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Funeral Goth Victorian Striptease & Masturbation - Green-Haired Goth Babe with Glasses & Tattoos - Black Lace Black Gloves Purple Pantyhose & Lipstick video from MeredithTourmaline
Funeral Goth Victorian Striptease & Masturbation - Green-Haired Goth Babe with Glasses & Tattoos - Black Lace Black Gloves Purple Pantyhose & Lipstick by MeredithTourmaline Dressed in a Victorian-style black velvet blazer jacket edged with black lace and pearl buttons, and a grey and violet knee-length wool skirt, hugging my wide hips and fleshy, large ass, I couldn't resist taking out my camera and shooting a striptease for you. Wearing black wool fingerless gloves, I strut about, showing off my ass, my hips, teasing you with the way I grind and spin. My hair is long and green, and I'm wearing my dorky round glasses, more and more tattoos becoming visible with each layer I lose. I bend over and make eye contact, smiling slightly. I'm goth but I'm happy! I love getting dressed up, and I love taking it all off. My hands hold my hips, and my pale, ghostly skin glows through black lace. My gloves come off first... Slowly... I play with my hair, mussing it up, twirling on my swivel chair, then standing again to caress my round ass. As I reveal more of my body, I play with my small tits, and reach for my skirt... As I lower the waist of my skirt, I show off my soft, golden public hair, a cute muff, full bush, all grown out... I lift my black lace top and lower my tiny bra to play with my nipples. First gently, then pinching harder. When I lift my skirt again, I'm wearing sheer deep violet pantyhose with small rips. I bend over for you, spank myself a few times. I have hairy armpits, bright lipstick, and a bratty attitude. I've still got my boots on, my striped knee socks. The less clothes I'm wearing, the wetter my pussy is. Yes, I hear you begging me to take the rest of it off. I know you've got one hand between your legs, the other desperately, anxiously trying to reach through the screen... Don't worry. Soon I'll be wearing nothing at all. And I promise to show you every detail you wanna see. I know you wanna watch me play, I know you wanna see my hairy pussy... I know you want me to spread myself open for you...
duration 13:56
Hairy 420 Stoner Bath Time Anal Play video from MaeDoll
Hairy 420 Stoner Bath Time Anal Play by MaeDoll I've been growing my hair out, all over! Have you noticed? You won't miss it in this full nude bath video. Join me for a dirty bath where I smoke a bowl and put different things in my ass c: I show off my hairy armpits a little before getting into position and putting my favourite butt plug in. I tease my ass by pulling it out and fucking myself with it a little before inserting it fully again. With my butt plug in I'm ready to smoke my pipe that I've got ready packed. I blow smoke at the camera, make eye contact and smile sweetly while getting high. After I'm done I get close up and rub soapy water over my tits, making them bounce a little too. Next I'm back on my knees to masturbate with the butt plug in my ass. After a good tease I pull it out and wink my tight asshole for you c; I don't waste much time before moving on to my next toy, anal beads! The first ones go in so easily but as I get closer to the end I have to push them in my ass. Once they're all in I shake and spank my ass before I can't help but rub my clit. Having all the beads inside my ass just feels so good! (vid gets a little blurry here :c doesn't last too long!) The beads are fun but I think I'm ready for more, I put my middle finger in my butt and fuck myself happily for a bit. Soon I know I'm ready for more and put 2 fingers in. It's so tight and feels so amazing I talk dirty, telling you how good it feels and how full my ass feels. I can't take it anymore and need to cum, I focus on my pussy, rubbing my clit and getting noisy leading up to a climax. I show you my ass and pussy one more time before getting close to the camera and cleaning the fingers I fucked my ass with off with my mouth c:

Video Contains: Body hair, butt plug play, anal bead play, smoking, 420 friendly, masturbation, moaning, dirty talk and anal with up to 2 fingers at once.

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