans with your friends. The guys are already waiting outside in the car when you disappoint her with the news. She's so upset, but then just asks for a kiss goodbye before you leave, making you promise to come home quickly. Suddenly, your body starts to change. You start shrinking! Oh no, your girlfriend starts to loom overhead as she begins to GROW! While your body shrinks quickly and then stops, significantly shorter and more pathetic than it was before, she's now massively tall and very voluptuous. Her head nearly scrapes against the ceiling a few times. She turns around while the growth process is still active and nearly knocks you down with her huge booty right in your face. You can see it growing! Taller than before, and no longer held back, she lets you know that you're not going out tonight. You won't be going anywhere other than to the bathroom and kitchen, maybe. Actually, scratch that, she's just going to tease you and be done with you quickly. You're a jerk after all! You were just about to break her heart, so she laughs and taunts you with her ass, bouncing it in your face before threatening to smother you completely with it and even farting a few times for really intense smothering as she prepares you for a possible anal vore when she grows bored of keeping you around as a tiny shrunken boyfriend.
duration 12:38
The First Female Futa Experiments video from BlackxRose92
The First Female Futa Experiments by BlackxRose92 This is it! The first official testing of our new sexual disfunction cure! Science has allowed us to create this astounding laser ray that is sure to cure ALL sexual ailments once trials have completed. I'm to be the first official tester, you know, as a safety and human resources type of thing. Once we're finished here, our sexuality laser ray will be named and sold for public use, and I get to be the first human, no! The first female, to officially test and certify our creation, this will be a monumental occasion! Ok, all safety parameters have been checked and confirmed. Let's do this! Three, two, one, hit it! Oh! OHHH! I can feel the overwhelming erotic transformation coursing through my body, the changing pulsating, radiating out through me. Everything feels different. My clothes feel tight, and my skin is prickling with an electric charge as I feel waves of change elongating my clitoris into a throbbing erection. Vision blurring, I pull off my glasses, dropping them and blinking as my hair shakes loose from its conservative bun, mumbling about unforeseen effects, erotic consequences of the ray. My body aches for release, my clit-cock pushes against my panties, thrusting out. I moan and rub against it, feeling my giant testicles swell with massive amounts of futa sperm. The erotic futanari transformation is complete! I can't hold back, as my orgasm crests I begin spraying huge ropes of milky shemen. My futa semen is interspersed with pussy juices as I spill myself over and over, but I'm not satisfied because I NEED to fuck right now. The outcome of this sci fi erotic transformation may be too volatile to continue! Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 23:25
The Mask Transformation Sequel video from BlackxRose92
The Mask Transformation Sequel by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "Rose stirs awake, still dressed in her work clothes from the night before. She stretches and yawns, rubbing a hand on her face when her phone suddenly wakes her. “What the fuck, did I not even change…” she pauses, eyes widening as she brings her other hand to her face, grasping and pulling at her features before leaping out of bed and dashing to the mirror to check her face. After a tense scrutiny, she relaxes and lets go, letting out a sigh of relief. She sees the mask lying facedown in front of her and picks it up to inspect, “It was just a dream”, she laughs to herself in relief. Her phone beeps with a notification and she checks it out of curiosity. What she sees makes her realize she may not have been dreaming after all and brings a hand to her mouth in shock. A few weeks later, Rose is pacing back and forth in pajamas. “ I just don’t know, I could really use the money but..” She looks down at her bare feet, thinking about all the extra funds she made last time. “From what little I remember, becoming HER was not a pleasant experience” she says nervously. Quick memories of her prior transformation run through her mind as she continues to nervously pace while eyeing a certain mask. “ FUCK IT!” she exclaims. She tentatively reaches a hand towards it and picks it up. Holding it at arms’ length, that mesmerizing green glow crosses the interior of the mask, instantly erasing any doubt and uneasiness as she begins bringing it towards her face. Once within a few inches, the mask twists to life in her hands and lunges onto her face. The mask once again sprouts rubbery wooden tentacles, making loud and twisting rubber like noises as it swallows her. Groaning, she frantically begins grabbing at her face and the back of her head as the mask seals around her. Cut to a shot of her feet tensing and standing tip toe, then hard cutting to Rose grasping her warping head, She drops to her knees, shoving her fingers into the twisting eyeholes and tries to rip the mask off from there, stretching the material a few inches away from her face. “HEEELPPMEEEE!!” she begs before losing her grip and having the mask slam back on for good, fusing on tightly. Her body tenses oddly before throwing itself into a tornado, screams jumping several octaves as it tears around the room. After a few more seconds, the tornado screeches to a halt, unleashing The Mask once again, dressed in a pantsuit with her breasts bulging out of her blouse. “ I'm back babyyy!!” she exclaims, striking a pose. “This time we will SERIOUSLY BE SSSSMOKIN FOOTBOYS!!!” she exclaims as she leaps onto her bed with a bong in hand and feet crossed in front of the camera. She proceeds to film herself smoking, making crazy exaggerated faces while wiggling and spreading her toes and flexing her soles for the camera."
