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duration 21:40
THE FUTANARI BIMBO POTION by Ellie Idol After coming home early from the office party, I can't help but rant to you, my husband. My co-workers are sexist and they hit on me every chance they can get. I had a drink at the office but felt ill from it so now I'm here. After a few minutes, I feel tingles in my pelvic region so I look and see a full sized cock has sprouted from my genitals!! We both can't believe our eyes. I touch it but can't help myself and cum all over the floor. Over and over again, I stroke myself off...yet something changes every time in my personality. I slowly go from intelligent, nice and prudish to ditzy, slutty and bitchy. I was definitely dosed at the office party! Suddenly the guy from the office calls so I shamelessly flirt with him. Why not? He's hot, rich, with a big dick! You're none of those things. I continue to jerk off and stick my pantyhosed feet in your face until finally I cum and drain my balls completely. Suddenly, I'm back to my original self. I'm mortified by my behavior! I hang up and ask how I can make it up to you but you just want my feet back in your face. The prude that I am, I refuse so you touch my cock to get me back in the mood. It works! I'm back in bitchy bimbo mode ready to cheat! I call the guy back and we make plans for him to pick me up. Turns out I've come so many times in such a short period that I'm now permanently this way! I'm such an airhead now that I have to have the guy on the phone explain what divorce is to me. How did this happen? How could someone go from kind and intelligent to a bitchy, ditzy slut? The futanari bimbo potion is how! ;)
duration 20:51
Witch Pegs You video from Fiona Dagger
Witch Pegs You by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and is part 4 of the Witch series) You've returned for your fourth and final session with the witch, and are nervously excited for what she has in store for you today. She teases you about last time, when she made you watch her with her lover, and asks if you're feeling extra frustrated today since you were cucked the previous session! You admit to her that you're very frustrated, and she mischievously informs you that although today will be more involved for you than last time, it still might not be exactly what you were hoping for... She explains that for this final session she is planning to take your anal virginity, and lets you know that the only way you'll be orgasming today is while she's fucking your ass! You're nervous but can't help getting quickly aroused as she describes what she's going to do to you, and when she gets you to suck and lubricate her strap on so it's ready for you ass, you're feeling intensely turned on. You surrender yourself completely to the witch as she talks you through sucking the dildo, then lying back to give her access to your hole. She begins by fingering your ass to get you ready, then slowly begins fucking you, building up the pace until she's pounding you hard and fast. At first you're banned from toughing your cock at all, and the intense sensations in your ass coupled with the complete lack of stimulation on your cock are driving you crazy, until the witch decides to be nice and stroke your cock for you, since you've been taking your fucking so well. She edges and torments you, jacking your cock as she pounds your hole, until you can't take it any more and you're begging for her permission to cum. At the last second the witch takes her hand away as she keeps pounding you, and you watch in frustration as your cum dribbles out all over your stomach, while she giggles cruelly! TAGS: british, english, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, femdom, domme, sensual, ruined orgasm, pegging, strap on, pov, dirty talk, cruel, dildo, anal, ass, long hair, small boobs, small tits, pale, big ass
duration 29:46
Trans Girl First Time Breeding You POV video from Icy Winters

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