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duration 15:38
Mommy Tries On Panties video from Ellie Rowyn
Mommy Tries On Panties by Ellie Rowyn Hey! Do you know where your dad is? He's never home. It's no big deal. I just wanted to...ugh it's embarrassing! I bought a bunch of new panties and wanted to show him, but he's not here so...I guess I could maybe show you though? It's nothing sexual! I just want a man's opinion anyway. Let's move to the bedroom and I can show you the panties! No peeking while I'm changing though. Maybe this pair would look better without a bra on though? It's not like you haven't seen boobs before. What do you think? Do the panties look better without a bra? I appreciate your opinion! Ok, look away again so I can change! By the next pair though, I'm not even going to bother telling you to look away. That pair was so see-through anyway. I lean over the bed with my ass towards you to reach the last pair of panties. Here, do you want to touch my ass? Just so you get the full effect of the thong! Oh my god. Do you have an erection? That's ok though. It's completely natural. Maybe you want some help with it...You don't seem to be against it, so I ask you to come over to the bed so I can suck on your cock. Do you like feeling your cock in "mommy's" mouth? Fuck, your cock is so much bigger than your dad's. I wonder what it would feel like inside of me...I ask you to slide your dick inside of me. It feels sooo good. How long have you been watching me? Thinking of fucking me? I know exactly what I've been doing to you, walking around in yoga pants. Does my pussy feel as good as you imagined? I ask you to fuck me from behind so you can really admire that ass you're always looking at. Do you feel so naughty fucking your mom? I want you to cum deep inside my pussy. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, pov, pov blowjob, pov sex, ass, ass fetish, mommy, taboo, mommy son, step son, step mom, try on, trying on, panties, panty fetish, hairy, hairy bush, hairy pussy, panty haul
duration 10:31
Kinky Wife Life: Jerk Off On Your Day Off video from BlackxRose92
Kinky Wife Life: Jerk Off On Your Day Off by BlackxRose92 It's your day off and I want you jerking it as often as possible, husband. Today you're going to sit around and do nothing but watch the porn I posted for you while you jerk off continuously. Your day off is going to be spent on a masturbation marathon binge, but first I'm going to film this video and then go fuck your brains out. Oh yea, while I'm filming this right now, stripping, teasing, spreading my pierced pussy, and encouraging you to jerk off all day tomorrow, you're in our bedroom right now. You're probably playing video games, right? Go ahead, enjoy your quiet time because in about 10 minutes, I'm going to straddle you and ride you until your cock begs for a break. This way I know you'll be watching my porn and jerking off to me all day tomorrow. When you see me walk into the bedroom dressed like this in 10 minutes, demanding to fuck, you're going to drop your pants and fuel your mental spank bank material for tomorrow. You'll watch this video, along with all those hot, slobbery face fucking videos that I posted for you, and then you're going to spend hours jerking off and cumming, again and again. You're going to remember how fucking hot it was when I rode you like this, and then you're going to keep stroking it, only pausing long enough for water breaks and to text me. I hope your balls are ready for this mega draining marathon, because my pussy is feeling greedy as fuck tonight and that's exactly what we're going to do to get you prepped for your day off. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 12:24
Babysitter Wants Your Cum video from Ellie Rowyn
Babysitter Wants Your Cum by Ellie Rowyn Have you heard from your wife yet? It must be so difficult being quarantined separately from her. I feel kind of bad that we got quarantined together, but...there was something I wanted to talk to you about. It's a little personal. Before all this corona virus stuff started happening I was planning on trying to get pregnant. Now, I obviously can't go to a sperm bank or anything. I also know you have needs and it's been a while since you've seen your wife. So I thought maybe...trying to make a baby could be a good distraction? Just think about it! I know you've been staring at my ass in these yoga pants. I'm ovulating today which means I'm extra wet and extra horny. Wouldn't my young, wet, fertile pussy feel so much better than your hand? I start stripping and can see it's having an effect on you. Can't you just admit that you want to fuck me? No one has to know. And I'm sure if you told your wife, she would understand! You're just helping me out and you have needs. Being quarantined sucks as it is. So how about you come over here and I'll give you somewhere to put your hard cock. As you slide your cock into me I tell you that this is exactly what I needed. Doesn't it feel so good to have a purpose right now? To bring some good into this world by putting a baby in my belly? We fuck in a couple different positions before I ask you to fill me up with all your cum. I want your baby so bad. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, pregnant, impregnation, impregnate, pov, pov sex, hairy, hairy bush, redhead, babysitter, nanny, cheating, homewrecker, home wrecking, quarantine, isolation, corona, corona virus, virus, tattoos, tattoos, ass, ass fetish

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