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duration 13:25
Extraterrestrial Arousal: Mesmerizing Desire for Impregnation and Orgasmic Intimacy video from BlackxRose92
Extraterrestrial Arousal: Mesmerizing Desire for Impregnation and Orgasmic Intimacy by BlackxRose92 We shall breed. We shall mate, and impregnate each other all night long. I’ve been watching you, human. I’ve seen how your species glorifies sex and the unknown, always reaching for the stars and consuming as much knowledge as you can acquire while filling the earth with your offspring. I’m here to create a new hybrid cross species of interstellar human spawn, capable of sharing and feeling unimaginable exaltation. You are my chosen vessel and sperm donor. My species propagates through mutual arousal and intense erotic powers. With my lust for learning about and experiencing new lifeforms and their mating rituals, I will guide you to extreme sensations of deeply satisfying pleasure that you could never experience with another mortal. When our mutual orgasms crest, I will seduce and impregnate you. Once you have received my eggs for gestation, I will orgasm again and again and take in your sperm to foster my own superior, hybrid species. Our foreign attraction to each other will fuel our passionate impregnation, sending both of us into mesmerized states of mindless euphoria. Feel my senses and powers flow into your body as you watch the emotions play across my face and the climax of our union, uniting us without even a single physical touch. Let yourself be filled with the galaxy as your body transforms orgasmically into blinding hot stars, suitable for carrying my spawn and filling me with your sperm
duration 25:57
big sister shares your bed video from Sloansmoans
big sister shares your bed by Sloansmoans CUSTOM FOR JONATHAN: *My first sister roleplay* Watch as your big sister comes into your room and asks if she can lay in your bed because she’s cold. She gets under the covers with you, snuggles up and tells you that she loves you so much. She tells you that if you ever have any questions about sex, you can ask her. You tell her you’ve never kissed a girl and she tells you that she can help with that. You’re surprised, but she tells you it's not wrong, it's just kissing. She lovingly gives her little brother a peck on the mouth. She tells you to use your tongue. She starts to get turned on, and she tells you it's kind of hot kissing her little brother... it turns her on that it's so forbidden. She tells you she’ll teach you more if you want. You do. She pulls your pants down and exposes your rock hard cock. She can't believe how big it is for your age. She tells you this won't be wrong and she wants to show you something. She starts sucking your cock. Then she looks at you and tells you she’s really horny from all this. She tells you it’s forbidden but she wants you to make love to her. She wants her little brother to fuck her. She’s never had sex, and she knows you’re a virgin too. She finds it so hot that you’re related. She gets on her back and encourages you inside her. She can't believe how good it feels, her little brother's cock inside her. It feels so good that she cums and she kisses you. She tells you to keep fucking her, she wants to feel her little brother's cum inside her. She wants you to impregnate her. You both cum together and she loves that her little brother is breeding her… enjoy me, xo SISTER ROLEPLAY/TABOO/MISSIONARY POV/IMPREGNATION/BREEDING
duration 10:35
It Came In The Night: Accelerated Alien Impregnation Expansion video from BlackxRose92
It Came In The Night: Accelerated Alien Impregnation Expansion by BlackxRose92 I'm just about ready for my date. My boyfriend should be here any minute. What am I missing? I'm dressed, my hair looks nice, and my makeup is done. I hope he likes my lingerie choice, I picked it to be easy to take off. Wait, what was that sound? I could have sworn I heard something, but my date isn't here yet and he has a key to let himself in. Strange. I could have sworn I heard something, but I don't see anything. Is someone there? Hello? I must be imaging things. How silly of me. I'm the only person home, so there's nothing that could have made that noise. I must be imagining things. Wait! I heard it again! What, wait, no! Ouch! What are you doing? I can't see anything but my body was just thrown onto the bed like a rag-doll. It feels like something is pinning my body down! I can't make it stop! What is this erotic power coursing through my body? I can't control myself! My legs have been pulled apart and now I'm being compelled to tear my pantyhose to shreds. No! My boyfriend will be here any minute. I don't want him to see me disheveled. Oh, oh, OH! What is that feeling? I can't stifle my moans, it feels so good, like something is pumping hot semen inside my body. Wow...... It's....It's just, gone? How? There's nothing there, but I could have sworn I felt...... I must be more tired than I thought. Maybe I should lay down until he gets here. Oh, oh, OH!!!!! My body is swelling! No, expanding! My belly! It's swollen with an accelerated alien pregnancy! Oh no! My breasts are filling with milk! Oh no! My breasts and belly are noticeably swelling, expanding so rapidly, but OWW! Oh no, oh no, oh no! Is that a contraction? I can feel it moving inside me, kicking and fighting to be born. My boyfriend is going to be here any minute, and it's going to be obvious that I've fucked an alien. I have no explanation for this accelerated pregnancy! I've been impregnated whether I like it or not, and now I'm going into labor at this very moment and now my boyfriend has arrived! He's going to see me swollen and pregnant, sweaty in labor with an alien pregnancy that isn't his!
