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Amazingly fit Paola Hard takes cock deep in her ass video from Only3x Network
Amazingly fit Paola Hard takes cock deep in her ass by Only3x Network "Some mesmerizing views from her eyes and you are hooked instantly. That's Paola Hard teasing in the beginning of that recent Anal Just scene. We do have the unforgettable chance to tease her great boobs and ass in that sweet looking, tastefully choiced lingerie. Though it comes off quickly, nothing to be sad about. Without those pieces of clothes her body still is something to remember. She has a very sweet face, greatly looking hair and look at those big round eyes! It really reminds someone of an anime movie actually. The tattoo above her pussy says ""SEXXX"" which is quite adequate. After a while, she hops on that chair, and apply some oil on her body, so it looks tasty and you instantly wants to eat ALL of it. Our guy appears, and after a short introductionary jerk off, he starts to fuck that juicy pussy of hers. She reacht with moans and such - she likes to fuck for sure. Fucking that vagina was necessary proably for proper lubrication as well, since initial sucking of his dick was forgotten. And what do we need lubrication for... you guessed it right! Anal sex for sure. So almost immediately he starts to fuck that petite, yet inviting asshole with deep and firm movements. Goes in that cock and out - for both of their pleasure. Quick change of position and we are behind her ass. More oil applied for even better lube and moist. Anal fingering makes the World go around - and they know that. It also eases the penetration of something bigger - like what you can found between our guys legs. The real pro of fucking a girl from behind in the ass (contrary to fuckin from the front) is the option of deeper penetration at most of the times. Sure, when you fuck someone in the ass from the front, the view and scenery is better (imagine those boobs again, and those eyes as well... yumm), but still... From behind you can just simply reach depths you physically can't from the front. And anal sex is all about the deepness of your partner. And probably they know that - by the looks from instincts. Because our guy just fucked Paola so hard and deep that - as usual with such great performances - I myself wonder how on Earth did he NOT explode right inside her the moment he pushes his dick inside for the third or fourth time?! Anyhow, there is one more position to try - cowgirl. That basically almost is fucking someone in the pussy, but this is in the ass. Paola rode that stick well, and just as it was a vaginal entry, she handled the cock real good and smoothly. After some sideline banging, they end up finishing this act of joy by the guy standing and jerking off his load into her mouth. Would have been nice to see jizz oozing out from her ass, but well - nothing is perfect 100% right?! This scene though was very close to that, I would say 97.5%. Notice where the sperm landed after ejaculation ;) Hint: if you look closely, you can see that not every drip of that been swallowed the conventional way..."

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