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Voyeur Shower Orgasm video from Dani Sorrento
Voyeur Shower Orgasm by Dani Sorrento I turn on my shower, with my back facing the door, and turn the shower head so that the water can warm up. I just can't help myself and I start rubbing my pussy. Not knowing you are there yet, I keep teasing myself for a few minutes and even clap my cheeks a little while giggling. I finally notice you watching me and I turn around, covering my tits as I do. I can't believe you are spying on me in the shower, but I kinda like it. Take out your huge cock for me. After seeing it again, I think I need to practice on my dildo first before being able to fit you in my mouth. I turn back around, my giant ass facing you and start teasing myself again before grabbing a dildo in my shower. My back to you still, you can hear me gagging and watch my head bobbing as I suck that toy vigorously! I turn around after a thorough practice and show you how deep I can put it in my throat. I turn around again, but this time I fuck my pussy with the dildo. You hear me moaning and telling you how much I want your cock as you start at my clenching cheeks until I reach a leg shaking orgasm! I turn around, tits covered still and tell you to leave now that I had my fun (custom clip, dirty talk, tease and denial, voyeur, exhibitionist, shower, running water, hand bra, hand covering tits, pussy rubbing, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, bbw, butt view orgasm, solo female orgasm, toy play, dildo, tan curved toy, moaning fetish, gagging fetish, sucking toy, bj tease, thick curvy body, brunette, brown eyes, hair up, naked, ass clenching, butt clench, booty muscles, booty clapping, big butt clap, big ass shaking, pussy play)

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