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duration 10:07
Double Stuck Struggling Uncovers My Butthole video from BlackxRose92
Double Stuck Struggling Uncovers My Butthole by BlackxRose92 I was making the bed when I noticed that the pin to a hairpiece I had dropped weeks ago was lodged behind the bed. The edge of the sheet was rumpled and needed fixing anyways, I thought it would be easier if I just moved the mattress to take care of both at the same time. I didn't count on the mattress sliding and becoming caught between it, the frame, and the wall. I'm between a metal bar and a hard place! Struggling and squirming to free myself from this predicament bondage only serves to flash my pussy and ass beneath my short sundress. It's more comfortable to wear no panties, even though this dress is very short, but even the tiniest wiggle to break free from the confines of this distressing situation leaves me with no panties and no coverage. My butthole is fully spread as I kick my legs and bounce up and down to try and jiggle loose. It's no use, my body is stuck tight, and I am going nowhere. Being a damsel in distress is exhilarating, but I do worry what could happen while struggling barefoot and open like this. My pussy and ass are fully visible and fuckable when I'm trapped, but I can't cover myself if I can't get out. I manage to grab the hair pin, but accidentally kick it back down as I pull myself up. It doesn't look too far to reach. Surely I won't get stuck again, but I won't let myself be caught a naked damsel in distress in such a lewd position, with no way to cover my nudity. I stretch my fingertips out, just a pinch away, straining to get closer, just enough to....got it! I fling the hair tool up and over the bed frame, but now...now my shoulder is stuck! Now I'm stuck in an even more difficult position, struggling tight in bondage between the bed mattress and the frame as I push against the wall with my hand to get free, and kicking my legs behind me. It's no use! I'm stuck again!!!
duration 20:13
Daddy's Girl is an Online Slut video from Carly
Daddy's Girl is an Online Slut by Carly *TW: Intense & taboo themes/language* Daddy's girl is supposed to be getting ready for another dinner party with her parents, but she's not in the mood to dress up & behave.. she'd much rather be naked & horny, doing slutty things online with strange men! She gets a message from someone online, he's a daddy dom and babygirl is instantly wet... She starts talking dirty with him, sending him videos of her naked, showing off her holes! Her fun is interrupted when she hears a knock at her door, its her actual daddy! She throws on a towel to talk to him but then quickly realizes that he knows what she's been up to... He was the one who's been messaging her all afternoon! Babygirl is upset and embarrassed, and daddy is MAD... and turned on! He f*rces her to talk him off, giving him JOI while showing off her tight holes until he cums all over her ass! Babygirl thinks it's over and they can go attend to the guests downstairs, but daddy isn't finished with her yet.. He bends her over and f*rces his cock up her tight ass, making her cry out so much that he has to gag her!! This is an intense r*pe play themed roleplay with a nice build up, spanking , JOI , dirty talk & anal play with my dildo! Ends with a (fake) creampie in my ass!! One of my hottest daddy videos yet! For lovers of: anal , anal play , bdsm , gagged , kink , submissive , spanking , ball gag , redhead , slutty , caught , embarrassed , rough , anal creampie , daddy , daddy kink , dd/lg , hairy , hairy ass , hairy bush , dirty talk , pawg , JOI , ass worship , cum shot

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