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duration 30:09
Transformation - Body Swap With Aunt video from Bella Bates
Transformation - Body Swap With Aunt by Bella Bates The nephew loves his aunt’s body and has thought that she is very very sexy. The nephew's friend thinks the same. One day friend has got a magic potion that gives the nephew the opportunity to swap bodies with his aunt. He has always wanted to get to know his aunt’s body more specific and now he has a chance to do that, so he takes a sip of a magic potion. The magic potion makes him immediately unwell and he has to go to the bathroom. The nephew has been in the bathroom for a while and his friend is worried and asks if all is well. The nephew steps out of the bathroom, or it is he, but the body is no longer a nephew’s body, the body is the body of the sexy aunt. Nephew and his/her friend are so amazed. The magic potion really worked! The boys (friend and nephew in aunt's body) are excited to start exploring aunt's body. This is the first time both have touched a pussy. As they exploring the aunt's body, the aunt, who is now in her/his nephew's body, comes in and searches her/his nephew. The nephew (in the aunt's body) immediately urges his/her friend to hide in the closet. Aunt (in the nephew's body) is very angry and she/he knows the nephew has something to do with this. Aunt was supposed to go on a date and have sex, but her/his nephew ruined everything. Aunt (in the nephew's body) wants revenge on her/his nephew and wants to show what it’s like to be a woman. The aunt (in the nephew's body) pushes her/his new body’s cock into the nephew’s (in the aunt's body) mouth. Of course, the aunt (in the nephew's body) is not satisfied only blowjob… Of course she/he has to cum inside her/his nephew (in the aunt's body). And the nephew's friend in the closet sees everything. TRANSFORMATION FANTASY/GENDER FANTASY. SWAPPING BODIES/BODY SWAP. IMPREGNATION FANTASY. CREAMPIE. TABOO.
duration 35:13
Cheating With The Clingy Ex video from XxNaughtyGirlxX
Cheating With The Clingy Ex by XxNaughtyGirlxX Even though she is super clingy and crazy, you still find yourself thinking about your ex when you're with your new girlfriend. Although things are going well, you're desperate to feel her touch again, specifically her lips wrapped around your cock and to fuck her. Last time you spoke it was a booty call and you find you've done it again. After your call she rushes over. You knew she would, she's obsessive and clingy as hell. You're willing to look past it for tonight just to make sure you get your way with her. It is unsurprising how willing she is to be all over that cock again although she has a few conditions of her own this time. She wants you to tell your boring gf about it after. Uh-oh, not good, but fuck, the moment is here and you'll say anything to get inside her right now. You agree but then she pulls out her camera phone and demands to take photos of herself sucking and fucking your horny hard cock. Although this definitely isn't good for your new relationship, your throbbing dick has needs and you have to just let this happen like the little cheat you are. She slobbers and sucks, and goes to town pleasing your cock with her slutty little mouth and pussy. She begs for you to cum in her unprotected. You know you shouldnt. She's crazy, she's clingy, she's obsessive... but pulling out just doesnt seem to be a choice for you tonight ;) Fuck it. The consequences can wait.. creampie,cheating,lingerie,stockings,blackmail,blackmail fantasy,homewrecker,homewrecking,dirtytalk,gfe,exgirlfriend,ex,ass,ass fetish, blowjob,solo,solo female,female masturbation,close up,pussy spreading,wet,cum loads

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