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duration 21:01
Alternate Angle: Taken To Tears Twice (real discipline) video from Dani Sorrento
Alternate Angle: Taken To Tears Twice (real discipline) by Dani Sorrento In this video "Real Discipline: Taken to Tears Twice" there are 3 major breakdowns of punishment. It is a real punishment video that Universal Spanking and I shot after a serious of other spanking clips. I do not disclose the reasoning for my punishment, but it is serious enough to warrant some harsh discipline. The first one is me taking two straps on my already sore bottom. I take some very strong licks with the straps until I actually tear up and cry. My first time ever being punished to tears. At the end we discuss a little of how the punishment is getting through to me and prepare for the next sequence of punishments. Part 2 is some unusual punishments that include a mouth soaping, my first ever, that is very intense. The other is a quick hand tawsing where I take 6 hard licks on each palm. Lastly, part 3 is wooden paddles which brings me to tears yet again. I get a total of 13 hard swats with the wood to really drive the lesson home. There isn't much talking during the punishment, just very straight forward discipline to hopefully help me learn my lessons. In this version of the clip, you will see an angled side view during the spanking parts where you can see my butt and face the whole time with the camera moved close to my face to see the tears after when we discuss how I feel. During the mouth soaping it is a side angle close up of my face (no tits like in the original angle clip) and then for the hand tawsing it is a close up of my hand and chest with a face reaction picture in picture view in the top corner. Ends with a slow motion and alternate angle to the lotion on my very sore butt. (serious punishment, real discipline, strapping, leather strap, razor strap, bubble butt, swollen booty, bruised, thick thighs, round ass, big ass jiggling, butt cheeks bouncing, tears, reaction cam, corporal punishment, real tears, painful spanking, hand strapping, leather strap, leather tawse, unusual punishemnts, big hanging breasts, tummy rolls, soap, mouth soaping, wet and messy, self soaping, hair pulling, soapy mess, white stuff on face, long red hair, tattoos, gagging, paddling, wood paddles, wood paddle with holes, solid thick wood paddle, hand fetish, mouth fetish, butt fetish, punishment fetish, crying fetish, spanking fetish, lotion fetish, lotion up big booty, spankdani, universal spanking, naked female, tall and curvy, big tits, tattoos, red hair, long hair, full clip with other angle and 3 parts of original angle also sold separately, @UniversalSpank) (video is also posted on Universal Spanking's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on his sites)
duration 5:41
Virtual Cheating= Real Ass Whooping video from Dani Sorrento
Virtual Cheating= Real Ass Whooping by Dani Sorrento Dani and Pharaoh are just a regular couple trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. Dani gets up and leaves her phone on the bed while she gets up and Pharaoh just grabs it and checks it out. He immediately calls Dani back over and asks her why she has a guy sending her dick pics. She confesses that she was just bored and seeing what the guy was gonna say, but nothing was ever going to happen with him. It was just messaging, nothing in person and she swears she was gonna end it soon. Pharaoh is not happy with any of it, I mean it is just disrespectful to even be talking to another guy like she is. He tells her he is gonna whoop her ass. She does deserve it, but she wasn't expecting him to spank her so hard. He bends her over the bed and starts berating her bottom with hard smacks with his big hand. The jeans barely protect her big bottom, but soon he grabs his belt and gets to raining down hard hits over her jeans. Soon she is told to remove the jeans and bends back over with just her panties to protect her. The hits keep coming and don't seem to lighten at all. Her round bubble butt soon turning a shade of red. Then Pharaoh finally takes down her panties and finishes up her spanking with some bare bottom hits with his big leather belt. She is definitely sorry now! He has her get dressed, taking her phone, and telling her to get ready for dinner. No more talking to that guy ever again. I think she learned her lesson, do you? (role play, boyfriend/girlfriend, domestic discipline, virtual cheating, belt spanking, m/f spanking, ass whooping, hand spanking, leather belt, strapping, denim jeans, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thigs, brunette, long hair, partial face view, bikini panties, bare bottom, punishment, fast and hard, barefoot, red butt, interracial, whipping, tattoos, thick and curvy girl)
