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I will make you my anal whore and you will love this video from Mistress Misha Goldy
I will make you my anal whore and you will love this by Mistress Misha Goldy Look at that big, hard cock!  You want me bad, don't you? I know.  I've seen the way you've been looking at me all day.  You've had this hungry look in your eyes for a while.  Are you ready to do as you're told? That's my good, little whore.  I'm going to make you put on a little show for me, make you show me how far you're willing to go to please me.  Take off your clothes. Get your lube and a toy.  It doesn't matter which one, something you can fuck your ass with.   Get on your knees and tell me that you're my whore... Tell me you'll do anything to make me happy...  Good boy.  Now, put your head down and show me your ass.  Get it nice and high.  Face down and ass up, like a good whore.  That's beautiful.  Do you feel like a real whore, now?   Yeah?  Are you ready to be used?   My slutty boy...  You look so good like this.  Lube up your asshole.  Do it slowly.  I want to watch you tease yourself.  Massage your asshole.  Only the outside, though.  I know how much you want to feel filled up, you little slut.  That's good.  Use one finger and rub circles around your hole.   Slide that finger in.  Oooh, that looks like it feels good.  Get it in as deep as you can and pull out slowly.  Don't pull out too far.  In.  Out.  In.  Out.  Good boy.  Keep going.   I'm going to play with myself while I watch you.  God, I love watching you act like such a whore!  You need it, don't you?  Don't worry.  I'm going to give you everything you need so long as you give me what I want.

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