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duration 18:20
3 Pump Chump: Full Version video from Lima Charlie
3 Pump Chump: Full Version by Lima Charlie :D In this video I use my little areola / clit sized suction cups to pump up my tits and pussy. I have a tiny clit to start with so it definitely had a long way to go, and while I'd say it engorged to maybe twice it's normal size by the end of the video, it's not the easiest to tell (which just means I'll have to try this again)! I have fun playing with them, nipple tugging, showing off my sucked up clitoris and inner labia. After I remove the clit pump for the final time, my clitoral hood is flushed to a bright pink and swollen. By this point my nipples are also huge and have turned dark purple. I take my small yet powerful vibrator to my newly exposed clit and give you a close up view, occasionally flashing to my face so you can see my expressions of pleasure. You can hear me squeal and moan and breathe heavily, while I have a long and strong orgasm. It's so hard for me to keep holding up the camera with all the pleasure convulsing through my body! After I cum I give you some more pussy close up views, showing my vagina which is naturally gaping ever so slightly (because of the muscles relaxing after cumming, prepared to wrap and clench around whatever it can get inside). I spread my lips some so that you can see the small gape better. Then I'm ready for another orgasm! I pull out my MVP Hitachi Magic Wand and give myself another powerful full-body orgasm in record time because of my sensitive clit and previous stimulation. My whole torso curls forward from the powerful orgasm. Again I show you my satisfied and exhausted pussy, and you can see that it is still twitching a little bit from cumming. At this point I FINALLY remove the suction cups pumping my once small and perky, but now huge nipples (yes, they stay on for the entire video) and then blow you a kiss goodbye!
duration 8:20
Slave Training by Mistress Tamara and Dominatrix Lady Vampira Part 2 video from Ladyvampira
Slave Training by Mistress Tamara and Dominatrix Lady Vampira Part 2 by Ladyvampira Mistress Tamara spent another nice weekend with me in the SM Studio Femdom Empire and her personal slaves. My new house slave had to prove his services as a sissy, human furniture and footworker. Amused, I, Dominatrix Lady Vampira, watched my girlfriend during the foot massage as her sub-ear cream collected and nipple torture in the swimming pool could endure. On all fours with the dog mask, the game changed from humiliation, education, sissymaid to petplay and there was for both hard spanking and ballbusting, partly in the water. Hands tied behind her back, Mistress Tamara had her joyslave for unfair wrestling and dived him as often and as long as under water as she wanted. Underwater and above water, the personal servant was now able to massively massage the feet of his Madame and yet she still spoiled her butt with the flat hand! / Herrin Tamara verbrachte wieder ein schönes Wochenende bei mir im SM Studio Femdom Empire und ihren persönlichen Sklaven dabei. Mein neuer Haussklave musste seine Dienste als Sissy, Human Furniture und Fussdiener unter Beweis stellen. Amüsiert sah ich, Domina Lady Vampira, meiner Freundin während der Fussmassage dabei zu, wie ihr Sub Ohrfeigen kassierte und Nippelfolter im Swimmingpool ertragen durfte. Auf allen vieren mit der Hundemaske wechselte das Spiel von Demütigung, Erziehung, Sissymaid zu Petplay und es gab für beide hartes Spanking und Ballbusting, teilweise im Wasser. Die Hände auf den Rücken gefesselt musste Herrin Tamara ihren Lustsklaven für unfaires Wrestling und tauchte ihn so oft und so lange unter Wasser, wie sie es wollte. Unter Wasser und über Wasser durfte der persönliche Diener nun auch demütig die Füße seiner Madame massieren und bekam von ihr trotzdem noch mit der flachen Hand den Hintern versohlt!

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