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#19-24 Chinese Exchange Student Creampie video from Jay Bank
#19-24 Chinese Exchange Student Creampie by Jay Bank Hello Everyone... sorry that I took so long to release this. I will have the 4th video in the set that includes #19-21, #19-22, #19-23, & #19-24. #19-22 out within a few days as well; I'm 1/2 way done with the editing now. And keep in mind, if you subscribe to either my ManyVids Membership or OnlyFans.com/JayBankPresents you can get a 25% OFF code for ManyVids that you can use whenever you want as long as you are subscribed! There's exclusive content on there too! For instance, I just released the Hawaiian girl's 2nd video ever on there; #18-34. #18-34 is an 18auditions creampie clip and you can ONLY see it with a subscription. I also released 18auditions clip #17-15 a few weeks ago. There is also a significant amount of pre-released clips that I added to the ManyVids Membership. For instance, the Brand New 18auditions Clip #19-47 was included in the membership last month. I have about 25 older clips from 2018 and early 2019 that will be released on the membership over the next year and a half or so. It's worth it I think! SnapChat Premium is included FREE as well! Just DM your username after you subscribe please! Keep in mind.. ManyVids Membership will have more videos than OnlyFans because the longer videos keep failing on upload. It seems I can only upload a 30 minute max. Plus.. NO downloading is allowed with OnlyFans (their rules, not mine). So.. subscribe here please! OnlyFans.com/JayBankPresents is just the LITE Version, but if you like it, that's cool! It's a bit cheaper. Thank you! One more thing, Please keep in mind the Behind The Scenes for this clip is ONLY available on OnlyFans and ManyVids Memberships! Thank you.
duration 65:22
#20-17 Creampie Amateur Audition video from Jay Bank
#20-17 Creampie Amateur Audition by Jay Bank Hello Everyone! Here is my latest release for my 18auditons brand. This video was shot last October in New York City and it's by far one of my best 18auditions videos I've ever done. I'd say in terms of interaction and chemistry the set of videos I shot with this model (#20-17 & #20-18) are top 5 for sure. The video is a creampie and it's about an hour long. The second video, #20-18, will be released next month and it's also about an hour or so. #20-18 is also really really good. The chemistry was SO good, I had scheduled another 3 or 4 shoots in December with the model but the plans unfortunately fell through. Usually I wait until I see how well the videos sell but in this case I didn't really care if they sold well or not. I thought the interation and intensity was that good and strong, that I wanted to produce more regardless of profitablity. I shot a few models like that. If I think the videos will be high quality, I'll produce them. I can't really say enough good stuff about this set of videos, they really are some of the best I've ever done. Without question. Enjoy! PS - check out my OnlyFans, I post a lot nowadays and you get a 25% OFF code for my ManyVids page for the full duration of your subscription. You can use it an unlimited amount of times. Also, it's only $9.99/month and I have a LOT of videos and pics up there now. I also upload previews as I edit the new releases. Next Wednesday's release, April 7th, will be 18auditions Creampie Clip #19-33. That's the same model in #19-19. A lot of you have been waiting for more from that young woman, and I don't blame you! Take Care Everyone!

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