duration 12:53
Step-Daddy Spanks For Stealing Money video from Dani Sorrento
Step-Daddy Spanks For Stealing Money by Dani Sorrento Dani was told to get on the coffee table on all fours. Not sure whey her step-dad is telling her to do so, but she obliges. Worried already, Dani begs to get down and that's when he mentions that money has been going missing from her ma's purse. Dani lies and says she knows nothing about it and he says he took the blame, but checked the nanny cam and saw that she was guilty. Immediately she starts to apologize, but that isn't going to change her fate. He says how disappointed he is in her and is sternly talking to her and walking around when she feels a sharp smack on her big bottom. She takes the hard hand spanking over her long skirt thinking it won't be that bad, until he starts to lift her skirt and reveal her bare butt! She is so embarrassed that he is seeing her uncovered down there...she is still trying to talk her way out of it and says she learned her lesson, but he is the one in charge now. If she doesn't want her ma to know then she will take this punishment and any other punishments in the future he decides to give her. Dani is really regretting everything and yet the spanking keeps getting worse for her. He then takes off his belt and whips her already red cheeks. Hoping this is the last of the punishment, but then he mentions how he hasn't paddled her in a long time and bring out this big leather implement. Dani is pouting, but tries to take her spanking like a good girl. He starts really laying them in hard and she tells him to lighten up as she can't take much more, but that just makes him more upset. He finished his set and tells her that she must be wanting the punishment to continue and sends her to the shower.....what more could he do to her? More of this clip to come... (spanking clip, corporal punishment, m/f spanking, hand spank, leather implements, leather paddle, leather belt, bubble butt, on all fours, bent over, on hands and knees, dirty talk, no panties, skirt lifting, long skirt, brunette, brown eyes, make up, straight down hair, hair pulling, multiple cameras, face reaction cam, ass view camera, side body view, stern lecture, step-daddy roleplay, adult role play, Universal Spanking, Dani Sorrento, spankdani, universalspank, thick thighs, pawg, whooty, ass jiggle, booty bounce, face grabbing, face slap, hd cameras, shaved pussy, barefoot, size 11 feet, 51 inch ass, curvy, tall, bbw, thick curvy)
duration 12:36
Disrespectful Dani- Jeans Belt Spanking video from Dani Sorrento
Disrespectful Dani- Jeans Belt Spanking by Dani Sorrento Dani decides to be a brat and dress inappropriately for family picture day. She was told to wear jeans and a white t-shirt, which should have been a simple request. Rebellious Dani wore skin tight jeans with a thong poking out, a thin white crop top that is basically see thru, and of course no bra. Her step-dad gets straight to the point and tells her to come in and bend over the desk. He starts spanking her right over her tight jeans with his belt. It doesn't take long for her to start saying she is sorry and drops the attitude, but her punishment is far from over. Since she didn't mind everyone seeing her tits through her shirt, she should just pull her tits over. The sting of the strap is really starting to hurt and that is when he brings out the dreaded wooden paddle. She takes her punishment and hopes it is over, but of course the jeans must come down. That thong isn't gonna protect her as he lays back in his belt. For further embarrassment though, he strips that thong down also! Dani can't take much more and is begging for it to be over, but her words fall to deaf ears. She earned this punishment. Another belt comes out that hurts even more and finally he brings out the paddle again. The end of her punishment is here, she just has to take 20 hard paddle swings to her bare bottom. (two different camera angles, one with butt view and some face view in the mirror, the second one is just straight clear face shot with part of the body in view. Switches between the two angles, but ends with the last bit with picture in picture) (spanking m/f, spank punishment, discipline, brat, attitude, strip, hanging tits, bare butt, denim jeans, thong fetish, leather belt, belting, strapping, strap implement, wood paddle, wooden paddling, big butt, ass jiggling, booty wiggle, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, thick and curvy, bright red hair, reaction cam, butt cam, bent over spanking, 38dd tits, 51in ass, 32in thighs, make up, long hair down, painted nails, butt rubbing, ATP spanking, assume the position studios, Dani Sorrento, spankdani)

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