duration 11:08
Family Cam Chat To Embarrassing Strip Chat video from BlackxRose92
Family Cam Chat To Embarrassing Strip Chat by BlackxRose92 Rose is on a cam chat with her family. They're talking about how everyone is doing, and just generally being nosy, but loving family members. She struggles to get the connection to work on her phone, so she switches the chat to her laptop to chat with them until her husband gets back home for date night. Rose hears the front door close downstairs and hurries off the cam chat, saying goodbye to her parents even though they keep trying to talk, and even calling more people into the chat! Flustered, Rose quickly says goodbye and tries to close the cam chat. It doesn't work, so she just closes the lens on the webcam. Rose is too excited about date night and hasn't been wearing pants, intentionally keeping the cam chat above the waist only so she'd be ready to fuck as soon as he walked in the door. Her family doesn't know about the sex date schedule, and has no way to tell her that the webcam is still on! Everyone can see Rose stripping down like an eager slut, before bending over and announcing she needed to get a fart out before her husband could fuck her. He laughs, then hear's more laughter. Rose is embarrassed! She realizes that all of her private sex life was just broadcast live online and they saw EVERYTHING! Rose tries to cover her butt crack, but her nudity is still visible. She scrambles to cover her pierced nipples and private pussy piercing, but it's too late. Her family has seen everything! Rose is embarrassed and naked, and still cannot get the webcam to shut off! She has to remove her hands from her naked body, using both, to unplug and cover up the webcam and shut the laptop down completely, embarrassing her even more as she has to uncover her lewd body one final time.
duration 6:04
Addicted To Barefoot MILF video from BlackxRose92
Addicted To Barefoot MILF by BlackxRose92 I've been taking some me time for my health lately, and I couldn't be bothered to care about your boner. All you get hard for is feet anyways, so why should I put effort into this? You get horny for my feet, like a total pervert, so I don't need to do anything to make you hard. My toes are always kept pedicured and impeccably pampered, so that anywhere I go and anything I wear doesn't matter, makeup or no makeup, lingerie or pajamas, so long as you eventually see me barefoot your cock keeps dragging you back to worship me. Barefoot, that's all it takes and your dick is addicted to cumming for me. Fine, jerk off, don't, whatever. I don't care, but you don't get much time. You're a foot loser, so you're just lucky I'm here at all. I don't care if you do or don't cum, jerk off or don't jerk off. I'm only here to tease you for a bit, and then I'm forgetting about you again while I'm off with my husband. Losers like you don't get to keep my attention. You get to see me barefoot for maybe a few minutes, but then I'm just going to put my socks and slippers back on again. I'm not even dressed "sexy" today! I'm wearing my zippered fluffy unicorn onesie pajamas that come off in one piece so I can get naked even faster to fuck my husband as soon as I'm done laughing at you. If you think I'm kidding, you're an idiot and you're fooling yourself. Really. My feet are spoiled, so you either pay up and pay hard, or you fuck off and don't get fucked at all. Only good foot slaves get to cum for my feet, and they pay really fucking hard for it. You're not paying enough, so you're lucky you get to see more than the floor. Foot losers are usually used like carpet, ignored and forgotten while they lay face down and never see what they want most, so say thank you for what you get and be glad you get it at all. I mean, I did just take a week "off" while you were banned from cumming. With that in mind, I'm sure you'll be extra appreciative when you watch this video, and then when you feel grateful for the throbbing erection that my feet give you, you'll be ready with that tip button as you say thanks in every way you know how before you blow that massive nut.
