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Breathplay sex, struggling helpless babe (choking with plastic bag, cumshot) EvilKitties video from EvilKitties
Breathplay sex, struggling helpless babe (choking with plastic bag, cumshot) EvilKitties by EvilKitties Evil Kitties: My left arm is tied to my left ankle and the same on the right side. I cannot move, I cannot do anything. Breath play is on the agenda today, and I cannot wait for my breath control orgasm. He starts leaving me breathless right off the bat. Hand over mouth technique. He grabs my nose and lays his hand on my mouth and I start running out of air. I squirm and moan but to no avail, it's hopeless. I am under his command and I love it. He continues to leave me breathless for a few minutes before he gets some duct tape. He ducks tape gags me and I can only breathe through my nose. He then continues the breath control action for another few minutes. Each time I am left with less and less air. Then, he gets the plastic bag, oh boy... He puts the plastic bag on my head and duck tapes it to my neck. My air is slowly running out... and my pussy is now wet as hell! He sees that I'm dying for his big dick so he mounts me and sticks his cock inside me. I love getting fucked while being breathless, I start to cum and the orgasms just don't seem to stop... He keeps fucking me for a few minutes before he turns me over and starts fucking me from behind. I can feel his rock hard cock inside my tight wet pussy. He then pulls out and cums all over my back and sticks it back in and I start cumming again, breath play orgasms are just something you cannot describe. They are that good. I felt used and abused, just the way I wanted it. Thank you, master.

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