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duration 21:04
PAWG Booty Call Ends in Impregnation POV video from Gwen Adora
PAWG Booty Call Ends in Impregnation POV by Gwen Adora Practice Makes Pregnant |||||||| I'm feeling incredibly horny and can't get to bed; so I decide to give you a call. I know you're my best friend's boyfriend, but who else am I supposed to go to? Please can you come over to help? We can play a game while you're here... You quickly decide to leave your girlfriend in bed to come and see me. I'm waiting with my legs spread open on the bed for you. I tease you and tell you to come eat my delicious fertile pussy, which you happily oblige. After some foreplay, I'm ready to have your cock, and bring out a condom for us to use. We should really use it, it's way to risky for us not to.. ugh I wish we didn't have to though. Oh well, I'll still be happy to feel your cock inside me regardless. You slide inside me in the missionary position and fuck me slowly, but I as much as I'm enjoying it I really want you to to take the condom off. I can't take it and remove it for you, and tell you we can put it back on in a bit; I just need to feel you bare cock first. You get on top of me and really start fucking me, my big boobs are bouncing everywhere as I look into your eyes. I don't care now; I want you to creampie me. We're both getting closer now, and fuckkkk you cum all inside me, letting your sperm slide inside my pussy. Mmmm fuck, that was amazing. You're going to have to leave your girlfriend now, we've played baby roulette and we lost - or did we win? ;) Tags: impregnation fantasy, blackmail fantasy, transfer fetish, tease and denial, seduction, pregnant, cheating wife, cheating, pussy spreading, pussy teasing, pussy play, pussy denial, bloated belly, belly fetish, countdown, games, cum play, curvy, creampie, cream pie, creamy, feet, dirty feet, foot fetish, foot play, foot worship, custom, HD, booty call, virtual sex, BBW, redhead, big boobs, huge boobs, bouncing boobs, big ass, PAWG, big butts, eye fetish, eyelash fetish, blue eyes, lingerie, POV, games, edging games, masturbation games,
duration 25:05
Daughter Blackmails Daddy - Taboo Creampie video from MsCakes
Daughter Blackmails Daddy - Taboo Creampie by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). Mommy just left for Vegas this morning, so that means you and I have the house to ourselves all week, Daddy! Perfect timing, because there’s actually something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about in private. You see, I was scrolling through Tinder the other day, and I was shocked to find your profile on there! What the hell are you doing on a dating app, Daddy? Were you planning to cheat on Mommy this week while she’s away? Well there’s no way I’m gonna let you hook up with some random slut... what if you get her pregnant, or bring home some nasty STD? I think I have a much better solution for these urges of yours. You should just hook up with another girl you already know and love - ME! Come on, all my girlfriends at school have had sex already and they keep making fun of me for being a virgin. Besides, I’ve already screenshotted your Tinder profile, so if you say no, I’m just gonna send it to Mommy right now! Hehe, that’s what I thought... let’s go do it in my room then. I’ll strip out of my school uniform and show off my tight young body for you. You’ve secretly been wanting this too, haven’t you Daddy? I think I’ve noticed you admiring my body a few times... and I can already see the outline of your hard dick in your pants. Wow Daddy, your dick looks HUGE! I’m not sure if I can take it inside my tight virgin pussy, but I’ll do my best. But before that, do you think I could try giving you a blowjob? I’ve been watching lots of blowjob porn lately, and I really want to try it. I’ll start by slowly running my tongue all over it... and then I’ll try sucking it as deep as I can. Mmm I love the way your thick cock feels in my mouth, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it too, Daddy. Now my pussy is really wet, so I think I’m finally ready for you to take my virginity. There’s no need for you to wear a condom - I’m on the pill, so there’s no risk of getting me pregnant. Besides, I want my first time to be a fully raw, skin-on-skin experience. I’ll just lay on my back, so you can get on top of me and slowly ease yourself inside me. Oh my God Daddy, your cock feels sooo big, stretching out my tight pussy... it hurts a little bit, but it feels good at the same time. Are you feeling good too, Daddy? Is my pussy tighter and wetter than Mommy’s? I think I’m starting to get a little more warmed up now, so you can try going a little bit harder and faster. Just give me a signal when you’re about to cum, so we can lock eyes when you do. Hey, why don’t you lay down now so I can try riding you for a bit? I’ll start in reverse cowgirl, to give you a nice view of my ass while I ride you. Mmm, look at how much of your dick I can take inside me now... I just love being your naughty girl, Daddy. I’ll turn around and face you too, so I can look deep into your eyes while I ride you. Then I’ll get into a squatting position so I can take your cock as deep as possible. Are you getting close now, Daddy? Are you about to cum deep inside your daughter’s pussy? Well guess what, I’m not really on the pill. I lied about that to get you to fuck me without protection, and now I have you right where I want you - at the point of no return. That’s right, I won’t let you pull out til you empty your balls deep inside me, and knock me up! Oooh, I can feel your dick throbbing inside me right now... that’s it Daddy, give me every last drop of your sperm, and put a baby inside me. Mmm, just look at that huge creampie you just gave me. I’ve been tracking my period for the past few months, and I just so happen to be ovulating this week, so I’m definitely gonna get pregnant now! Mom’s probably gonna leave you when she finds out about this, but don’t worry, you and I can just start our own little family together!
duration 12:24
Babysitter Wants Your Cum video from Ellie Rowyn
Babysitter Wants Your Cum by Ellie Rowyn Have you heard from your wife yet? It must be so difficult being quarantined separately from her. I feel kind of bad that we got quarantined together, but...there was something I wanted to talk to you about. It's a little personal. Before all this corona virus stuff started happening I was planning on trying to get pregnant. Now, I obviously can't go to a sperm bank or anything. I also know you have needs and it's been a while since you've seen your wife. So I thought maybe...trying to make a baby could be a good distraction? Just think about it! I know you've been staring at my ass in these yoga pants. I'm ovulating today which means I'm extra wet and extra horny. Wouldn't my young, wet, fertile pussy feel so much better than your hand? I start stripping and can see it's having an effect on you. Can't you just admit that you want to fuck me? No one has to know. And I'm sure if you told your wife, she would understand! You're just helping me out and you have needs. Being quarantined sucks as it is. So how about you come over here and I'll give you somewhere to put your hard cock. As you slide your cock into me I tell you that this is exactly what I needed. Doesn't it feel so good to have a purpose right now? To bring some good into this world by putting a baby in my belly? We fuck in a couple different positions before I ask you to fill me up with all your cum. I want your baby so bad. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, pregnant, impregnation, impregnate, pov, pov sex, hairy, hairy bush, redhead, babysitter, nanny, cheating, homewrecker, home wrecking, quarantine, isolation, corona, corona virus, virus, tattoos, tattoos, ass, ass fetish
duration 15:35
Our Last Chance For Impregnation video from BlackxRose92
Our Last Chance For Impregnation by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "I just had a vasectomy a week ago so we don't have the all clear yet. We don't know if it worked or not (but either way I've still probably got some swimmers left). It has been, however, just long enough that we can have sex- You're extra horny because...