duration 9:57
Inflated To Burst video from BlackxRose92
Inflated To Burst by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "*Scene based on an old slapstick comedy movie in which the detective has to save his ex girlfriend detective from her ex boyfriend detective while she's naked in the shower. The detective pushes the bad guy out of the bathroom into the hall where they wrestle and the bad guy ends up with a hose in his mouth, in which the detective quickly turns on the water, inflating the bad guy until he pops like a water balloon.* She is sneaky, but not fast enough, because just as Rose is tiptoeing in, she gets caught! The metal hose is teased above her red lips as she gasps in alarm. It all happened so fast that it felt like slow motion as she saw the hose coming at her face, right towards her open mouth, but she was unable to close her lips in time. Unable to cry out, Rose's mouth is plugged with the hose which WHOOSHES in a loud rush of air. Her body inflates quickly, and makes her face balloon out with puffy cheeks as she expands. The stretching of her body is noisy as she transforms from a slim stomach to a bloated belly that keeps growing and growing. It grows right out of her shirt! It pushes so hard that the buttons just open right up and stretches her dress to its max. Rose tries to pull the hose out of her throat, but it's now been jammed too far down as she feels her entire body inflating. The expansion is so intense that Rose can only flail about as her heavy bloated belly weighs her down. She struggles under the weight as the hose continues pumping her fuller and fuller, tighter and tighter, until she feels like she could explode at any moment!"
duration 10:35
It Came In The Night: Accelerated Alien Impregnation Expansion video from BlackxRose92
It Came In The Night: Accelerated Alien Impregnation Expansion by BlackxRose92 I'm just about ready for my date. My boyfriend should be here any minute. What am I missing? I'm dressed, my hair looks nice, and my makeup is done. I hope he likes my lingerie choice, I picked it to be easy to take off. Wait, what was that sound? I could have sworn I heard something, but my date isn't here yet and he has a key to let himself in. Strange. I could have sworn I heard something, but I don't see anything. Is someone there? Hello? I must be imaging things. How silly of me. I'm the only person home, so there's nothing that could have made that noise. I must be imagining things. Wait! I heard it again! What, wait, no! Ouch! What are you doing? I can't see anything but my body was just thrown onto the bed like a rag-doll. It feels like something is pinning my body down! I can't make it stop! What is this erotic power coursing through my body? I can't control myself! My legs have been pulled apart and now I'm being compelled to tear my pantyhose to shreds. No! My boyfriend will be here any minute. I don't want him to see me disheveled. Oh, oh, OH! What is that feeling? I can't stifle my moans, it feels so good, like something is pumping hot semen inside my body. Wow...... It's....It's just, gone? How? There's nothing there, but I could have sworn I felt...... I must be more tired than I thought. Maybe I should lay down until he gets here. Oh, oh, OH!!!!! My body is swelling! No, expanding! My belly! It's swollen with an accelerated alien pregnancy! Oh no! My breasts are filling with milk! Oh no! My breasts and belly are noticeably swelling, expanding so rapidly, but OWW! Oh no, oh no, oh no! Is that a contraction? I can feel it moving inside me, kicking and fighting to be born. My boyfriend is going to be here any minute, and it's going to be obvious that I've fucked an alien. I have no explanation for this accelerated pregnancy! I've been impregnated whether I like it or not, and now I'm going into labor at this very moment and now my boyfriend has arrived! He's going to see me swollen and pregnant, sweaty in labor with an alien pregnancy that isn't his!
