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duration 44:25
SIDE CHICK 2-PART COMBO PACK video from XMochaPuffx
SIDE CHICK 2-PART COMBO PACK by XMochaPuffx This includes both parts to my mini series "Side Chick"

These videos were shot/uploaded at different dates. I combined them for convenient viewing.

Part I: You two have been hanging out, getting close..... she surprises you one night with a visit. Forgetting that your actual girlfriend told you that SHE was coming by after she got off work, you invite the side-chick into your home & of course start fucking. It's getting hot & heavy, both of you completely immersed in one another when a knock is heard at the door. Shocked and confused, once you both realize that your girlfriend is at the door, the side-chick hops up quickly and hides in the kitchen. Your girlfriend comes in and heads off to take a shower, a bit suspicious of the bright blue jacket and sweatpants on the floor. While she's showering, you and the side-chick get back at it so you can finish inside her quickly before your girlfriend is finished showering. Cream-pied and satisfied, the side-chick sneaks out & you and your girlfriend head off to bed.

Part II: A few months have passed & your relationship with Karen has gotten better. You’ve stopped contacting your side girl & she’s decided to make a move herself. While your girlfriend is sucking your dick in the morning before making some breakfast for you both, side chick comes knocking on your front door. You two don’t think anything of it, maybe it’s the Jehovah’s witnesses or something. But when your messenger on your computer starts dinging, your girlfriend’s suspicions grow & her tone begins to change. With the knocking & messages continuing, your annoyed girlfriend goes to answer the door & has a very awkward interaction w the side chick. Your girlfriend invites the side chick inside but quickly makes an excuse to leave the place to go breathe.. leaving you and your side chick together alone. And without much hesitation, you cheat on your girlfriend right there, fucking your side chick’s mouth, pussy, AND asshole before your girl gets back home from the store.
duration 58:30
Cheating Student Taught a Lesson/Horny Student brings BBC to Class video from XMochaPuffx
Cheating Student Taught a Lesson/Horny Student brings BBC to Class by XMochaPuffx This includes Cheating Student Taught a Lesson, and it's sequel Horny Student brings BBC to Class (this was a custom video)

These videos were shot/uploaded at different dates. I combined them for convenient viewing.

Part I: Mocha Puff and her classmates are taking an exam. Having skipped studying, Mocha brought the test answers written on her arm. One classmate notices and starts giving suspicious looks. As Mocha’s filling out her test, she eyes the cute chick she’s been wanting to flirt with and gets her attention. They exchange looks and Mocha even teases her classmate by rubbing her own pussy and squeezing her breasts, flirting aggressively from across the room. The suspicious classmate takes her chance and tattles on Mocha Puff, landing Mocha a meeting with the Principal after class. Mocha tries to explain herself to her Principal/professor but ends up trying to distract him with a little cheer dance. Professor is turned on but knowing she won’t be getting out of punishment completely, she eagerly offers to give professor some mouth, pussy, and ass. She starts by sucking professor’s throbbing cock. Next the ass. He pounds her tight asshole until it swells and she moans in total enjoyment. Deeper the cock goes until it’s time to fuck her pussy. She rides the dick so good she squirts twice! Before she leaves to go home, professor releases his nut into her mouth for her to taste & she plays with it before saying goodbye! Enjoy those slow-motion shots of my ass and squirting pussy!