Faced with the thought of never being pregnant again, you think it may have been a mistake to have the vasectomy. You realize that if you're going to get pregnant again- we need to start doing it now- and that secretly you really do love being pregnant, especially since it's such a turn on for me- and you bashfully admit it. You know the mere thought of getting you pregnant is a major turn on and play that up as you convince me to cum in you without a condom before the "all clear" from the post-vasectomy test.

You admit you love being pregnant- you love the curves and you love the big preggo belly. You love how sexy you feel with a bump, the extra curves of your ass, and how full your tits feel. You love how good sex feels when you're pregnant and how much you crave my cock.

You undress from your "mom outfit" of a graphic tee and leggings to your simple boyshorts underwear and bra, which show off your amazing ass and begin to trace your fingers up and down your stomach, talking about how you remember me being so turned on by your bump- and that maybe if I cum in you deep enough tonight I can live out that fantasy again in a few months. You even tease me by pushing your stomach out, begging me to fill you with my cum and put a baby in you.

Your tits come out and you grope them the way you want me to and you notice how hard I'm getting. You finally remove your underwear and play with yourself, standing just far enough away that I can't grab you, pushing your tits up with your arms as your fingers find your clit. You moan a little- driving me crazy. You tell me I can't touch- not yet, not until I promise to cum deep inside you and knock you up.

