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duration 21:27
Cumming Like Crazy / Mild Dirty Talk II video from Bailee Blunt
Cumming Like Crazy / Mild Dirty Talk II by Bailee Blunt *Full Preview Here: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/931043/Cumming-Like-Crazy-Mild-Dirty-Talk-II/

A second video where I cum myself silly using my new toy - a hitachi! Find my other "Cumming Like Crazy" video using a womanizer here: https://www.amateurporn.com/baileeblunt/cumming-like-crazy-mild-dirty-talk-i

I tease you in an all-black outfit that includes a choker necklace, crop top, crotchless / backless panties and sheer thigh high pantyhose. I spread my pussy and start gently playing with myself within the first minute of the video, spending another moment riding and bouncing on top of two of my fingers before stripping off my shirt straps to show you my bare shoulders and tits. I turn around so you can see how cute my panties are, giving you a great view of my pretty pussy and asshole. Next, catch a glimpse of magic as my shirt disappears off my back! [Not actually - keep an eye out for my MV Crush membership to launch to see a funny wardrobe malfunction clip I cut out and much more ~ coming soon!] I shake, spank and spread my ass a bit before going face-down-ass-up to finger fuck myself for a couple minutes. I sit up to lick and suck my wet fingers, rub my clit again for a second then move on to my hitachi. Feeling super frisky, I get close to the edge too fast and pull back to position the hitachi over the inside of my thighs and up to my nipples before I reach my first orgasm. I spread my pussy a couple of times after I cum and pull the top of my panties down for a second to reveal my hairy bush hiding underneath. Turning around again, I put the hitachi directly underneath me, grinding and humping the vibrating head, at times going hands free [watch my butt twitch and twerk with the vibrations!] I lean forward into a 'doggy position' and cum again hard, leaving me super sensitive, sweaty and out of breath. Going face-down-ass-up one more time, I use my hitachi on the highest level which essentially blasts me in to outer space. I writhe and wiggle around while keeping the hitachi on my clit until I cum once more and can't take it anymore. In a state of complete satisfaction, exhaustion and fucked up hair, I spread my pussy a little bit more to show you how wet and sensitive I've ended up. Lots of eye contact and mild dirty talk throughout.
duration 18:35
POV Naughty Schoolgirl Seduces and Fucks You Loud video from Bunnie Hughes
POV Naughty Schoolgirl Seduces and Fucks You Loud by Bunnie Hughes This video was originally ordered as a custom video, but no names are said. Intended to be 10 minutes long, it ended up rounding out at 18 because I had so much fun filming it :D Here's the idea as proposed by the person who ordered it! " the video is to be about 10 minutes long, following our little escapade in the tent, you invite me over to your place to revise (study). You invite me into your room, there are other people in the house, you are wearing your school girl's uniform over the lingerie outfit at the start. You pretend to revise (study) for about half a minute before you start flashing your panties and gently playing with yourself over your clothes to get my attention. You say you know I've fantasied about fucking you in your school uniform, but that we can do that after school anytime, and that you have another surprise for me, and proceed to strip out of the uniform, and do a sexy, but playful little dance, revealing your lingerie. You mention that you are sick of the way your parents have been treating you and that you need my help to get back at them. You show off the lingerie and then kneel in front of me, rubbing and teasing my crotch, you tell me how much you miss the feeling of my tongue on your pussy, you promise you'll return the favour if I can make you cum. Show a brief PoV flash of your pussy before focusing on your facial expressions. Would love to see more of your lovely face and reactions. Gently moaning and begging for more, again, trying to keep quiet, because there are other people in the house. You fail miserably, again finding the only way to muffle your screams and moans is to put my dick in your mouth, while screaming and groaning into my cock while you cum (Basically giving me a screaming hummer). Satisfied, but wanting more, you lie on your bed, still in the lingerie, you take your panties off and tell me to fuck you hard, you tell me you don't care if other people can hear us, that you want your parents to know, and you moan loudly when I first penetrate you. I panic and stuff your panties into your mouth to try to keep the volume down, you moan and scream even louder through the panties. After a few minutes, you spit the panties out and you tease me, telling me you'd stop screaming if we stopped fucking, you tease me a little more about how I can't and don't want to stop. You feel me slow down, so we switch to you riding me cowgirl, you're finally naked. There's more loud moaning, screaming and teasing from you, you make yourself cum riding on my cock, before kneeling down and having me cum all over your face and glasses. You sit back on the bed, put on nothing but your white shirt, unbuttoned, so I can still see your body, you lazily and gently touch and finger your pussy while you pretend to read. You flash me a pervy look and tell me you're ready for round two when I am." If you enjoy this video as much as I did, please leave a 5-star review!

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