Part II: (customer's scene description) "You play as the pink haired character from "CHEATING STUDENT TAUGHT LESSON", it's a new day and she's in the middle of a quiz but she gets super horny for anal, luckily she brought her BBC to school and starts of secretly masturbating in the back of the class, unknown to all the students .You begin masturbating first with your fingers then with the BBC dildo riding it in your seat trying not to make too much noise. You finish off squirting in your seat the test if finished the class is over and you walk home with a satisfied smile on your face.”
duration 20:43
Wife Cuckolds You on Valentine's Day video from MsCakes
Wife Cuckolds You on Valentine's Day by MsCakes You arrive home on Valentine’s Day to find your bedroom decorated and your wife all dressed up in sexy red lingerie. Since it’s your first Vday together as a married couple, she’s planned an extra special surprise for you tonight! She puts a blindfold on you and tells you to wait a few minutes for her to prepare. Five minutes later, you remove the blindfold and are surprised to see another man sitting on the bed next to your wife. She smiles and explains that since the two of you have shared a cuckolding fantasy for a really long time, she decided to surprise you for Valentine’s Day by finally making it a reality! You’re definitely surprised, but super excited at the prospect of finally getting to watch your wife fuck another man like you’ve dreamed of for so long. She introduces you to her friend John, who’d kindly volunteered for the job of fucking her in front of you tonight. She starts things off with a striptease out of her lingerie, teasing you both to get your dicks nice and hard for her. She encourages you to take yours out and stroke it while you watch her strip naked and finger her dripping wet pussy. Then she takes John’s hard cock out of his jeans and starts pleasuring it with her mouth and tongue. You love the way she keeps her eyes on you the whole time while she sucks his dick, putting on a real show for you. Then she lays back and spreads her legs wide open so John can get on top and slide his thick cock inside her pussy. The sight of your wife being fucked hard by another man is even hotter than you imagined, especially when combined with her lustful gaze and moans of pleasure. She turns to face you while John bends her over and fucks her from behind, and you love the way she looks deep into your eyes while telling you how good his cock feels thrusting deep inside her. Then she gets on top and starts riding him in cowgirl position, giving you a great view of her tight ass and pussy gripping his cock from behind. You can tell she’s getting just as turned on as you are, with the cuckolding situation really bringing out her slutty side. When she’s close to cumming, she turns around to face you once more while she continues riding John's big dick. She can tell you’re both getting close as well, so she tells you to keep stroking and John to get ready to cum inside her. The three of you share a mind blowing simultaneous orgasm, with your wife locking eyes with you as she receives a big creampie from her lover. What an amazing Valentine’s Day present, and surely just the beginning of many more cuckolding experiences!
duration 12:40
Sister Begs You To Fuck Her video from Fiona Dagger
Sister Begs You To Fuck Her by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're hanging out in your room one day when your little sister barges in seeming extremely flustered - you ask what's up and she explains that she has her final exam in a couple of hours and she's really stressed about it - could you maybe do her a huge favour? It's a bit weird so don't freak out.... She explains that the doctor put her on a new pill a couple of weeks ago and she thinks it's messing with her hormones, because she is uncomfortably horny and literally can't think about anything else apart from fucking. She's been masturbating all morning but it's not helping, and she's really worried that she's going to fail her exam unless she gets it out of her system... She knows it's a really weird thing to ask but she's desperate and she doesn't have time to find another guy, so could you maybe help her out?? She promises she'll be in your debt forever and she'll never tell anyone! You're reluctant but you can see that she's really stressed about her exam and she really needs your help... She keeps begging and begging until finally you agree, and as she gratefully strips off for you you're surprised to find yourself enjoying the sight of your sister's body... She asks if you want her to suck your cock and you agree, thinking that will be less weird than fucking her, but as she enthusiastically licks and sucks your cock it feels so incredible that when she asks if you'll fuck her you can't resist! As you fuck her tight and dripping wet pussy she thanks you for being such a good big brother and helping her out, she really appreciates it! x
duration 11:31
Riding Step Bro For A Ride video from Leila Cherry
Riding Step Bro For A Ride by Leila Cherry Hey step bro! Would You do me a massive favor and give me a ride to the beach? Sara and Natalie want me to come and—what do you mean you won’t? Dad and mom aren't awake so they can’t drive me. Come on don’t be such a loser. Well cancel your plans! This is important to me I want everyone to see my new outfit. Okay whatever what do I have to do to get you to drive me? Hm? Clean your room for a week? Do your homework? Fuck you? No you’ve got to be kidding me I’m not doing that. Absolutely not, I’m your sister that’s fucking gross. “We’re not related” so? Our parents our still married. But I really do wanna go to the beach… Promise you won’t tell ANYONE about this okay? We just get it over with then you take me there, yeah? Alright take your cock out so I can suck you off. Oh wow it’s so much bigger than I expected! It’s actually pretty nice. Let me see how it tastes. Mmmm step bro your cock feels so good in my mouth. Yeah you like that? You like fucking your step sister’s mouth? I'm starting to get into this now. Maybe I like sucking your dick. This is still so gross though. Get inside of my pussy you’re making me wet. Shhh come on we