duration 17:31
The Accidental Digestion video from BlackxRose92
The Accidental Digestion by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "We live in a world composed of giantesses and humans coexisting together. Giantesses are obviously the dominant species on the planet and have a long history of eating humans, but, in modern times, the only humans allowed to be consumed are ones that give their written or recorded verbal consent. There is also a porn industry dedicated to giantesses and the humans they dominate, which is a lucrative source of income for humans brave enough to do it. I’m a tiny human whose wife has convinced me to become a human porn model to get more money so we can start a family , but what I don’t know is that she secretly has a huge vore and toilet fetish. T he real reason we’re having money problems is s he has secretly been spending huge amounts of money on porn, and she really just wants to see me get eaten. You are my wife’s favorite giantess porn producer and you work with two types of humans depending on the type of film you’re making. They always need to consent to be eaten, but there is also a special group that will consent to being digested too. These are much more rare and valuable, so giantesses always take the opportunity to get one, and the humans’ families get paid a huge sum of money after they’re eaten. My wife has conspired with you to not only pressure me into consenting to being eaten in a film, but also to trick me into consenting to be digested; that way you’ll get to make a more valuable “ real digestion” film (plus get a meal out of it) while my wife will get a ton of money and also get off to seeing me get eaten. First scene: 5 minutes You’re standing above me, and you welcome me to your studio, commenting on how delicious I look and how you’re viewers are just going to LOVE watching me get gulped down into your gut (you pat your tummy). After this, you tell me that, during the clip, I’ll get swallowed whole and then coughed back up after t he camera cuts , so I have nothing to worry about. You then say you’ll need to record my verbal consent to being eaten to make sure you don’t get in trouble, so you aim your phone at me, and tell me to repeat after you: “ I give my full consent to be swallowed by Rose.” I agree and say that to your phone camera. Second scene: 5 minutes You look down at me with a smile, tell me your name is Rose, and greet me warmly. Seeing how excitedly I greet you back, you look curious and ask me why I’m so excited; aren’t I scared? You are very amused by this little misunderstanding, so you play along, pretending to be the Goddess. You say that, as a Goddess, you are pleased that my people have kept up the traditional retelling of your story so that they may be ready to serve your body. Showing off and rubbing your tummy, you tell me how hungry you’ve gotten after all these years, and you ask me if I am ready to feed you . I say I’m ready! Turning around, you show off your ass and me if I’m ready to be turned into your digestion matter and to be squeezed out of your perfect ass. I say that I’m ready! Lowering your face down to me, you demand that, if I’m ready, I should repeat after you: “ Rose, I give you my full consent to digest me.” I say it. Smiling, you say, “That’s perfect; now walk in!” You open your mouth, and I walk in. GULP! Third scene Now lounging you’re slowly rubbing/patting your tummy and occasionally belching while you enjoy the feeling of having me in your stomach. I’ve been in there for about 10 minutes now, and you suddenly feel me start to twitch a little bit. Surprised and amused, you say that I’m probably wondering why you haven’t spat me up yet. You then proceed to explain that you’re not going to be gagging me up; my WIFE was the special client! She set up this whole thing because she has a secret vore fetish and wanted to see me get eaten while get ting rich in the process! I scream, and it’s assumed you can hear me when I say that I didn’t agree for you to digest me! You’ll go to jail! You respond to this by asking me if I remember how, during the video, I gave you consent to digest me? You even showed off your tummy and ass to make it clear I was gonna be your booty funk, and I still consented! You tell me to face the fact that I’m LEGALLY FOOD now, and the only difference between me and your burger from lunch time is that I’m not in your intestines yet. Finally, you tell me that, as a special request from my wife that you wouldn’t normally accommodate, you’re going to digest my remains into her garden. So that part was actually true; I really will be fertilizer tomorrow!"

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