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duration 5:19
BBC Bully Seduction: Fucking Kashwan video from Dani Sorrento
BBC Bully Seduction: Fucking Kashwan by Dani Sorrento (sequel/correlated to my other clip "BBC Bully Seduction" where I talk about what happens, this clip shows the action discussed in the other clip) I go over to your younger bully's house to try to get him to leave you alone. As your girlfriend, I really want to help you, but your bully Kashwan decides he will stop bullying you if I do this one thing. I had no idea he was going to record what he had me do, but this is what you see when he sends it to you. The recording starts off with me completely naked on all fours, the words "BBC SLUT" written across my giant ass cheeks and the tip of Kashwan's cock at the opening of my pussy. I confirm that he will stop bullying you if I fuck his young BBC and that is when he tells me he is recording it. I am not happy, but I have already come this far and I really want him to leave you alone. The fucking starts and I am completely shocked at how big his dick is. I mean it is huge! I am trying not to enjoy it at all and keep begging him to not send you this recording. I talk about how embarrassing it would be for you to see your younger bully fucking your girlfriend and how he has already humiliated you enough by beating you up. I swear I tried so hard to not like what was going on, but his cock was so big and felt like nothing I ever had before. I start to moan and get into it, even dirty talking to Kashwan a bit. I warn him that I am not on birth control, but apparently I said that too late....(custom clip, sequel, second clip in a series, name moaning, role play, solo female, bbc dildo, big black toy, simulated creampie, pawg, whooty, bubble butt, writing on body, lipstick written on butt, bright pink lipstick, bent over, doggystyle, doggy position fuck, chubby, bbw, curvy girl, thick thighs, thick woman, brown eyes, brunette, long brown hair, ponytail, no makeup, naked, nude, big ass jiggling, giant booty, huge cheeks, 52in ass, 33in thighs, ass shaking, shaved pussy, pussy flash, asshole flash, backing ass up, storyline roleplay, spankdani, Dani Sorrento, POV doggy, POV fucking)
duration 10:13
Cumming Together with JOI for Gabriel video from Dani Sorrento
Cumming Together with JOI for Gabriel by Dani Sorrento I want us to tease each other slowly, so I tell you to get naked as I undress. Taking off my shorts, shirt, bra and panties to reveal all of my curves. I want you start stroking for me, get that cock nice and hard for me Gabriel. I lay back and start fingering my already wet pussy. I am just so excited to feel your dick in me. Watching you stroke as I finger myself is so hot! I keep going and going until I just need your cock inside of me. You feel amazing inside of me Gabriel, I keep fucking your perfect dick. I want us to cum together, so keep holding out until I say. In fact, I am going to give you a cum countdown so we know exactly when to release our orgasms. When I start the countdown, you will see a perfect close view of my pussy. Seeing those pussy juices just dripping out of me. You were just what I needed! (custom clip, name moaning, Gabriel, dirty talk, masturbation encouragement, JOI, JOE, strip tease, striptease, Calvin Klein bra and panties, sheer black lingerie, nike shorts, spandex shorts, t-shirt, thong, big booty, pawg, whooty, bubble butt, huge ass, giant cheeks, thick thighs, chubby, curvy, bbw, fat, thick girl, solo female, brunette, brown eyes, no makeup, long hair down, dildo fucking, white dildo, creamy pussy, wet pussy, fingering, moaning loud, heavy breathing, tattooed female, barefoot, painted toenails, female orgasm, cum countdown, full body view, naked, close pussy view, extreme closeup, cum encouragement, creampie talk)
duration 25:17
Attack on Hange Titan Bukkake video from OmankoVivi
Attack on Hange Titan Bukkake by OmankoVivi Hange has requested aid in her Titan Research facility, but is surprised when a NEW assistant shows up! She certainly wasn’t expecting anyone to send YOU to help her with this perverted mission, but either way, you’re here for the ride now! As long as you can hold your own with a giant titan around, I’m sure you’ll handle the mission fine! Hange admits to experimenting on Titan semen!!! She has collected beakers and beakers of steaming, hot titan cum! But she needs even MORE! As her assistant, you help her wrangle her favourite titan, Bean! You’re amazed as Hange quickly dilutes into a perverted mess of a Scientist, going completely crazy over Bean’s enormous dick! She loses her mind on his enormous head, drooling and spitting and gagging all over it like a total slut! You’re shocked that titans can even cum, but soon, Bean unloads on her face! Suddenly aroused and confused, you watch in awe as Hange becomes more and more primal, becoming hugely affected by the Titan cum! Soon, she is an insatiable cum slut, coaxing Bean to cum over and over as you fill buckets of sperm for Hange to experiment on~!!! She dumps it all over her body, letting it drip over her tits pussy and ass, before she dumps it all over her head!!! She is in pure ahegao bliss, coated in this steaming hot bukkake bath. Hange plays with her pink pussy, making herself cum over and over as she continue’s to pour Bean’s cum over her, while he continually ejactulates on her filthy whorish body!!! (Toy is a Cody Cachet replica by HankeysToys!