have to keep quiet or else they’ll hear us in the next room. We can’t wake them up or they’ll see what we’re doing. They’ll probably ground us for life! God this is so wrong I can’t believe we’re doing this. I’m fucking my step brother’s big fat cock and I love it! Oh my god you feel so good fuck it I don’t care if they hear us anymore. Step bro you’re filling my pussy up so good with your dick. Let me take off this bikini bottom I don’t want it in the way while I’m riding you. I can’t believe you wanted to fuck your step sister. Your dick is so hard for me. You’re such a perv! Fuck I wanna make you cum for me. I want you to cum inside me, fuck it I’m on birth control. Fill your step sister’s pussy with your hot cum. Bust a fat nut inside of me. I wanna feel you filling me with your cum. You’re gonna cum for me? Yeah I bet you are it feels so dirty to fuck your step sister you can’t help it. Come on step bro fill me up. Yeah just like that! Oh my god I can’t believe you came inside me, you perv. Fuck that was so hot. Alright let’s go to the beach.
duration 25:29
Babysitter Gets Fucked In The Ass video from Fiona Dagger
Babysitter Gets Fucked In The Ass by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Fiona has been baysitting your kids for months now and you've had your suspicions about her but you haven't been able to prove them until now - you've had nannycams installed and you've caught her stealing from you! She tries to deny it at first but when you tell her about the cameras she confesses and begs you not to fire her; she's a single mum and she really, really needs this job. She promises she'll never steal from you again, she'll even work for free for a week if you like, but you aren't satisfied and you tell her she'll have to do more to prove her desperation to you... You make her strip off and touch herself for you, and although she protests you remind her that her job is at stake and she reluctantly agrees... As you make her touch herself she slowly gets more aroused and allows you to eat her now dripping wet pussy, and then fuck it.. But what you really want is her asshole, and she's refusing to let you near it - she's never had anything in her ass and she's too scared to start now! You remind her that her job is on the line and she agrees to start fingering her ass, then after a while you tell her that the only way she's not getting fired is if you fuck that virgin asshole. She's so tight it takes her a while to warm up but then to her surprise she starts enjoying it and after a few minutes she's begging you to cum inside her ass! You spill your load inside her and tell her that you expect this to be a weekly arrangement from now on if she wants to keep her job... x
duration 24:42
Homewrecker Humiliates Tiny Titted Wife video from RoxyCox
Homewrecker Humiliates Tiny Titted Wife by RoxyCox It's your wedding anniversary and your wife Alexa has invited me Roxy, the hot next door neighbour over to your party to celebrate. But what's all the fuss about? You aren't happy in your marriage and I can see you eyeing me up, staring at my tits upon entry as your wife goes to greet some guests and she tells me to get comfortable. I decide to lead you astray and tempt you into breaking your wedding vows. That's right your going to cheat on your wife, because you can't resist my bigger better perfect tits. She's not as big as me is she? You can't help but stare at my big breasts! You cannot resist me and my huge rack and succumb to temptation and I get you to pull your dick out for me and getting you to start wanking, while I shove them close up in your face. Alexa walks back in shocked and shouts at you, what are doing? What's going on here? I tell her, isn't it obvious he's wanking for my bigger better tits. Why don't you watch how I easily tease your hubby and lets compare shall we? Lets see your a only a tiny titted D cup and I'm a big huge GG cup so there you go I am the bigger better woman and your just a small titted bitch who can't please your man. Alexa attampts to try and win you back by pulling our her little tits and I continue to laugh and humiliate her in front of you. She even tries to give you a titfuck, fighting for your attention. The entire time your just staring at my big tits wanting to get between them, I push her aside and tell her to watch a real woman give a proper tit job. She is getting angry and upset now and she knows she's losing you and your trapped between my big huge tits. She keeps trying to get your attention, she wants to try and keep you. She even attempts to crawl onto her knees and tries to give you a blowjob if you could call that giving head. You can't even go deep, no gag reflex a tiny titted bitch who can't even suck your dick. Let me show show you how it's done, I push her out of the way again and I suck your cock nice and deep, while she begs you to stay with her even after you've been cheating and jerking for me the whole time. Now your hubby wants to fuck me too. I humiliate her saying no wonder he wants to leave you. When is the last time you had sex? I bet she hasn't fucked you in years has she? She can't even answer that question and you just make excuses because you cant fucking please a man can you? You fuck me the hotter, better woman all round while she sits there and watches even spreading her legs rubbing herself trying to convince you to fuck her and not to end your marriage. She practically in tears watching you shove your dick deep inside me and she knows it's over. He's going to finish on my tits and once he blows his load, he's going to finish with you too. I squeeze my big tits together and tell you to jerk off and blow all over my big tits. Your wife is standing beside me, pleading you not to cum and to stay with her and love her. Just dump your useless wife and dump your big load all over my bigger, better tits. You can't hold it anymore and you jizz all over those big huge tits and she's so upset in tears, while my tits are covered in your cum. I'm licking all your cum off my tits and no cum for your little titted wife and she's so upset and your leaving your wife for me get a divorce and be with the hotter, better woman.

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