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duration 28:45
Submissive Role Reversal - Ashley Lane & Star Nine video from Star Nine
Submissive Role Reversal - Ashley Lane & Star Nine by Star Nine In the shocking conclusion to Mesmerizing Counter Offer & Twin Slaves, Ashley Lane turns the tables on her captor.

Star is frustrated with her slave's poor behavior and ingratitude - walking instead of crawling, wearing a fancy dress instead of nothing at all, talking back, not saying thank you for her punishment . . .

Star spanks her slave & fondles her, pinching her nipples and telling her that her breasts & ass belong to Star, she is Star's property. Fed up, Star cuffs and collars her slave, lecturing her about how hopeless she is, what a shitty, worthless submissive.

Ashley apologizes for her ineptitude, explaining that she just doesn't know how to be a good submissive. She reaches out her cuffed hands to caress Star. Star pushes her insubordinate hands away & agrees that perhaps modeling the proper behavior would help her slave do better.

Star uncuffs her property, reminding her of who is in charge, before leaning over the dresser & presenting her shiny latex ass. Ashley takes a couple of tentative swats at it. Star encourages her & Ashley pulls down her top, groping her and swatting her ass. Star is apparently enjoying this & Ashley suggests that she strip. Star hesitates, but agrees to give Ashley just one more lesson in submission.

Now that Star is nude, Ashley collars & cuffs her. Star begins to protest when she crams a giant ball-gag into her mouth, but by then it is too late. The tables have turned & Star accepts the maid outfit when Ashley presents it to her, after all, it is what Star recommends for submissives, isn't it?

Send your custom video request to star @ starbondmedia dot com

Includes lesbian domination, slave training, spanking, latex
duration 12:44
Girl with Girl bdsm strap on pussy anal fuck video from Anuskatzz
Girl with Girl bdsm strap on pussy anal fuck by Anuskatzz I like to get dominated sometimes... but at most from cute girls this is always worth it. The cute smiles when they start getting naughty with me. The joy they have when they know they can do A LOT WITH ME and I treat them with the right respect and joyful bliss. I try to be a good submissive, she hurt me with a whip. I lick her cunt and get her in the mood that she fucks me with the strap - on. I want to push my squirt all over her. Do you want to be part of it ? Join us and get this hot and naughty clip. This clip is in perfect 4 K quality and with perfect sound. You can download this clip as well ! Keywords : Amateur, Anal , Anal masturbation , Anal play , Art , Ass , Ass fetish , Ass spreading , Ass to Mouth , Asshole , Asshole fetish , Back Fetish , Ball Sucking , Ball Sucking/Licking , Barefoot , BDSM , Big Toys , Blow Jobs , Blowjob , Body Piercing , Boy Girl , Butt Plug , Cock , Cock Tease , Cosplay , Costume , Cream Pie , Creampie , Cum In Mouth , Cumplay , Cumshots , Deepthroat , Dildo Fucking , Dildo Sucking , Dildos , Double Penetration , Erotic Nude , Erotica , European , Eye Contact , Exhibitionism , Eye Fetish , Face Fetish , Face Fucking , Fantasies , Fantasy , Female Ejaculation , Fetish , Fetish Art , Fetish Clothing , Fingering , Gagging , Gape , Goddess Worship , Gothic , Handjobs , Hardcore , Home Video , Huge Dildo , Ink , Lace/Lingerie , Legs , Lip Fetish , Lipstick Fetish , Masturbation , Mouth Fetish , Nippels , Nudity/Naked , Oral Sex , Orgasms , Petite , Piercings , Pussy Play , Pussy Shaving , Pussy Spreading , Pussy Stretching , Rough Sex , Skinny Woman , Small Tits, Solo Masturbation , Spit Fetish , Stretching , Striptease , Tattoos , Teens , Teeth , Troath Fucking , Tongue Fetish , Toys , Vibrator , Voyeur

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