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duration 13:42
Impregnating Your Personal Trainer video from Fiona Dagger
Impregnating Your Personal Trainer by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're a boxer who's just had an incredible victory in the ring, and your personal trainer wants to check you over to make sure your injuries are all superficial, and you haven't done any lasting damage to yourself. She carefully examines you, breathlessly congratulating you on your performance, then when she's satisfied that you'll make a full recovery, she locks the door and tells you that she has a proposition for you. She explains that she is desperate to get pregnant, but she hasn't been having much luck with dating, so she recently decided that she would be on the look out for any man who seemed like they would be an ideal sperm donor for her; and after watching your incredible athleticism in the ring just now, she knows you would be the perfect match! She knows that you find her attractive, as she's caught you checking her out a few times over the months she's been training you, so she hopes you would be open to the idea of fucking and impregnating her. She assures you that she wouldn't want any money or anything from you afterwards, she just wants your high quality sperm, and asks what you think? You agree happily, which surprises and delights her, and she quickly starts to strip off, saying that this is the perfect time as all your adrenaline from your victory will help you produce a huge and virile load for her! At first she is concerned about your overworked muscles and insists that you lie down and relax, and let her ride you; but as she enjoys your cock she can't help but get more and more into it, and soon is forgetting all about trying to be gentle, and instead begging you to pound her harder and harder! You fuck her fast and rough in doggy until she cums hard on your cock, then give her exactly what she wants - a huge load into her tight pussy, which she tries to hold in but can't help let some of the massive load leak out of her! She then puts her clothes back on and sends you out to do your press conference, checking first that if she hasn't got pregnant today, would you be willing to have a couple more tries...? TAGS: british, ginger, gym, workout, gym clothes, impreg, bareback, solo female, tattoos, tattooed, redhead, posh, posh british, posh english, small boobs, small tits, trainers, sneakers, dildo riding, cowgirl, doggy, doggystyle, long hair, dirty talk
duration 15:20
Buttplugged Workout video from MsCakes
Buttplugged Workout by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). You come over to my place to work out and arrive just as I’m doing some warmup exercises. But before long, I complain that I’m starting to get hot already, and decide to strip off my sports bra and booty shorts, leaving just a tiny thong on. After all, I normally work out in little to no clothing at home, and I’m sure you don’t mind, right? ;) After we finish warming up, I tell you that I have a special surprise planned for our workout, and pull out a pink silicone butt plug! I’ve never worked out while wearing one before, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to try for quite some time. I strip off the thong and start fingering my asshole a little to get it nice and warmed up. Then I bend over and slowly insert the plug inch by inch til it’s buried deep inside my tight hole. Now with my body warmed up and my asshole plugged, it’s time for the real workout to begin! I grab some dumbbells and do a variety of lower body exercises, including squats, lunges and deadlifts. I love feeling the plug inside my ass as I move around, and I make sure to squeeze it extra tightly between my ass cheeks at the top of each exercise. By the end of the workout, I’m a little breathless and sweaty, but also feeling pretty turned on! I finish off with a nice wide-legged forward fold stretch - bent over with my legs apart to show off that butt plug one last time. Then I slowly remove the plug and spread my ass so you can see what a good workout my asshole just got. I hold it open wide so you can come lick that sweaty, stretched out asshole clean like a good boy.

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