duration 10:40
Seductive and Strict JOI for Gurpreet video from Dani Sorrento
Seductive and Strict JOI for Gurpreet by Dani Sorrento You walk in and see me stark naked, your dick starts getting hard already. It better be ready for me Gurpreet as I wanna watch you stroke. You are gonna do as I show and tell you. Do not forget to pay attention! I'll even tell you when to lotion up so that dick stays nice and lubed. Let's see how well you can listen as I constantly change it up on you. Sometimes I want you to use one hand or two, going slow or fast, full strokes or localized ones, squeezing tight or lightly touching. I'm gonna make you put on a show for me, even get your hips involved so I can see you move. That's it Gurpreet, follow along and cum only when I tell you to. I will even give you a warning with a 20 second countdown. When I let you cum, you will keep jerking that dick until you are shooting out nothing but air! There will be no mistakes here, right? You are gonna listen to my orders and if you do, you'll feel amazing when I'm done with you. (custom clip, name moaning, name specific- Gurpreet, dirty talk, femdom, strict orders, demanding JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, cum countdown, cum encouragement, naked, brunette, long hair, high ponytail, hair up, light makeup, chubby, curvy, bbw, thick thighs, tattooed girl, 38dd tits, 52in ass, 32in thigh, belly, nails painted, jerk off motions, body worship, hip movements, light dancing, sexy, jiggly, body jiggles, wiggle butt, big booty, huge cheeks, bubble butt, giant ass, pawg, whooty, solo female, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
duration 15:38
Bratty School Girl Dominates Sitter video from Dani Sorrento
Bratty School Girl Dominates Sitter by Dani Sorrento I tease you, my sitter, in my tiny school girl outfit and thong. I lay there watching TV, trying to get your attention by wiggling my booty in front of you. You seem to be ignoring my teasing so I suggest we play a game together. I wanna wrestle you! You start to laugh, but then I taunt you saying that you must be afraid that I'll beat you. You take the bait and we toss and turn until I end up on top. I want you to submit, but you are stubborn. Don't worry though, I have a secret wrestling move that will finish you. I take off my panties and turn around. No one can resist my ass! Its too late to submit now though, I am gonna KO you with my big booty! When you wake you are tied up on the floor and I am completely naked. Now its time for my favorite part, I am gonna ride your cock hard and if you last at least 10 minutes without cumming then I'll let you go. If not, then I'll leave you for my step Step-Parents to find. I bounce up and down facing you and then turn around so you can see my ass. No way you will last and I am right. I guess its time for you to be KO'd again... (solo female, wrestling, sitter, taboo, slutty outfit, pigtails, light make up, long hair, brunette, perky big tits, round big ass, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, school girl outfit, ass shaking, twerking, booty clapping, phat pussy lips, smother, POV camera, g-string, eye contact, coerced orgasm, riding dildo, KO, femdom, giggling, cowgirl and reverse)
duration 13:24
POV Suck and Fuck with Will Tile video from Dani Sorrento
POV Suck and Fuck with Will Tile by Dani Sorrento I just can't keep my hands off of Will! You can see what he is seeing the whole time I am sucking and fucking him. I start by teasing his cock with my hands and tongue to get it real hard. I then suck as much of his dick as I can fit in my mouth. I don't forget to tease his balls as well by licking and sucking them. He is just so big all around! A 10 inch dick with juicy balls to go with it. It doesn't take long until he wants more of me than just my mouth. I hop on him for a ride. He looks up and down my body as I bounce on his cock. He definitely enjoys the tits jiggling as I ride. Now its his turn to give me a good dicking down. I lay on my back so he can slide in me, then he wants me to lick his cock clean before bending me over for some doggy. I cum on his dick and it makes him struggle to hold his load. I turn around just in time to catch it in my mouth. He knows how much I love swallowing his cum! (POV sex, interracial, 10in cock, BBC, blowjob, ball sucking, dick sucking, licking cock, bright red hair, chubby, curvy, bbw, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, belly, 38dd tits, 51in ass, 32in thighs, naked, straight hair down, tattooed girl, make up, tall female, brown eyes, cum swallowing, cum play, quickie, cowgirl pov, tits bouncing, missionary pov, pov bj, doggystyle pov, big ass, bubble butt, ass jiggle, huge cheeks, eye contact, moaning, orgasms, female orgasm, male orgasm, boy/girl, b/g, Will tile, willtilexxx, Dani Sorrento, spankdani)

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