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duration 30:26
Anal Prolasping and Accidental Farts and Pee video from LindzyLuv
Anal Prolasping and Accidental Farts and Pee by LindzyLuv I have come here to tease you and please you with my asshole. I bend over some pillows and tease you with my tight fishnet dress stretched over my little black lace panties... teasing you with my ass in the air. As I move around, I begin to queefe and fart; my holes are being very loud and naughty. I slowly wiggle my butt and lift up my dress, and I pull down my panties to reveal my tight asshole. I remain face down and ass up for the entire duration, having to reach all the way back to spread my butt cheeks apart and finger fuck my little hole. I push my asshole in and out and slowly stretch it using my fingers on both hands. I begin to prolapse a little bit before I grab my transparent dildo and stick it inside myself. I ride and grind my rubber cock, taking it out of me several times. Every time I take the dildo out of my asshole and push out, I either fart or piss on my bed, or both. I actually have to pause and grab a towel to pee on so I don't make a huge mess. Once I am finished fucking my ass with the dildo, I bring myself closer to you, and really start making myself prolapse. I struggle because I am trying to make my asshole prolapse using mostly just my muscles, and my fingers a little. I fart even more, and I really wet the bed as I push my asshole out in your face. I am now kneeling in my own piss as I spread my ass apart and keep pushing. I am whining and moaning and sweating... I finally turn over and look at how much of a mess I have made wetting the bed. I sit down in my piss and give you a couple more good pushes so you can really appreciate my naughty, stretched out rosebud
duration 20:48
Squirting & farting for my ass slave video from Bambi Lynn
Squirting & farting for my ass slave by Bambi Lynn This is a custom using the name Mason. I know you love being my ass slave and making me all gassy and sniffing my farts, so now it’s time for some real pleasure for both of us. I fuck my juicy hairy pussy with a glass dildo and fart all over the place! I talk so dirty, telling you what a good dirty little ass slave you are, knowing how horny it makes you to eat and serve my ass and swallow and sniff my farts while I fuck my wet juicy hairy pussy nice and hard. I fuck myself and fart, teasing and pleasing my gspot until I’m on the edge. I fart soooo much, shocked and turned on at all of the juicy wet stinky farts coming out of my asshole right onto your face! I change positions, bent over so you have a proper view of my big juicy ass and smelly farts while I fuck my pussy deep and hard, moaning and telling you to sniff my farts. I move around again to get the best gas possible for my good little ass slave, on m my side with my legs up in the air! My tits and belly look soooo luscious in this pose; and I can fuck my pussy sooo deep. I moan and fart and my eyes roll into the back of my head it just feels so good to let go and fart and fuck myself! I lean back onto my back and fart and fart and fuck myself until I can’t take it anymore! I fart and squirt all over your fucking face!!!! As I squirt a giant mess I fart so fucking hard multiple times in a row. The squirt gushes our all over the place and even hits the camera!!! I can’t stop squirting as I continue to fuck my juicy soaking wet hairy pussy for you. I keep fucking myself after I’m done squirting, teasing my soaked asshole and pussy. I tell you I want you to swallow and lick up all of my delicious squirt, just like you swallow, eat and sniff all of my stinky delicious farts! You are such a good little ass slave for your Goddess. TAGS: squirt, squirting, hairy, full bush, big belly, big tits, big areolas, fat, BBW, thick, big ass, big asses, big booty, fart, farting, gassy, gas, BBW has, BBW gassy, BBW fart, BBW farts, BBW farting, orgasm, squirting orgasm, BBW orgasm, ass slave, BBW domme, BBW domination, female domination, BBW ass, BBW femdom, femdom.

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