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duration 18:47
Mommy Anal Rough Fuck ATM Taylor Nicole video from Sophie Ladder
Mommy Anal Rough Fuck ATM Taylor Nicole by Sophie Ladder I walk in on Taylor Nicole as she’s getting ready to go out wearing slutty whore clothes. I had caught her sneaking out the night before, and now we need to have a conversation. When talking goes nowhere I pull Taylor over my knees and start spanking her. I soon discover that she has a buttplug in under her panties, sneaking out in the middle of the middle to get fucked in the ass. I spank Taylor as she talks back to me, but I’m her mommy and I’m supposed to judge her. If she’s all about being a slut she better come suck my hard cock. Taylor enthusiastically sucks my dick. I facefuck her and Taylor throats my dick all the way down to the hilt. I spank Taylor’s pussy and pull out the buttplug she has in. I lube up my cock and slide it into her nice tight ass. Taylor tells me she is a proud anal whore. I pound Taylor hard in the ass with my hand around her throat. We move into doggystyle and Taylor moans “yes mommy yes, gape my ass.” I fuck her in doggy then she gets on top and rides my dick deep in her ass. Taylor bounces up and down on my dick, moaning in pleasure. She wants to taste her asshole on my dick, and sucks and deepthroats my cock. I lay Taylor back on her back and fuck her with my hand around her throat. Her tits bounce as I anally pound her. Taylor rubs her pussy and cums with my hard dick deep in her asshole. I pound Taylor like a little fuckdoll until I cum in her ass. I pull out and Taylor’s asshole is gaping open, my cum dripping out and onto the bed. I stick my dick into her loose asshole and pull out more of my cum. Keywords: sophieladder, taylornicole, tgirl, tgirl on girl, trans lesbian, anal, rough sex, rough anal, mommy roleplay, mommy domme, trans domme, lesdom, lezdom, spanking, buttplug, ass to mouth, ATM, deepthroat, gagging, facefuck, cock worship, riding, alternative, tattooed, gape, gaping, cum in ass, cum dripping, anal orgasm
duration 20:44
Poisonous Spider Bites Executrix (Custom) video from DiaLynn
Poisonous Spider Bites Executrix (Custom) by DiaLynn (custom no names were used in this video)

Dark look, with cleavage and black sheer pantyhose. I want to get rid of you exploiting your phobia for spiders. I pour some liquid on a rag and stuff it in your mouth. Before you pass out, I warn you that I will introduce you to a little friend of mine when you wake up. I shh you and tell you to "Go to sleep, close your eyes, say goodnight". I am (still) very sweet to you. I sing you a lullaby then you pass out. You wake up bound with mouth stuffed, I pick up the spider, looks like a queen. Your vision is blurred. I know you're scared as hell, it's your phobia, I can see it in your eyes. I point out that her bites are terribly painful, so painful that you will beg me to die. The poison is powerful but works slowly, so you'll have more time to enjoy her company. I place the spider on you, giving her a name. I am teasing you having fun. I ask you some questions like, "Where do you think she's biting you first? "That looks painful, doesn't it? Talk to me! I mock you, your mouth is stuffed and you can't talk back. The spider starts exploring your body, going into holes. Your mouth is stuffed so she can't go into it, but that's not the only hole you have haha Once she is inside of you, she lays her eggs. The heat from your body will make them open fast. I leave you and the spider alone for awhile. I then come back, and notice that your wrapped in a spiderweb and many little spiders are born crawling all over you.. You look in agony and I comment "Yes, giving birth is painful". I have an antidote for the poison of the spider, but I will inject it into you only if you answer some questions of mine. Of course you can't :) So instead of the antidote, I inject you with some air inside the needle because I have no more time to waste with you. Lots of mocking.
duration 18:46
Fucked and Used by Father in Law video from Lexxi Blakk
Fucked and Used by Father in Law by Lexxi Blakk Lexxi's father in law stays with her and her husband. While he's away on business Lexxi decides to have some company over to have some fun, her random fuck buddy comes over, fucks and leaves her with a thick creampie. She immediately falls as leep, after some time goes by she starts to feel the blankets move and lift around her pussy and ass. Groggily she starts to move not fully realizing whats going on. It turns out her father in law has snuck into her room and is checking out her dirty cum filled pussy. Now Lexxis husband had warned her about his condition, his father sl eep walks and its very important not to wake him up so she decides to call her husband. " your fathers having one of his episodes again, hes in my bedroom!" Lexxis husband tells her like before not to wake him "just let him do what he wants and hell go back to bed" Lexxi seems shocked as she watches her father in law take out his huge cock in a sl eepy state. "What do you mean ? I think hes going to fuck me" she exclaims as her father in law gets closer to the end of the bed now stroking his rock hard cock. Her husband tells her "You still cant wake him up you just need to let it happen" Lexxi starts to panic a bit "Im not hanging up the phone you're going to have to listen to this!" Her father in law grabs her hips and pulls her to his cock "Oh my god it's so huge!, hes going to stretch my pussy so much!" she exclaims as her father in law starts to stuff his fat cock inside her. "Fuck" she moans out in pleasure as he continues to fuck her pussy while on the phone. Lexxi starts to hear some weird noises on the other line, trying to focus she listens through the trusts " Are you seriously jacking off while your dad fucks me?!?" she cries out in shock as she keeps getting pounded "You like listening to me get used like a dirty cunt?" she asks taking her father in laws cock for a few more minutes..." well since you like it so much im going to make you listen to me suck his fat cock" Lexxi sits up as her father in law stuffs her mouth. She gags down hard on his cock still on the phone with her husband " you like listing to me gag on your father?" Sloppily sliding her mouth down his shaft She keeps sucking him off until he pushes her onto her back " he's going to fuck me again!" she exclaims as he starts pounding her pussy "I want your father to fill me with a fat creampie" she moans loudly into the phone while he thrusts into her. "you like having a slut wife dont you?" she says to her husband. He keeps slamming into her she can feel him throbbing "He's cumming! He's Cumming!! Oh My God!" she cries out as he pumps a load of cum into her whore pussy "I cant believe you let your dad fuck me... he filled me with so much cum"....

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