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duration 19:10
Skyping While I Fuck Your Friend video from Fiona Dagger
Skyping While I Fuck Your Friend by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Tyler is used) You're away on a business trip when your wife video calls you. At first she just chats with you about her day and what you've been up to, but something seems a bit off - and after a bit she admits that she has something she needs to confess to you... She's been cheating on you for a while now, with your best friend... At first she seems apologetic but she gets less and less so as she complains about how you've been away too much and not paying her enough attention; she didn't mean to fall for your best friend but she couldn't help it, he's super hot and the sex is incredible! She describes to you how amazing his cock is and how fucking him is so much better than it ever was with you, and when you seem disbelieving she says well she can prove it to you! She starts undressing and putting on some sexy lingerie that you bought for her, teasing you about how she's going to fuck him in it and saying you're welcome to watch if you still don't believe her! She calls him in and begins sucking his cock in front of you, saying that if you haven't ended the call by now you must be getting some sort of sick enjoyment out of this - she always suspected what a sad little loser you were! Is your prick getting hard watching her suck your best friend's big hard cock? She keeps teasing and insulting you as she rides cowgirl on his dick, and then gets him to fuck her doggystyle until she cums, and then begs him to fill her pussy with cum while you watch and think about how useless you are!
duration 13:23
Cuckolding Confessions 4: Getting Serious video from MsCakes
Cuckolding Confessions 4: Getting Serious by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). This is a direct sequel to my 3-part "Cuckolding Confessions" series released back in 2015. I highly recommend watching the first 3 vids first in order to get the full context for this video. // Hey baby, I know it’s been quite awhile since my last update video. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you… it’s just that I’ve been so busy ever since I got back from vacation with my new lover, Ryan! By the way, we had so much fun in Cancun. It’s too bad you couldn’t be there, but at least you got to enjoy all those photos I sent you every day, right? Anyways, right after we got back, I was super busy packing my stuff to move in with him. Yup that’s right, we’ve been officially living together for the past few weeks now – isn’t that great? Ryan’s house is so beautiful, and I just love spending time with him every single day. Plus, it’s great being able to fuck anytime we want! Speaking of which, I bet you’re DYING to know all the dirty details about our sex life, aren’t you? Well as you’ve seen from some of the more explicit texts and photos I’ve been sending you, we’ve been getting a lot kinkier lately… from roleplay to bondage, creampies and facials! I think I’ve become so much more adventurous since we started this whole cuckolding thing. But I’ve never been happier, and it’s all thanks to you, baby! After all, if you hadn’t encouraged me to date other men from the very beginning, I probably never would’ve considered it. I sure hope you aren’t having any second thoughts about all this… because at this point, I really can’t imagine going back to how things were before! Well as you can see, I’m all dolled up cuz I have a date with Ryan tonight, and he’s gonna be home any minute. Here, why don’t I give you a little taste of what you’ll be missing out on tonight? I’m wearing a brand new lingerie set under this little black dress that I can’t wait to surprise Ryan with later. Stay tuned, cuz maybe I’ll send you some sexy photos and tell you about all the juicy details later, if you’re lucky ;)

Part 1: https://www.amateurporn.com/mscakes/cuckolding-confessions-1-change-of-heart

Part 2: https://www.amateurporn.com/mscakes/cuckolding-confessions-2-a-few-weeks-in

