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duration 23:31
Fisting And Gaping Custom video from Marley Magdalene
Fisting And Gaping Custom by Marley Magdalene I had a member recently order a 20 minute long custom of me fisting my hairy pussy. I used my bad dragon scorn to open up my pussy so I could slide my fist right in. I lick it and put my whole mouth around the head of it and get it covered in my spit to slide it in my wet hungry pussy. Then I start fisting and squirting. It turned out SO hot I got horny all over again while editing! Here's his order because it is a perfect description of what is in the video: The Story Would you perform a solo fisting masturbation video. Totally nude, film it where I can see your whole beautiful body the whole time and fist your beautiful hairy pussy until you cum. I love bare legs thighs and feet. fist yourself from different positions as well. Maybe cum from fisting yourself from different positions if possible. Little dirty talk just whatever comes to mind and tell me when you cum so I can cum with you. Then some good pussy gaping wide open with your fingers. In the beginning if you want to use a toy that's fine. But give me close up of you sensually sucking the toy. I want you to be full glam with making and your finger nails and toenails painted. In the very beginning before you start the masturbation I want you to do a little walking around nude so I can see your whole nude sexy body from head to toe maybe walking around your room or your place just a little modeling sort of thing. Just about 30 seconds to a minute before you begin everything. Thanks
duration 5:27
Disgust Training for Lady Vampiras Toiletslave video from Ladyvampira
duration 8:16
Bikini Bound Babe in Pool video from MissPaisley
Bikini Bound Babe in Pool by MissPaisley It's a beautiful day to lounge by the pool. You are enjoying the weather with your friend Paisley, who is soaking up the sun in her bikini. "It's so nice out, honestly...I could fall asleep right here," Paisley admits, laying back and relaxing in her chair. "I'm just going to take a quick nap. Wake me up in 5 minutes?" You agree, realizing this is the perfect opportunity to pull a prank on your sexy friend. Paisley is oblivious to your ulterior motives. As she dozes off, you quickly and quietly bind her wrists with rope. You are able to pull this move off successfully, even moving your innocent friend to the side of the pool without her waking. Paisley is quite a deep sleeper, only stirring from her spontaneous nap when you splash her with a bit of water from the pool. She is obviously disoriented upon waking. "What happened?" Paisley asks, wondering if she fell out of her chair some how while napping. Noticing that her wrists are bound with rope causes even more confusion. "What the - ?!" Before Paisley can ask any more questions, you pull her into the pool! Paisley struggles to get to the surface for air, chaotically attempting to get her wrists untied. You have always wanted to see your friend's tits, and take full advantage while she's bound! You untie her bikini, watching her tits bounce around underwater as she tries her best to stay afloat. At first Paisley seems pissed, but she starts to get playful with you as she realizes this was all a big joke. She teases you, encouraging you to try and catch her while she swims away. Whenever Paisley is in reach, you grope and massage her tits underwater. You chase your sexy friend all over the pool, grabbing and pulling at her until she reaches the shallow end and can fend for herself. It's quite the work out - for both of you!

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