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duration 6:57
Teens First Anal Masturbation w/vibrator video from Nicki Young
Teens First Anal Masturbation w/vibrator by Nicki Young In this video you watch me use my vibrator in a way I never have before. Until this video I was an anal virgin. Not anymore! I fuck my ass with my favorite toy and it was like losing my virginity as a teen except in a whole different way. Someday I will graduate to putting a huge cock in my ass, but for this video I start out with my vibrator, and if a big dick feels anything like this then I am looking forward to having my ass stretched by a huge cock; maybe a BBC, or even having my ass destroyed in a gangbang someday! The thought of three or four big cocks in my ass, or maybe some double penetration action... it influenced my decision to try anal for the first time! In the beginning of the video, I am wearing a sexy red bra. I lube up my vibrator so it won't punish my tight asshole too badly. My nipples are hard on my perfect small tits. I am wearing my red stockings just for this special day. You can see the pain and pleasure on my face as I put the vibrator toy in my ass and lose my anal virginity. I slide the vibrator in and out of my tight ass, and I start to finger my pussy and rub my clit. I finger fuck myself and then I get so turned on I start fucking my ass hard with the vibrator and I start moaning as it brings me close to cumming and having my first anal orgasm. My feet and legs start to shake, I smack my ass, I am going crazy with pleasure! I take out the vibrator and you can see my gaping asshole. There are lots of extreme close-ups and lots of close-ups of my ass and pussy being simultaneously fucked. I furiously fuck my ass with the vibrator and finger my pussy until I finally cum, and it felt like I'd never had an orgasm before it was so fucking good. I hope you enjoy my first anal video and I look forward to you watching as I take my anal virginity
duration 27:33
Anal Trained By Your Doctor Mom video from Fiona Dagger
Anal Trained By Your Doctor Mom by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your mother gets home from work and comes into your bedroom, chatting to you about her day at the hospital. She tells you about how she had to perform a sexual health check on a man and it reminded her that it's been quite a while since she last gave you a check over! She suggests that as you've got time before dinner, how about you do one together now? She begins quizzing you about your masturbation habits, getting you to tell her how often you masturbate, how much cum you produce, how long you stroke for etc. You're a little embarrassed but your mother is very sweet and caring, and insists you shouldn't feel awkward. She asks if you've experimented with anal play at all yet, and when you admit you don't know much about it, she offers to give you a walk through! She teaches you how to douche your ass, then gets you to start fingering your own asshole, before offering to do it to herself as well so you feel more comfortable. She walks you through using different butt plugs, showing you them in her own asshole as she gets you to put them into yourself as well, then says she wants you to start doing a stretching routine a few times a week, and gives you a large butt plug to work up to. She tells you to leave your plug in for the last part of the examination, as it will make your orgasm feel nicer, then she gives you some JOI, making you stroke yourself slower and then faster for her, and getting you to edge and hold off your orgasm to test your stamina. Then when she can see that you're dying to cum, she instructs you to orgasm for her, watching closely so she can see how much cum you produce!
duration 32:34
Anal Play video from PinkCandyEc
Anal Play by PinkCandyEc Wearing black stockings for the entire video and heels too. Starting out wearing bra and panties. Standing and let you see my whole body for a few seconds. Then take off my bra and panties. Rubbing breasts and nipples for a while. Then I lay down and do about 5 minutes of anal masturbation by fingering my asshole. Getitng 2 to 4 fingers deep inside my ass. Frequently taking my completely out and show you my asshole as I take your fingers out. Trying to get my asshole to open up and gape as I take my fingers out. Then doing about 5 more minutes of spreading my asshole wide open with my fingers. Putting 1 to 2 fingers from each hand deep inside my asshole and then use those fingers to spread my asshole wide open. Spreading it open and just hold the hole of my asshole spread wide open for 5 minutes. Keep on spreading it open for the entire 5 minutes. Giving super close up explicit view for you. Then doing 5 more minutes of deep anal masturbation with one of my white dildos. Doing in and out masturbation. Pushing the dildo completely into my asshole. Then pulling the dildo completely out of my asshole. Trying to get my asshole to open up as I take the dildo out. Then another 5 minutes of anal spreading with my fingers. Getting my fingers deep inside my asshole and then just pull and spread my asshole wide open so you can look deep inside your asshole. Just holding it as wide open as I can for the 5 minutes. Switching to the long purple jelly dildo. Doing about 10 minutes of anal masturbation. Doing the same thing as I did with the white dildo. Pushing the jelly dildo deep into my asshole and then pull it completely out. Trying to do another 10 minutes of spreading my asshole wide open with my fingers. Again putting 1 or 2 fingers from each hand deep inside my ass and then use those fingers to spread my asshole wide open. Spreading it open and just hold the hole of my asshole spread wide open. At the end I rub my pussy to a big orgasm.

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