Part 3: https://www.amateurporn.com/mscakes/cuckolding-confessions-3-pushing-limits
duration 24:10
CUCKOLD BBC CUCK POV CHEATING CEI SPH big black cock small penis humiliation cum eating instructions video from Jessie Lee Pierce
CUCKOLD BBC CUCK POV CHEATING CEI SPH big black cock small penis humiliation cum eating instructions by Jessie Lee Pierce BBC GIRLFRIEND CUCKOLDS YOU WITH BIG BLACK COCK WHILE YOU’RE TIED UP AND USES YOUR THROAT AS LUBE TO FIT HIS MASSIVE COCK INSIDE HER PUSSY. Now that I’ve got you all tied up, I can freely fuck and suck this big beautiful black cock right In front of you. You’re going to watch him stretch my throat and pussy with his monster cock! I’m going to need some lube to fit this massive cock into me, and your throats going to help me, and there’s nothing you can do. First I suck that massive cock, telling you that “his BBC is perfect”, and that “if you had a cock like his I’d be sucking yours”, “Does it turn you on watching me suck a perfect cock?” “I can’t wait to feel this massive cock stretching open my pussy right in front of your face.” “Look at the way I’m moaning while I suck his cock, I’ve never moaned like that while I’ve sucked your cock.” After I suck that massive black cock right in your face, and taking breaks so he can fuck your throat for lube to assist me, I get titty fucked by this BBC, big titties for big cock. Then I put my pussy on your mouth and tell you to lube me up for that big black cock, then of course I get fucked by his BBC right in your face, can you see him stretching my pussy open with his big black cock? He fucks me hard and deep in your face and I can’t help but to cum so hard all over his cock. Then I lay on my back and spread my legs open wide and get fucked by that massive cock! It looks so hot doesn’t it? I’m going to cum so hard all over this big black cock right in front of you and then he’s going to creampie me. Do you like watching your girlfriend get pounded by a BBC? Cumming all over his BBC? Then I bend into doggy and tell you how good his cock is and ask you if you’re looking forward to watching me get creampied by his BBC? I can’t wait to feel his hot cum fill my pussy up! Then I start begging for the cum! I want his cum so bad! Then I finally get what I’ve been craving! This BBC fills your girlfriends pussy up with cum and creampies me, I’m a bad cheating girlfriend and let his cum drip out of me on to your face, and tell you to lick that perfect BBC cum out of my pussy! Now I’ve shown you how I REALLY like to be fucked! This clip contains: BBC, interracial, cuck, cuckold, sissy, make me bi, gagging, deepthroat, massive cock worship, creampie, SPH, small penis humiliation, black cock worship, big black cock, blonde big tits, Australian, spit, wet and messy cock sucking, blowjob, titty fuck, doggy style, voyeur, girlfriend cuckolds, cheating, dirty talk, doggystyle BBC cuckold, BBC creampie, white and black, femdom, femdom pov, cuckold pov, cuck pov, cuckold humiliation,
duration 10:34
Smoking Slut GF Covered In Cum video from Fiona Dagger
Smoking Slut GF Covered In Cum by Fiona Dagger This was originally filmed as a custom video) You arrive home from work expecting to see your girlfriend bored after a quiet day at home - but instead you're shocked to find her cheerfully sitting and smoking a cigarette whilst covered in what looks like a gigantic amount of cum! What has she been up to?? She owns up to have been having some fun behind your back - she's been messaging a guy for a while now and she confessed to him that she had a secret fantasy of being fucked by like 20 or 30 different guys while she smoked the whole time... The guy she was talking seemed into this idea and suggested he bring some friends round, which your girlfriend of course agreed to! He only brought like 6 dudes round though, and while that was great, she wanted more... So she made them all text their mates and soon more and more guys kept turning up! Your girlfriend was sucking and fucking them all while she smoked, and she relishes telling you about all the cocks she got and how amazing it was. As you can see, she was pretty covered in spunk by the end of it. She enjoyed herself so much she wants to do it again next week - except this time she wants you to be there to watch while she gets used! You can sit in the corner and watch all those guys go to town on her. What do you think? You seem pretty excited by the idea... Good, because she's gotten really wet again remembering all the cock she got today, so she needs you to fuck her right away! Are you looking forward to seeing her get covered in cum all over again next week? x
duration 13:43
Fucking Your Best Friend's Girlfriend video from Fiona Dagger
Fucking Your Best Friend's Girlfriend by Fiona Dagger Your best friend's girlfriend has come over to ask for your help with something - she's upset because her boyfriend hasn't been paying enough attention to her recently and has been spending too much time with his friends, so she's come up with a plan to punish him and make him think twicer about taking her for granted! She's going to fuck another guy and then taunt him about it, and she's decided it should be you! You're not thrilled about this, you obviously want to fuck her but you'd feel bad about fucking your best mate's girlfriend! But she promises you that he won't find out that it's you, and as she strips off her dress to reveal her skimpy lingerie you find your resolve quickly fading! She starts sucking your cock and then whips out her phone to start taking selfies with your dick in her mouth - then she snaps one with your face in it and sends it to your best friend! You ask her what the hell she's doing but she tells you to shut up and stop complaining, and just then her phone rings - it's him! You try and tell her not to answer it but she picks up and starts gleefully taunting him about how she's sucking your dick right now, and telling him how she plans to fuck you! She gets on top of you and rides your cock, all the while berating and taunting her boyfriend and talking about how you're so much better at fucking than he is and how she prefers your cock to his! You flip her onto her back and fuck her in missionary until she cums, making her boyfriend listen while she moans, and then you fill her pussy with cum as she laughs at your best friend down the phone and hangs up on him

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