I'm not completely convinced, so you get on your knees, take out my cock and use your mouth a different way (rather than talking)- thinking maybe this will convince me to forego the condom. You can't keep it up for long though. You've got me so turned on, thinking about knocking you up, that my dick is huge.

You whisper to me that you're ovulating and that there are probably a few swimmers left but that I need to cum really deep into you if I wanna knock you up. You want to feel my cum deep inside you and keep it there- hoping to get pregnant again tonight.

I agree at last and you guide my dick, still wet from your mouth, into you. It hurts a bit- I haven't been this hard in awhile- probably because neither of us like condoms. That sensation only last for a few seconds before I start plunging my cock as deep into you as I can. You have a very small orgasm quickly as your tight pussy wraps around my cock. You swear you can feel the build up of cum as a I pound you harder and harder.

It feels so good to fuck without a condom again- you're getting so wet. It's amazing to feel this close. You decide to straddle me, pushing my cock deeper into you. You grind, rhythmical, back and forth gaining speed and depth with each pulse. You stop sharply and stifle a scream as I thrust deeper into you at the just right moment at just the right angle and you have another orgasm. This time it's complete and you ride it out as it slowly fades leaving you breathless and shaking just a little. It's almost too much, but you want to get pregnant tonight.

You decide it's my turn to cum- you should be plenty wet and my cum should get even deeper into you. You lay onto your back and I slide back in and begin pounding you.

You can feel me start to cum and beg me to get you pregnant. You erupt with another intense orgasm out of nowhere. You can feel my huge, multiple loads, filling you up. This sensation pushed you, almost violently, into that surprise orgasm.

Finished, I pull back to watch you try to keep all my cum in but you turned me on so much, and I haven't been allowed to cum since the procedure, that it's a massive amount. Some of it leaks out, which you rub on your clit- sending shivers throughout your body. That last orgasm was so intense, your body feels electric and even the thought of cumming again is too much. Instead, you admire, proudly, how much cum you got out of me and wonder if this much got out, how much is inside of you?

You tell me you, exhausted and almost delirious, that you can feel my cum inside of you- finding its way deeper up into you. You gently caress your abdomen, looking at me with a smirk and sultry eyes. We both know, that it may have been stupid, but you're probably pregnant now. You tell me you can't wait to show off your bump- how crazy it'll make me. You lay there a bit longer, letting the last of my cum that's going to escape out while the rest of it stays deep inside you.

But now, it's time for Netflix and ice cream- maybe the cravings are starting already. And if you're not pregnant now, there's still a few weeks before I'm supposed to go in for the vasectomy follow up... plenty of time to try again."
duration 21:19
BBW Home Wrecker Needs Impregnation POV video from Gwen Adora
BBW Home Wrecker Needs Impregnation POV by Gwen Adora Your girlfriend's best friend is back again for more of your cum, but this time things are different. Since we last left off, you've gotten engaged, and I've become your fiance's maid of honour. But our fun doesn't stop here. It's not really cheating until you're officially married, right? I have a proposal, a fuck proposal, if you will. You tell your fiance you want the next time you fuck to be on your special day, and until then I can be your creampie mistress to help you fulfill any needs you have. That's what maids of honours are supposed to do anyway, right? Help send the invitations, plan the guest list, and, of course, take the grooms fertile loads. How about we add more risk though? If you get me pregnant (which you know you want to) and I become your bride instead. I know you get off to impregnating me, so you kinda have to say "I do." TAGS: home wrecker, creampie, wedding fetish, wedding dress, blackmail fantasy, impregnation fantasy, bride, transfer fetish, tease and denial, seduction, pregnant, cheating wife, cheating, pussy spreading, pussy teasing, pussy play, pussy denial, bloated belly, belly fetish, countdown, games, cum play, curvy, creampie, cream pie, creamy, feet, dirty feet, foot fetish, foot play, foot worship, custom, HD, booty call, virtual sex, BBW, redhead, big boobs, huge boobs, bouncing boobs, big ass, PAWG, big butts, eye fetish, eyelash fetish, blue eyes, lingerie, POV, games, edging games, masturbation games,

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