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Fucking Your Girlfriends Friends video from Delphoxi
Fucking Your Girlfriends Friends by Delphoxi Orgy Roleplay You have agreed to go out to dinner with your girlfriend and her new friends. You're getting ready for the date but you want to have a lil quickie first. At first your girlfriend turns you down because she knows her friends will arrive soon but you beg and she gives in! She tells you to make it quick because she doesn't want her new friends catching you in the act! She sucks your cock and pulls her panties to the side! You begin to quickly fuck her so that you can cum quickly but your girlfriend gets so turned on! She wants to taste your juices! She wants you to cum in her mouth! You fuck her mouth and fill it with cum as her friends walk in the door! Your girlfriend is so embarrassed! As cum drips from her mouth she asks her friends if they'd like to takeover with you while she goes and cleans herself up! Her friends agree to finish you off ! The first girl starts sucking your cock. You can't beleieve your girl just passed your cock off to her friend! She's never done anything like this before! But you don't question it! You just enjoy that your cock is in the mouth of a stranger and your girlfriend gave you permission to do so! This girl is a little more dominant than your girlfriend. She talks dirty to you and tells you that she wants you to cum in her pussy! After you fill the first slut the next quickly drops to her knees and begins to suck you off! She's a sweet submissive little whore that wants you to take control of her and fill her little whore holes! You can't believe your girlfriend is letting you fucks these sluts! Hopefully she'll let you fuck them more often!
duration 8:32
Cuck Roleplay I Let Him Use My Pussy pt2 video from 420sextime
Cuck Roleplay I Let Him Use My Pussy pt2 by 420sextime [Custom Video] This is part two of a two part series. The first part includes the intro and dialogue, this part includes the sex scene. My boyfriend has recently caught me undressing and noticed my soaked panties and cum dripping down my legs. I admitted that I've been seeing my older-friend who recently divorced and that he's been lonely and sexual frustrated. I explained that I let him use my pussy to jack-off with - similar to a fleshlight except that he's using my pussy instead. I allow this man to cum inside of me even though I always make my boyfriend wear a condom because I am not on birth control. This man's cock is way bigger and thicker than my boyfriend's penis AND he leaves massive healthy loads of cum deep inside my pussy so I'm worried that he might impregnate me. My boyfriend and I come up with an agreement that he'll help me clean up all the man's cum after he fucks me. I want to be open and honest with my boyfriend so I invite the man over to use my pussy while my boyfriend watches. I reassure my boyfriend that it's no big deal, there's no kissing or romance.. I just lay still, spread my legs, and he fucks me with his huge cock. After he's done, he's leaves a huge thick creamy load of sperm in my pussy. I ask my boyfriend to help me clean it up as the man leaves. Includes: cuckolding roleplay, amateur acting, creampie, cum in my pussy, boy girl sex scene, big cock, uncut, uncircumcised, cheating, affair, medical therapy sex, missionary sex, clean up, cumshot cleanup, close-up cumshot

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