duration 25:05
Daughter Blackmails Daddy - Taboo Creampie video from MsCakes
Daughter Blackmails Daddy - Taboo Creampie by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). Mommy just left for Vegas this morning, so that means you and I have the house to ourselves all week, Daddy! Perfect timing, because there’s actually something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about in private. You see, I was scrolling through Tinder the other day, and I was shocked to find your profile on there! What the hell are you doing on a dating app, Daddy? Were you planning to cheat on Mommy this week while she’s away? Well there’s no way I’m gonna let you hook up with some random slut... what if you get her pregnant, or bring home some nasty STD? I think I have a much better solution for these urges of yours. You should just hook up with another girl you already know and love - ME! Come on, all my girlfriends at school have had sex already and they keep making fun of me for being a virgin. Besides, I’ve already screenshotted your Tinder profile, so if you say no, I’m just gonna send it to Mommy right now! Hehe, that’s what I thought... let’s go do it in my room then. I’ll strip out of my school uniform and show off my tight young body for you. You’ve secretly been wanting this too, haven’t you Daddy? I think I’ve noticed you admiring my body a few times... and I can already see the outline of your hard dick in your pants. Wow Daddy, your dick looks HUGE! I’m not sure if I can take it inside my tight virgin pussy, but I’ll do my best. But before that, do you think I could try giving you a blowjob? I’ve been watching lots of blowjob porn lately, and I really want to try it. I’ll start by slowly running my tongue all over it... and then I’ll try sucking it as deep as I can. Mmm I love the way your thick cock feels in my mouth, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it too, Daddy. Now my pussy is really wet, so I think I’m finally ready for you to take my virginity. There’s no need for you to wear a condom - I’m on the pill, so there’s no risk of getting me pregnant. Besides, I want my first time to be a fully raw, skin-on-skin experience. I’ll just lay on my back, so you can get on top of me and slowly ease yourself inside me. Oh my God Daddy, your cock feels sooo big, stretching out my tight pussy... it hurts a little bit, but it feels good at the same time. Are you feeling good too, Daddy? Is my pussy tighter and wetter than Mommy’s? I think I’m starting to get a little more warmed up now, so you can try going a little bit harder and faster. Just give me a signal when you’re about to cum, so we can lock eyes when you do. Hey, why don’t you lay down now so I can try riding you for a bit? I’ll start in reverse cowgirl, to give you a nice view of my ass while I ride you. Mmm, look at how much of your dick I can take inside me now... I just love being your naughty girl, Daddy. I’ll turn around and face you too, so I can look deep into your eyes while I ride you. Then I’ll get into a squatting position so I can take your cock as deep as possible. Are you getting close now, Daddy? Are you about to cum deep inside your daughter’s pussy? Well guess what, I’m not really on the pill. I lied about that to get you to fuck me without protection, and now I have you right where I want you - at the point of no return. That’s right, I won’t let you pull out til you empty your balls deep inside me, and knock me up! Oooh, I can feel your dick throbbing inside me right now... that’s it Daddy, give me every last drop of your sperm, and put a baby inside me. Mmm, just look at that huge creampie you just gave me. I’ve been tracking my period for the past few months, and I just so happen to be ovulating this week, so I’m definitely gonna get pregnant now! Mom’s probably gonna leave you when she finds out about this, but don’t worry, you and I can just start our own little family together!

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